I’m Finally Opening a School

Peace Family,
i know a lot of yall have been waiting on me to open a school for a long time now. we finally doing it, and here’s the thing. Were gonna have something the grown ups and more importantly it’s gonna be something for the children. See I was really focused on adult education for a minute but I’m running Afroazia and building it into a franchiseable successful restaurant brand I learned indeed the babies are the Greatest. They were the ones that was the most excited about eating different & unique food that was closer to their indigenous ancestral food, rather than this new mutant, frankenfood, deception food…
We getting away from deceptions when we get back to the natural and the real world and guess what? The babies are more ready to get back to reality than some of the grown-ups. Some of the grown-ups holding on to the Old World like a safety blanket. Crying, you gotta drag it away from some people. You pull the rug out from under some people they don’t wanna get up again. They feel like “Man, it’s only a matter of time til you knock me down again.”
But the reality is you gotta get up again. You gotta be ok with hearing what you learned up until now ain’t all the way right, but we gonna get it Right-er as we go. Imagine if you 10 versus if you 50. First time hearing this knowledge. Man, at 50 you got 40 years of accumulated miseducation in you, and training. You’ve been brainwashed and trained into thinking and behaving a certain way, to be a good productive citizen, or to be an unproductive badass. The babies have less of that programming in them, they might have little bit but a few real world experiences will shape and change them. Their brains are still pliable, their personality still developing, they ain’t settled on who they gone be yet.
I got knowledge at 15 that’s why this is all in know how to do. This shaped me, this formed my adult identity. I never wanted to be a fire fighter, or a doctor, or a celebrity tv star, none of that. I just wanted to be the Greatest. That means God. I’m not tryna take you away from the school, The purpose of the school is to create Gods.
We producing True & Living Gods & Earths. We not gonna take away from the essence of Male & Female divinity, being unique, being special and complementary. Being purposeful, because there’s a purpose to everything.
I’m excited to teach people indigenous values. Teach identity, rather than loss of identity, lack of identity and confusion. We not putting people in boxes, we’re just teaching true values.
If we start with “ You are Divine”” you come from the Source “,” You’re the God, you’re the Earth.”
And that’s a real thing, not just a title. King & Queen is not just a title that you throw around. No, we’re gonna make this thing Real. How do we make it real is to show young boys & girls how to be young men & women. Young leaders. Young Kings & Queens. Young Gods and Earths.
You might be wondering why on don’t say “goddess“? Well the reason is because I don’t want to make the woman, in her unique divinity, a derivative identity from the males. This is what happens when you use the word ‘God’ and add a suffix to it. Just like waitress, stewardess, actress- what you saying is the original form is a man and you make a feminine version, here it go. Na, the woman has her own unique identity and that is the Earth.
If you don’t know who the Earth is you got some learning to do.she gonna have to get her respect back on this planet, too. Don’t worry, it’s God & Earth, heavily disrespected, heavily misunderstood, and that’s why it’s gonna be a unified battle when men & women come back together again.
I realize, a lot of adults are severely devastated, deteriorated, deficient, depleted, not wanting to come back to life, maybe scared to…
But them babies, your children, we gonna raise them up to be Right. They not gonna be programmed into the fear of having to obey and behave.
Especially if we have a school that teaches them that indigenous means their Inner Genius is in their Genes. Oh yeah, and we just gonna bring it out.
To be black don’t mean you gotta lack it just mean you melanin rich and therefore your unified, connected with all the melanin rich people, who are primordial, the original People of the planet everywhere you go.
And when we study those values, those teachings, that methodology man you gonna get some divine, amazing curriculum and pedagogy out of that.
If I’m using big words, don’t worry there’s a simple version too. The simple version is : we teach the Truth, we show everybody how to live in better communions, in connection with their natural values, we been showing adults how to do it. How to build gardens, cool better, eat better, how to take their children to better experiences, how to educate themselves in how to be an entrepreneur and business owner. All this is crucial, and it’s all in the books already. How to Hustle and Win, Science of Self, Hood Health Handbook, When the World was Black, it’s a full curriculum.
So I realized the adults already got they curriculum, but what we need is a simple way to bring this home to the babies.
I got children that’s going and I got children that’s grown, that’s adults too.
For my children that’s young I want them to have the best of education, not no online school, or home school environment where they got just one parent, frustrated, barely doing it. It’s NOT Easy!
If you a single parent doing homeschool and work it’s challenging. this is why we’re bringing together the community, teachers parents, volunteers, people that Do different things, whether you teach martial arts or teach how to cook.
You gonna be able to add on at the School Of Indigenous Learning (S.O.I.L.) and we’re hiring teachers.
You can find out by going to my page on www.ourbestschools.com/ or www.gotoatl.com.
S.O.I.L. Is in Atlanta, Ga. we’re gonna start off here with 6th and 7th grade with the girls because I have daughters. Then we’ll expand, we’ll go into other grades and get the boys and get some male teachers in there. It’s gonna be a beautiful thing. It’s what I’ve been meaning to do.

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