Why Asians don’t vote or vax

Peace family today we’re gonna talk about why Asian people in Americas don’t vaccinate or vote. Yet the median age & income of their household is way higher than those of white households in this same country and we gonna talk about how that works. It’s a principle called cooperative economics, we gonna look at that and we gonna figure out how other communities can get free by looking at models that work. Cuz it ain’t like there are No working models, it’s just the working models don’t get discussed that often.
You ain’t never heard the Asian people don’t get vaccinated, have you? Ain’t no campaign for Asian people to vaccinate, but there was a campaign to stop Asian hate, cuz they were saying that the virus was Chinese. They connecting Asian people getting beat up to prejudices caused by people thinking the virus originated in a lab in Wuhan, China as a form of biological warfare. Which is really the subtext/roots behind the so-called anti-Asian sentiments, fear of biological warfare
Once it got translated to people without a lot of information it became bullshxt. But they was putting everything in the mix for that campaign , they had clips from back in the day in the 90’s to make a point. If an Asian store owner got beat up for being racist they was saying it was anti Asian hate. Mind you I’m an Asian saying this,technically I’m the other kind of Asian. There’s the colonized Asian and the jungle Asian. I’m Bengali, that’s more jungle Asian we the side that stayed on resistance. Not that we competing. I’m just saying I’m proud of my roots, I’d be proud of whatever I was. If I was white I’d be like, ‘what’s my roots, my ancestry? What do we come from, what did we do? Is there some karma I gotta undo? Is there something gotta fix? Wrongs I need to right?’ Well shxt I’m with it then,
At least give me a story to participate in.
That’s why I’m so grateful for Knowledge of Self because as an immigrant’s child a lot of us lose our identities and don’t get a chance to build a solid identity. We always conflicted , having multiple identities, but when you get Knowledge of Self you start learning where you come from, and the roots of everything. Then you become Original by knowing the origin of all.
Asian People have something special to them, especially East Asian people in America. Many different communities like south Asian, middle eastern people, west African and Caribbean communities have established industries where they keep all the money in family. Like if you dealing with valets, parking, you already know the Habesha people got that on lock, and that’s family business. It’s not Chinese people running the nail shops, those is a lot Cambodian and Vietnamese. The Chinese people own restaurants and it’s Koreans with beauty supply. Then you got other industry’s, cell phone stores, hotels. Indians own a lot of hotels and a lot of Dunkin’ Donuts. Might be late to start a blackowned donut shop but we really supposed to start our own brand, starting as simple as having pop-up shop, as long as you Original-serving a need and doin it well and consistently, people will shop with you and recognize you and your brand as something they want to support.
Now we want to be team-minded we want to have teams and communities to belong to. At times you find people complaining like, ‘Oh the conscious community phuqed up!’ First of all where is it? Where does it exist? It don’t have no boundaries to it, where does it begin and end, this so-called community, if any body can be in it? You mean to tell me somebody can be part of the conscious community just because of their diet? What about they lifestyle? Then if they got a certain philosophy or ideology, what if nothing else matches? You got some people who are revolutionary and militant-minded, they wanna see social change. Then you got other people who are mystics , healers, who are tryna transcend. That’s not all one thing. that’s like lumping a bunch of alphabet letters together again and saying y’all all go together, na, somebody else did that. Somebody did that to corral you so you won’t have no individual identity.
So you need what?-Knowledge of your Self. You can’t think you got it cuz you part of a conscious community, that’s when you realize you not, and realize you wasnt really being that aware or sensible. Then you realize you want a righteous community, a righteous family is how you go against that. Cuz if it ain’t happening at home how you gonna go against that. So you gotta build a righteous family, then it extends to friends who are righteous and other people, maybe you got people who you do business with, but they so righteous you can invite them to your house. Y’all children know each other and play together and know how to make money at vending events and other things together.
Speaking of which, not just economic stability but preserving ourselves as communities into the future. We gonna have to specialize in a lot things: schools, food , providing our own health care and employment. A lot of us are sick because we don’t have a trade, don’t know how to make money, gotta go to a job, gotta send our kids to these schools, and we have to undo all that.
We dropping this ebook today, errors in it and all cuz my word is bond, we releasing new editions every month so it can be updated soon and you can help with that.
It’s not a panacea, you know what that is? A magic medicine, a cure-all. This ebook won’t fix all things, there’s nothing that fixes all things except for you the person watching this video getting the knowledge of Self, living and changing your life accordingly. So yes you may not think you have the ability, really you just don’t SEE your ability. Responsibility is responding to your ability, but you gotta be aware of it to do it. If you don’t see that you can employ yourself, if you’ve never gone out trying to Hustle nothing you won’t know that you got the ability. If you’ve never tried to heal yourself , from some small thing or short term illness, without taking some of they medicine you wouldn’t know that you can make you some tea, read ‘Hood Health Handbook’ or ‘Taste of Life cookbook’ and get you some recipes that can help you naturally. That’s a step in the right direction cuz then you’ll realize you don’t need them. Going cold turkey is kind of hard, you gotta slowly improve your diet with meatless items before you just cut out meat. Cuz then you’ll just try to duplicate your current diet in a vegan way, eating all that garbage that ain’t even real food. You gotta bring real food into your diet, your original food, your indigenous food.
