Supreme Understanding

Street Humanitarian, Author, Historian, Father

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Brief Bio

Supreme Understanding is a specialist in nonformal education – the learning that happens beyond school walls. As a speaker and host, he blends history, science, humor, and wisdom to engage audiences others rarely reach. This ranges from industry leaders to leaders “in da streets.” These combinations are powerful, to say the least!

A veteran of the people’s fight for self-determination, Supreme has over 25 years of experience teaching the principles and values that allow us to experience a new reality. As a scholar, he earned his doctorate in education at 26. His studies led to the publication of a new kind of curriculum, one that has forever shifted the discourse of people today.

An author and publisher of over 20 bestselling nonfiction works, Supreme has helped countless readers teach themselves and their family how to achieve natural health, sustainable wealth, and knowledge of self.

While mentoring the future leaders of our world, Supreme has remained a student of life, traveling to better understand the conditions and challenges we face everywhere. Read More

Featured Businesses and Publications

supreme design publishing and proven publishing

Supreme Design Publishing is the publishing home of Supreme Understanding's curriculum. The publisher's catalog includes 26 titles featuring The How to Hustle and Win Series, The Hood Health Series, and the Science of Self Series of books.
Proven Publishing is a full service Self Publishing firm. Proven Publishing provides ambitious authors with Supreme Understanding's proven formula for self-publishing successfully.

how to hustle and win: a survival guide for the ghetto

This is the social studies text of the future, explaining the world and its realities to readers who may not even like reading books! This book teaches us how to see through the lies we are told and begin creating a new reality for ourselves.
This is a self help book, but not really. It's a blend of Black history, urban gossip, hood stories, social commentary, game, business education, relationship advice, and the laws of the universe all kinda rolled up into one.

black people invented everything: the deep history of indigenous creativity

Within the past 200 years, Black Americans have drawn on a timeless well of inner genius to innovate and engineer the design of the world we live in today. But what of all the Black history before then?
With wit and wisdom this book digs deeper than the whitewashed history we learn in school books and explores how our African ancestors established the foundation of modern society!

Righteous Family

Righteous Family is an indigenous ministry dedicated to the best for the Earth and our children. We are a non-denominational, non-sectarian, God-centered community, independent from all religious, governmental, and corporate oversight. We are a ministry because we are a collective of heads of household, fathers and mothers united on doing God’s work through service to the Earth and our children. We promote the preservation of righteous family values, including the proper care of our temples or sacred spaces – our children, our homes, our land, our businesses, and our communities.

Suggested Topics of Discussion

◊  #BeSolutionary – Learn the Solutionary Way
◊ How to Eat Healthier without Going Broke
◊ How to Overcome Trauma and Reclaim Your True Self
◊ If Prison Isn’t Slavery, why is Literacy so Dangerous?
◊ Creating Real Change in Our Children’s Schools
◊ How to Start Doing Business with NO Startup Money

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