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Message to the Conscious pt. 2

There’s a worse side to it. There’s people who are really Dirtier than everybody else but they hide it being a mask of knowledge. See, pimpin is pimpin is pimpin, so if you was a pimp in the 85 world, unless you’ve been thoroughly transformed from the core (many people don’t understand this but what […]


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Message to the Conscious

Peace, if you clicked on this, or if this really excited or interested you based on the title then yeah your probably who I’m talking to. There’s a good chance that you’re somebody that just got into the whole idea of being conscious, got a little spark of consciousness. You’re kinda gravitating towards anything that


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Probably My Best Live So Far

Family today I woke up with a whole new program, I’ve been doing some things real wrong. I’m being serious, not sarcastic, it’s been unintentional but proper education always corrects errors, so when in catch the flaw, I gotta fix it, and address it. I’m not just gonna fix it silently and quietly where you


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I’m Finally Opening a School

Peace Family, i know a lot of yall have been waiting on me to open a school for a long time now. we finally doing it, and here’s the thing. Were gonna have something the grown ups and more importantly it’s gonna be something for the children. See I was really focused on adult education


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