Supreme Understanding (or Dr. Sujan Dass, as he’s known in academic circles) is an accomplished educator, activist, and author responsible for over two dozen critically acclaimed books on urban self empowerment. He’s also a former Jersey City drug dealer, a high school dropout who tackled his depression with violence and alcohol. What changed everything? At 15, he discovered a nearly secret “solutionary science” that could transform anyone into their greatest possible potential. After travelling the world to study and test those principles, Supreme dedicated his life to empowering all who struggle with effective and time-tested ways to create a new reality for themselves. Supreme’s published Curriculum includes over twenty titles, while his Course List provides several other topics available for in-person seminars, presentations, or private consulting.

The world is crazy! Who gets it? Where do we go from here?

Dr. Supreme Understanding has the solutions, and they all begin with ourselves becoming the change we want to see in the world. Learn how by signing up for a free digital copy of  his groundbreaking self-empowerment book, How to Hustle and Win, and other resources to guide you on your journey!

Alright family, brief update on the city of Toomsboro:

As many of you know, this city Toomsboro in Georgia seemed to be for sale. However what was really for sale was about 37 properties being bundled together. Apparently once enough interest was shown in it, they entertained offers from people such as myself and immediately set the price for 2 million dollars. Because of this, many who wanted to get involved could not make this work financially.  Meanwhile, another collective of black families, named the Freedom Georgia Initiative did something amazing by buying out the land adjacent to the property of Toomsboro, seeing all the interest, and potential here. Now they are bringing families there at a level at which most people can afford to invest in buying or building from the ground up… Read More

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Supreme Design Publishing

Supreme Design Publishing and Two Horizons Press publish my curriculum and provide a network of fellow readers with a means to study my works locally with others.

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The Solutionary Institute makes learning even the most challenging subjects both easy and affordable, not to mention PRACTICAL! All of our courses are designed to create real results in our students!

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Ready to publish your first book? Great! My team of Proven Publisher's and I can help you become a self-published author!

The Mosaic

The Mosaic is a museum like no other. Situated in the heart of Atlanta's historic Cascade Heights community, this unique space takes its visitors far beyond the ATL, on a transformative journey around the world .

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