Why You Need Supreme Understanding (A Brief Bio)
Supreme Understanding (or Dr. Sujan Dass, as he’s known in academic circles) is an accomplished educator, activist, and author responsible for over two dozen critically acclaimed books on urban self empowerment. He’s also a former Jersey City drug dealer, a high school dropout who tackled his depression with violence and alcohol. What changed everything? At 15, he discovered a nearly secret “solutionary science” that could transform anyone into their greatest possible potential. After travelling the world to study and test those principles, Supreme dedicated his life to empowering all who struggle with effective and time-tested ways to create a new reality for themselves. Supreme’s published Curriculum includes over twenty titles, while his Course List provides several other topics available for in-person seminars, presentations, or private consulting.
What Supreme Does
Supreme tells the truth, as it really is, wherever he goes. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s heavy. It’s always meaningful and worth hearing. He speaks with the mind of a rapper-turned-teacher, employing fascinating stories, often from his own wild life or those of random famous people, to pull our attention while he works in a compelling commentary on the values one can draw from this example, leading into a challenge for the audience to do something – who knows what – very differently than they have before. And then he tells a fart joke. Why? Because, says Supreme, “they help you remember.” Um, okay? You can find @SupremeUnderstanding and pieces of his curriculum (for free!) on all social media channels and on YouTube.
Supreme’s curriculum for personal and collective change is available in book form (paperbacks, limited edition hardcovers, and ebooks available on all digital markets), as well as visual media (DVDs and full-length educational videos) and audiobooks.
Got a group of people who want to learn something real and meaningful? Supreme travels for workshops and presentations. Whether it’s 50 or 5,000 people, if you’re looking for an educational experience your audience will remember, bring Supreme their way!
Supreme also consults directly with both organizations and individuals. If you’re facing a challenge or in need of guidance, Supreme can help you problem-solve for success! Whatever the worst might look like, he’s seen it! Looking to bring Supreme to your community through an interview, media appearance, or any other way? Let’s do it!
In consideration of working-class audiences and community organizations, Supreme’s rates are affordable (and negotiable), from $99 for consulting sessions to $500 and up for educational events. Contact us at staff@supremeunderstanding.com to make it happen! Let’s create something great together!
Who is Supreme Understanding? (A Long Bio)
Who is Supreme Understanding?
A veteran educator teaching a new model of self-directed learning and empowerment.
An accomplished business leader who bootstrapped his way to success.
An adept historian with a revolutionary worldview of our past and timeless insights for our future.
A concerned social scientist, steering the world towards a new reality free of oppression.
A servant of the people (or a “solutionary”) on a lifelong mission.
Despite a lifetime of accolades, Supreme Understanding could have easily become another statistic. As a troubled youth growing up in the turbulent streets of Jersey City, New Jersey, it wasn’t long before he was pulled into a desperate life where most teens don’t expect to live past 25. [Cue dark and foreboding music] At 15, in the same streets that promised to take his life and mind, he encountered a revolutionary teaching based around the principles of knowledge of self and traditions that had survived for thousands of years. [Cue enlightenment music]
Sujan, who then went by “Syko,” took on the name Supreme Understanding, an initiation into a calling that would transform his life forever. Over the next twenty years, Supreme studied the world, its people, and its problems, making it his mission to one day save others from needless pain and suffering. As we know, hurt people hurt people. And healed people heal people. Also, stank people stank people. Not sure if that means anything, but it’s fun to say out loud.
In 2001, Supreme opened a community-based program for “high risk” teens in his community, opening his home to the neighborhood youth in the evenings. During the day, he served the children of his community as an inner city school teacher, constantly exploring new ways to better educate the most disadvantaged learners. He preferred living “in the hood” to a gated community. He completed his doctoral studies on a new model for teaching urban youth, based on indigenous traditions and the wisdom of the divine community known as the Five Percent.
In 2008, Supreme Understanding and his wife Mecca Wise launched a line of educational guides and handbooks to the problems faced by our community. They began boot-strapping, self-publishing the best-selling How to Hustle and Win: A Survival Guide for the Ghetto, which circulated so heavily throughout the Hip Hop community that it reintroduced over a million young people to reading. This was followed by groundbreaking classics like The Hood Health Handbook: A Practical Guide to Health and Wellness in the Urban Community and Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life. The couple published 26 life-changing titles between 2008 and 2013.
In 2014, the world lost a true Queen when the immortal Mecca Wise transitioned after a three-year battle with breast cancer. After the lost of his best friend and business partner, Supreme retired from teaching, stepped back from publishing, and focused almost exclusively on family, receding from the spotlight. This, however, was when our awakening was brewing. Which means he couldn’t cry forever. There was work to do.
Having traveled the world and witnessed the human condition as we experience it wherever we are, Supreme understood our suffering as a people and how it could be solved. Having lost what mattered most, however, gave him the gift of understanding our suffering as individuals. Through this transformative experience, Supreme says he gained a full understanding of life and reality, as well as what lay beyond the reality of our lives.
After years of “seeds” being planted in the minds of influencers everywhere, there’s a new readiness across the world for “real knowledge” “real history” and “solutions for our struggle.” After mastering the nuances of raising two girls as a single father, Supreme Understanding returned to the helm of operations at Supreme Design, and began planning an exciting future. Supreme is now hard at work on the solutions that will change our world.

Bringing Supreme Understanding to your city for a speaking engagement or booking him for an event local to Atlanta is both easy and affordable! For starters, he provides his own air travel, lodging, and ground transportation! Book Supreme anywhere in the country for a one day event for only $1500, or less if local to Atlanta!

Engagements lasting more than a day or outside of the country are more.

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