Probably My Best Live So Far

Family today I woke up with a whole new program, I’ve been doing some things real wrong. I’m being serious, not sarcastic, it’s been unintentional but proper education always corrects errors, so when in catch the flaw, I gotta fix it, and address it. I’m not just gonna fix it silently and quietly where you don’t even get to see I was making a mistake, no. I’m a teacher so how can in help the rest of us do better if I’m not gonna show the program by which in made my mistakes?
Let me get into that, I just recorded this long @ss video that i couldn’t upload to IG and it was mostly about emotions really. A lot about the 2 Wolves within us. You know about the 2 wolves you got in you? You got 2 wolves in you; one is more angry and lives off hate & fear. The other is more peaceful and lives off joy & love. They constantly at war with each other and which one prevails is always the one that you feed.
A lot of times we feed the wolf of lack, the wolf of sadness, fear, whatever it is. Let’s say with me, fear of abandonment, abandonment issues, you always think somebody gonna leave you hanging so you end up writing it into existence. The more you expect it to happen the more you ,, not only bring those people around who fit that stereotype, you also encourage them through your words and self-fulfilling prophecies, and through your jokes, to fall into a pattern of what you expect for them.
So be careful because people can begin to meet your expectations, is just that sometimes you can Say things of the highest nature, but be thinking and feeling things of the lower nature.
One of the things I realized is I really don’t ever want to project onto y’all the bad times I’m having with myself.
This is the kind of content I want for Science of Self IG page, why?
The Science of Self page is for people who’ve gone past How to Hustle & Win and Hood Health.
HH&W is the basics, that’s the first book. That page we’re gonna put up content on how to get out of the struggle financially, how to get our of the sh!t, how to stop beefing w muthaphuqas in your community. You know, basics.
Hood Health deal with how to get well. Physically, naturally, raising your children in healthy households, you name it.
But Science of Self is more than just your history & your ancestry. It’s how do you live out this ancestry and make it present day divinity? How do you live out a sacred culture here & now? How do you bring out the Supreme version of yourself?
I’ve realized through my own journey, it’s one thing to learn the knowledge( pick up information, be able to talk about bits and pieces of information) but once we get past convincing ourselves it’s true, and begin to know indeed that it is true, then what is the next step?
When, and how do we get to where we are living Divine beings because we really not all the way there, yet.
The way we talk to each other, myself included, I don’t exalt my righteous family enough and as a result a lot people don’t e feeling like I have as much love for them as I do, because I don’t take my time to make my statements of exaltation & praise the same way I make my statements of criticism & scorn.
Why is that? Oh, because I’m emotionally affected, and sometimes I’m feeding that other wolf, the wolf of hate & fear, I’m feeding the wolf of loneliness, like I said have abandonment issues, I got kicked out of the house when I was a kid and all kinds of other things. When that happens you might tell yourself
“ Man, I’m always gonna have a circle that leaves me hanging, or I’m never gonna have a solid core circle of people I can count on. And a lot of people go through that.
Shit as a widower I can definitely understand someone going through that, thinking they’ll never have ‘that’ again.
And the truth is you can’t get the same thing again, it’s gonna be a different “You” and a different “It”. The key is to find peace in it.

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