Now the Asian have a community that’s already doing it, growing food, employing themselves educating their children; they gonna have less problems, publicly anyway as a community. And that’s what you see in Asian communities in America, they got a group solidarity going. Across their communities, to a lesser extent there’s a Pan-Asian solidarity, if that was a more dynamic thing I’d have more respect for it. But the colonized Asian dont always treat the darker skinned Asians with equality, that’s not even something we have to debate. Until we fix that we ain’t fixed everything. We know that we got a lot of fixing to do cuz we know across Asia the Original people is the darker skinned people, melanin rich, the ones we call black. That’s where the power is, the origin of Indigenous communities with all the sacred traditions still in us. That’s why I wrote ‘When the World was Black,’
Follow that page @whentheworldwasblack, we focus on Original history and the traditions from then we can pull forward, cuz the best thing we can do with the lessons of the past is to apply it to what we doing today.
So whatever community you study, look at what they did that works. Like group economics, that works. You can build that in your family and the people in your micro-community. You can pull your babies out of school and your neighbors and peers see it and decide to share responsibility with you, and y’all got a micro-school system going on. It could all be at your house, people pay a couple dollars. It be just like everybody coming over to Big Mama daycare, ain’t that a old model? It works. Improve on that until we get to educational excellence, not according to their model but according to the indigenous model. That’s how they did it, that’s how we building S.O. I. L. We Teaching people how to start doing home school, not just giving people exemptions, that’s in the ebook. But the exemptions is just so you can continue participating, I’d feel remiss if that’s all I gave you. I’d have to give you more than just how to keep participating, I ain’t teaching you how to shuck and jive better in they system. I’m striving to show you true freedom. So if you tired of they system I’m showing you how to get all the way out.
I been telling you to get out forever, a whole lot of people did, but you gotta know how to, like how Hustle and Win. First thing is having your own independent economics then you get to part 2 and learn group economics, how to hustle with your family in more than just drugs. We learn how to do it legitimately, independently, no bank loans or hand outs.
Y’all so crazy about credit, that’s cool. Maybe I’m ambivalent about it cuz I don’t have good credit, but I have what i need. You can also do things with collateral, or private funding, micro lending, all the things we used to do the old way, That’s gonna be there in this next book.
By the way, I want invite you to contribute to our next book, long-time followers and readers, which is called Science of Self vol. 3:Drums and Hot Sauce-the Secret Unity of the Global Black Diaspora. You like the title? We gonna illustrate common culture, common unity to help bring our old shxt back, get us back on the right track, make sense?
Share this post! Share the ebook that drops today. That’s the point of it, take a clip from it and share it on your site and your page it’s gonna be open source, it’s for everybody.
It’s gonna be a beautiful thing. That’s the whole mission today, putting out this 800+ page ebook, shout out to my brother He Ruler at Seen and Heard media over at Proven Publishing. We help people put they books together and we set aside our own projects to do this one. The book I just introduced, Science of Self 3, it would get done a lot faster if y’all wrote your essays, show me what you’ve seen and learned. You have to have read Science of Self Volume 1 & 2 that’s a prerequisite. Volume 2 is called ‘When the World was Black’ , which has two parts as well. It helps if you read ‘Black God’ and ‘Black People Invented Everything’ cuz then you won’t be duplicating anything already in there. But you can draw from and refer to it, we love when people use references and quotes and all that. Real research, I would love if you went into your real school bag and took it serious to show something like how Mexican culture is Black culture or how Indian culture is the same as what we call Black culture. The Science of how everybody got a drum and hot sauce, hence the book title. Then you contributing to the bigger vision because the book will be out today and circulating in no time, we want to bring people back home. We not tryna keep sending people back into the system, you could have made a fake vaccine card, I’m not saying to do it, but I know people who only needed some card stock paper and had Office Depot as an accessory to the crime cuz they printed it out.
It ain’t about tryna keep getting through into their system. Look at the Asian community, they don’t give a phuq, they don’t vote cuz it don’t affect them, they just build. They only push for legislation when it does affect them, like they did recently. They push and make sure their people do what they say because they have people with money to ensure it, they got lobbyists, they just don’t use them unless need to. That’s why you don’t hear about them, they doing they own thing. That’s why you don’t wanna talk too much, cuz then people do not listen. Winston Churchill said speak softly and carry a big stick. You gotta do that. That’s the indigenous way.
Anyway keep checking for the new book. Love y’all, Peace!

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