Message to the Conscious pt. 2

There’s a worse side to it. There’s people who are really Dirtier than everybody else but they hide it being a mask of knowledge. See, pimpin is pimpin is pimpin, so if you was a pimp in the 85 world, unless you’ve been thoroughly transformed from the core (many people don’t understand this but what that means is all them illnesses, all that negative thinking, all that Willie Lynch shit that’s in your core where the devil planted seeds in you). You gotta go deep to reverse all that, you can’t do no surface level thing where you change your name, your hair, change your clothes, and your diet. All of that is surface level, it pays a time but it ain’t the main thing. The main thing is your psychology, or your pathology in some cases. Because some motherfuckers is pathological and I don’t know what will change them. Some people have personality disorders, they gonna be on one no matter what culture they in. If this dude was a narcissist in the church, he a narcissist in the Moorish Science Temple, wherever he go. This person is a whore monger wherever he go. He was a whore monger among the Muslims, they wasn’t going for that so they whipped his ass, and now he wanna be one of the Gods.
Nah homie, this a new day and time. At least not around me. See be mindful of that when you coming around people that’s claiming to profess knowledge, look at they track record look at what they did. Somebody tell you they a Five Percenter, they had Knowledge this amount of time- ask them how many people they’ve taught. Ain’t no reason somebody know 120, they had it for more than 5 year and ain’t taught nobody. That’s a part of our culture, you gotta teach at least 9 people.
So what the fuck are they talking about?!
If you a man and nobody wanna listen to you then be that. But don’t try to be all big & bad when you get around people that listen to you or when you on the internet where you think people listen to what you got to say.
Let’s not get it confused, don’t think I’m a celebrity because I’m on the internet, like some people do. I find the most joy and accept the most praise for what I do in the Real World. Where Real people that are suffering need help.
Getting back to these snakes, these wolves in sheep’s clothing. Watch out for the ones talking about financial empowerment and ain’t got no damn money.
Watch out for the person talking about sovereignty and all this empowerment but can’t fight they way out of a traffic ticket. Motherfuckers sitting in jail half his life & talking bout getting back at the government, get outta here. When you talking to people, doesn’t matter the culture or knowledge they got, ask them what they do. Ask them what it has done for them. Ask them what they are using it for.
Person tell you they got all this Metaphysical power- tell them to show you. If they can’t show you then they are no better than the charlatans with any other religion. We talk shit about the Christian preacher but now when he talk African metaphysical shit now he get the pass? All he had to do was change the name, probably didn’t study anything, but we’re gonna believe him, and pay $29.95 for a damn oil bottle & shit? Fuck outta here.
I’m not angry either. I’m just being real, cuz it’s a lot of people being taken advantage of, and I’m talking about that first group, that young group just finding knowledge, they not all young. A lot of older people are waking up, that’s what makes me so mad, there’s a lot of people who want this knowledge, people are not sleeping like they was. I’m seeing it on a regular basis. You got people trying to get knowledge all over the planet. We getting hit up from Japan, Mexico, I’m getting hit up in languages I can’t even understand, I’m going on Google Translate to figure out what the fuck they talking about cuz somehow they watched my videos and figured out what I was talking about, or they’ve read a book, checked out our website ( So people are waking up but what’s keeping me mad, I ain’t really mad, but what’s frustrating me about the situation-there’s a 10% in every situation, there’s a group of wolves ready to take advantage of people being open now. Because they see an open mind now they focus on your open wallet. They see someone they can take advantage of, they see sisters wanting to learn about themselves and they thinking “This a free pussy parade for me.” That bothers me, how we gone have a revolution, or any kind of social change, if we have all these wolves that we ain’t running from amongst us? So I’m calling on y’all.
Y’all that are True & Living, y’all that are righteous, y’all that are about the things I’m talking about, real shit in the real world, you need to run them wolves from among you too. You need to cancel that shit. Do what you gotta do to make sure them motherfuckers is not taking advantage of people that are sincere, that really want to do something. All my students right now we on this community service , we feeding the homeless, we doing things for the youth.
That’s what I teach. We teach about service.
I was taught a long time ago: God is not serviced by the people, He is a servant to the people, and I live with that.
We all should.
Pass it on.

