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How to Have an Amazing 2023

Want to know how to have an amazing year though? The first key is don’t rush to compete with others! Our new year hasn’t even arrived yet, so we still have time for our resolutions to emerge and become stable. We also have a lot to look forward to! The best way to have a great 2023 is to keep up with us and do what we’re doing – wherever you are! You can come visit us too, for sure!
Updates from Supreme Understanding about new books, classes, and tours.

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The “Stop Lyin” Campaign

“Shout out to everyone who has stopped lying!”

“Took me years to quit. The last phase was no longer lying by omission! But some of y’all gotta start phase one, which is you ain’t gotta lie to kick it! Then you stop lying on your own history, then you stop sharing lies others tell, then you stop speaking on things you don’t know, then you take pride in telling only the truth…and then you stop being deceptive with any response.


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