Message to the Conscious

Peace, if you clicked on this, or if this really excited or interested you based on the title then yeah your probably who I’m talking to. There’s a good chance that you’re somebody that just got into the whole idea of being conscious, got a little spark of consciousness. You’re kinda gravitating towards anything that seems like knowledge, and more power to you.
This ain’t Really for you.
Sit back, soak it up, you may not digest it all, because some of it don’t apply to you. You’ll not understand all of this unless you’ve been claiming conscious or awareness, or Knowledge of Self for at least 5 years.
For those of you who have, even 3 years and up, been claiming those kinds of designations, or knowledge has been your thing, this is Really for You.
How to Hustle & Win came out in 2008, see over the years I I’ve attracted people who gravitate towards knowledge but in the course of doing so I’ve opened the eyes of a lot people who weren’t really in the knowledge.
I’ve also attached a lot of people who were already in the knowledge but want me to cater to their interests.
But here’s my thing, I don’t do that. I’ve had Knowledge of Self since I was 15, I’m 31 now, so at this point I’ve had Knowledge of Self for longer than I didn’t have it. I’m pretty comfortable w/ what i know. One thing I know is that I know nothing…there’s so much to know out there, so I keep studying and I’m comfortable with that. But I’m comfortable with my foundation, with my understanding, at least I’m comfortable with my progress and the direction I’m going. I know what I’m doing serves a community, serves a need, and fulfills purpose. So I’ve found my calling, and I love it, I love being able to do what i do for the community. But there’s some people who the books aren’t speaking to; I cuss in my books, I talk about sex, talk about bull shit.
I talk about dope, you know, gangster shit. That’s so I was speaking to when i first wrote my books. This is the knowledge I had when I started writing, these are books full of my experience and the stories of the people around me. I’ve never really kicked it with people who meditate daily.
That was just never my circle and I’m cool with doing that. I went to Thailand and went to the Buddhist temple and all that, but that’s just not what I do. Am I saying meditation is wrong? No, I’m just not the dude who puts crystals all in his house, it’s just not me.
I go to the club, I do that, maybe not as often. I definitely don’t do what I was doing when I was younger but I’ll have a drink every e and again, not as much as I used to, I’m living a pretty moderate lifestyle. Meanwhile I’m giving back to the community. See this is the distinction point, this is the one that has to be drawn in the sand, with all the things we do we have to measure cause & effect. We have to measure the consequences of our actions, so if you chanting everyday or meditating for world peace, or tie holding hands in your sacred circle everyday; you have to ask yourself, “what are you really doing out here?”
Let me tell you something, a lot of this consciousness shittv really fouled the name of what it means to be ‘aware’, ‘eyes open’, ‘active’, ‘revolutionary’, whatever word you want to use. A lot of those bands have been sullied, they’ve been dragged through the mud while people have been using them as a shield for their dirty religion.
What I mean by that is people who are doing Nothing while sitting behind a computer screen, they reporting to they 9-to-5 saying ‘yessir’, ‘no sir’ to they white boss and then they get to the Internet world or they get around they different circle/community/counsel, or what ever they got, then they Superman or Superwoman and shit. Then they a reincarnated ancestor, it’s a fantasy land, like Live Action Role Playing (LARP) they running around having fake sword battles, reenacting some historical events and not doing anything about the present. I’m not a fan of that. I’m more a fan of a swine eating Christian who gives his time to the Boy’s & Girls Club everyday than the person who does nothing but has all the knowledge in the world talking bad about the youth.
I’m not a fan of that.
Or rather you work at a women’s shelter and you believe whatever you want to believe over having all the metaphysical beliefs and views on a woman, but you ain’t never treated a woman right. That’s for the birds.

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