Why People Feel They Can’t Homeschool

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Peace family, I wanna share with you a little more perspective on the possibilities of homeschooling for you and your family, cuz yes you’re dumb ass can do it. Na, I’m just playing, but you know a lot people feel like they not smart enough to teach they children. But you already doing it everyday, your
child is watching you and following you everyday. Unless you letting everybody spend more time with them than you do, you’re their biggest influence, just know that. So why not be an educational influence and be intentional about it? Even if you not getting your kids out of school imma give you some jewels on how to make sure they don’t have to the shot, because Every city has a religious, possibly philosophical, and definitely medical exemption for all forms of vaccination, immunization, nano-technology, & gene mutation therapies they could be tryna throw at you right now.
You have a God given right, a natural born right to deny any interference with your natural sovereign body that you choose, and especially the bodies of your children. This is why you can start having your babies at home so you don’t have to worry about what they may be doin to them as soon as they get they hands on them.
Does it require a little more knowledge? Yes it do. But how much more? For you to get a midwife, that’s a little bit of money, yes. But is it worth it? Absolutely when you consider your babies are gonna be healthy and safe.
I hate to say it but a lot of what happening in the systems we’ve accepted as normal, goin to the doctor and hospital, it’s time now since we have this much information that we realize- back in the day there was no ambulance for the Black neighborhood. They wouldn’t send an ambulance into a Black or brown neighborhood, they might send a paddy wagon if anything. Then they roll you around like they did Freddy Gray, and try to break your neck before they even got there, ride around them blocks forever until you die. And do you know the ambulance still do that sometimes now?
And still bill you for the ride, bill you hella high.
In Pittsburgh the Hill district it was Black men that basically started the emergency ambulance service that we have now, just like the Black Panthers started the Welfare and the Free Breakfast Program that’s in schools now. A lot of these things were introduced by Original people looking out for each other in the form of social equality. Even the early Black schools before integration were founded and taught by Black teachers, led by Black leadership, funded by Black philanthropists and other community members, staffed by volunteers sharing duties, everybody participated, and the education they were giving was so they could be self sufficient as a People. Now theres a lot of things that People in this county accept as normal that’s more so a form of letting the system or corporations have a say-so in your life that they don’t have to have.
They don’t gotta decide how or what you eat. You can get to the point where you grow what you eat and trading with others who do the same, so you have a diverse array of foodstuffs available to you at any time. Plus you got people showing you different methods to cook and clean, you name it.
Building the community is the best thing can do Right now. There are communities, entire churches, entire delegations that i know are not getting shots, the Rastafarian community, i know the Nation of Islam are not taking no shots, shout out to Brother Rizza, goin hard for Islam on the topic where they banned every one of his pages. You can find him now @gotcensored.
So what can you do if you want to home school? First you gotta accept your natural genius, recognize youve been capable in some field or some areas that you can pass down. You not the best at math? you know somebody good at math, or you can put them on ((Kind Academy )) for a minute and they can learn something. Find different ways to teach it and guess what? You’ll find different ways to learn it. If you not good at math, that might affect your home economics, that might affect a whole lot of things you doing with your life. So it’s important that you learn these things your
Babies need to know. Language Arts, the basis of it, you should know it as well as your children know it. There’s a higher level that you may not need to know and your babies dont either, but do they know enough to be self sufficient?
Do they know they’re natural health enough to one day make a choice when they’re old enough to consider sex, and their sexuality. For the record we not teaching sexuality for children, for people that’s not of sexual age. If you not of consenting age to be having sex, why are we talking about sexual preferences among people that’s not supposed to be having sex? That’s weird when you sexualize things that’s not supposed to be sexual. Making cartoons sexual, telling me one of the Teletubbies is Pan-sexual, these things ain’t even sexual related, why we making everything sexual? Let children be children, let the babies be the greatest. Let them grow into their own natural genius without us indoctrinating them with what we think adults is interested in. This stuff adults care about. These children been looking at all this wild stuff going on in the world, they see it, they more concerned with who is righteous. Because what they dealing with is a whole lot of wickedness, whole lot of people preying on them. Any institution where there are children, whether it’s the sports league or the church, the non profits or the Boy Scouts; good thing the Girl Scouts don’t have no real reports like that. I had the blessing and the curse to be in all those worlds, when i was a child i went to Catholic school. Now that I look back I be like, “Woah, them kids that got to spend more time with the teacher.” I used to be a little jealous, like why they don’t want my little dirty self? I used to feel like maybe I’m the dirty kid, it felt kinda racist with the white Irish Catholic priest or who knows. Sometimes it was an original person, somebody from our side of the fence who’s into that other stuff. You don’t realize it till you older, then you know, “Oh!” unless you one of them unfortunate ones that got caught up in that. Then that’s phuqed up, there’s a whole lot of us. Everyone got some kind of contact with that. Shout out to all the communities that’s highly against that.
Again all this is the interference with the natural body, let a child be a child, stop interrupting them with weird shxt you don’t need to expose them to. When I was a kid I wasn’t even thinkin like that in my mind I was like’ Girls, ew.” Nowadays we telling the boys they need to be wanting to get pussy when they 5 or 6 years old, you don’t gotta tell them that, you can let them be a child instead of thinking like that. What are they imaging?Are they imagining a grown woman or another child? What was you imagining? Watch out for them people that say, “They gonna be such and such when they get older.” Why are you time traveling like that in your sick mind? That’s not the type of time travel i do. I’m seeing Allah World manifest, not Shaitan. Y’all gotta know y’all worlds ending so I guess enjoy it while you can. But you can’t enjoy that for real. The suffering and sickness with it is too much. Keep that away from me. So any body that’s going along to get a long too much, anybody that likes the systems and institutions the way they are too much, I already know. You gonna go along to get along in the worst of ways. You’ll sell out your people, tell on your people, do dirt in the dark that you don’t think will come out to the light, maybe become a character where you don’t care if it come out to the light
Not us. Not the righteous, and what we doing is building a natural world. Natural eating, natural living, even natural economics. Cuz I know a lot of people saying they can’t do it, they smart enough to teach the kids something(how to fix a car, fix the house, cook a mask, you name it) but can’t afford not to go to work cuz bills.
Bring them talents home you’d be surprised how much you can accomplish if you treat your home life like it’s your world day happening. Treat your Living room like you reporting to work. Make it an intentional process involving your children cuz they know how to use social media in ways you don’t. In any home business, I don’t care if you selling plates, you could be on GrubHub or DoorDash selling it out your house. And we’re gonna make Afroazia a cookbook so you can do it for yourself before you bring it out to your city. Cuz I want to show people that you can have independent sovereign economy, Autonomous indigenous economy. Real shxt. Cuz there’s too many of us living in fear cuz its too many of us just going along to get along and it’s hella uncomfortable, ain’t it?
So if you was a reader who got into books like How to Hustle and Win, it helps you think different, about everything: life, relationships, making money. Then you progress into books like Hood Health Handbook where you’ll want to change the way you live, change the way you eat. Cuz we definitely got room to change. And that change can be the spark in your community. Then you go from questioning your intelligence to being celebrated for it. How about that?

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