Transformation Tuesday



Once upon a time, I was the boy on the left and would have believed what my life became. Didn’t even plan to live. I thought I’d never make it to 25. By 20 I was in Bangkok. By 23 in Japan. I took myself to the other ends of the Earth. I wouldn’t believe it back then, so I’m just glad I never quit life. Can you imagine how many youths need you, and I mean you specifically, to help them see their future? Do it! There are thousands more like me, who need you, right now.


Twenty years apart. It’s been a lifetime’s worth of change. Somebody took the bottom picture of me cuttin high school to be a wino on the senior cut day and not planning to live past 25. I was an alcoholic by the time I was 15 and unaware of the future I was creating. The top picture is also me, but at 35 looking back with my little girl at the hopeless boy who didn’t plan to live this long like, “I’m just happy to be here.”

Journal Entries: 2019

I’m now 15 years older than I thought I’d ever live and I’ve done a lot with these 40 years too. I’ve sold everything from drugs to real estate. Studied everything from Self to Pluto as I’ve been to over 16 countries and hundreds of cities. I’ve seen most of the U.S. firsthand. I also taught for 15 years in the public school system teaching children everything from how to read to how to live. 

I was married for 7 years and was a caregiver for 3 until I lost my wife to cancer. Then I raised two girls solo as I battled crazy turmoil. I loved, lost, and loved again. That revolutionary love though. Not western romance. The Gods and Earths gave me the keys to civilization, righteousness, knowledge of self, the science of everything in life, love, peace, and happiness. 


Sometimes I get overwhelmed by love, but love is not an act or a feeling. It begins with self. We’re not used to processing it, huh? I ain’t know happiness would cost this much sadness! We’re so used to the pain we can be scared of love, thinking only pain will come with it. 

But what if we valued the love enough to withstand the pain? Learn how so others can. We project our issues onto others and they already have their issues to deal with! I’m looking at life differently these days cause I’ve never gotten better while getting bitter. The more I better myself the easier it is for anyone to love and deal with me. 

Journal Entries: 2017

“Heaven On Earth

“The best part about creating your own heaven is how unreal it seems when you compare it with the hell you came from. I was 15 in these pictures. Can you tell I had vision? Yet can you tell I still couldn’t see that things would be different one day?”

I grew up an only child. I grew estranged from my family by the time I was 5 and was a runaway by 10. I left home in Jersey City at 16 and moved across the country to become a man in the South, on my own. In Jersey, the hood raised me. In Atlanta, the 5% raised me… In the hood!  By the time I was 20 I hustled my way into buying my first house. In the hood! I stayed there for 16 years. That’s where I built a family around me since I ain’t have one of my own! Most of the family in this picture right here, especially those in their twenties now…those are my babies. I been building with and raising them like they my own blood for over 16 years now. If they need anything, I got em. If I need anything, they got me. Young, black, gifted and fearless, but above all, they’re family. If you ain’t got it, you make it. 

Journal Entries: 2018

“Don’t live in fear and love yourself first.” – Mecca Wise, 2012

I’m thankful to have been strong enough to not only survive the trials I’ve endured but to continue teaching through them. Even when all I could teach was by my own example as I traversed every tragedy imaginable. You either spend your moments in fear or in love. Like you’re either seeing things for the negative or the positive and it’s based on your perception more than the reality of it. If you caught glimpses of it, they were a look into the man behind the books, the life of not a teacher, but a practitioner of the principles I want you to use to survive your own struggles.

I’ve made success, stability, and above all, peace and happiness… Out of this dark mountain made of broken pieces of myself and all I’ve cared about. It’s no castle in the quicksand. I make the darkness shine like melanin. I had a terrible temper. Never been even-tempered and grief made me worse. I was always aggravated or anxiety-ridden after Mecca died.