The End of Modern Schools

I hate to make a bad news post first thing in the morning but the kids going back to school so you already know it’s some bad news. 1500 new cases of COVID just from the first week of students going back to public schools alone. What does that tell you? Tells you if you have the knowledge and power to do it, please pull your family up out them systems, and into something natural immediately. I know some people think they can’t do it, but let me tell you, I understand that’s why your parents and grandparents didn’t do it. Maybe you won’t do it either, but somebody in your family tree, maybe your children, somebody in your tree is gonna have to make that break for your family’s survival and success. Because outside of a natural system, I need you to understand what system you’re in. This is not known to people who know about the esoteric, the metaphysical, and the occult information…this is known beyond all that, when you learn the origin and the source of all that, learning about Yacub.
Not the lady Yacub, the first Yacub.
And you learn about Yacubs laws and systems which have been around for 6000 years now. Now is time for it to end, they’ve been on a 6000 year run. These things ain’t built to last, but this school system that’s meant to imprison our children’s minds, body’s, and potential- if we keep believing it to the point where we’re perpetuating it , then yeah it’s gonna live and grow. So ultimately these houses, Massa’s house, only thrive because of us. I’m talking about you keeping it running. I’m talking about me.
I was a school teacher in Atlanta for 15 years, a lot of public schools needed teachers like me. That cared about the children, that really wanted to see a change happen in the community that engaged the parents, visited homes, took children on field trips, and generally gave a shxt. I want to see them learn how to read and think, instead of just being able to pass a test. I got in trouble for being that kind of teacher. That got me wrote up for insubordination endlessly. While I was Teacher of the Year i was getting written up at the same time. Fortunately, with good reputation and good work I wasn’t let go, only time I left the school system was after I retired when Mecca Wise returned. There was no way I could be a father to my children as a single father, and also be a father to all the children in the school system.
So shout out to the teachers, to the people that love their children teachers and the schools that they’re in. I don’t want to be so hard on you where you think you can’t do it.
Listen, everybody that’s gone a new way was regular people first. Regular people become outstanding and extraordinary by making choices, everyday is a different choice. You could choose to put your kids in that school, but they’re coming home sick, don’t you have a decision to make as a parent? Yes if you was to keep your kids home you have to learn how to teach them- yes, there’s some learning there but that’s the part we can help you with. We can help with a lot cuz you also need to know how to make the money to afford to keep your child home. That’s something else you gotta develop, so it’s not Just that you gotta get your kids out of school, you gotta get the whole family, whole community out of Yacubs world, out of this system of devilishment, exploitation, and oppression that they may not be able to see. Because you can’t always see it with the naked eye, you gotta have this third eye open to be able to see. You gotta know when you going to work giving up your labor and time for a wage, not building any legacy or value, not seeing no dividends, percentages or none of that, you gotta question what are you contributing your time and energy to, and could it be applied better elsewhere?
Same thing with your babies. You might be thinking you can’t pull your baby out of school, but really you feel like you can’t pull yourself out of Yacubs system. You can’t pull them out of Yacubs school house cuz you can’t pull yourself out of Yacubs workhouse. Maybe cuz you have to pay the bills for Yacubs medical house, see what I mean? The medical house got hella bills that keep you sick, keep you a customer. As long as you keep bringing yourself and your family members there, you’re gonna have obligations and debts. Same thing with school, sending your kids to college, they have debts. That’s the first slavery in America, debt slavery. They working on getting you back to that cuz once they got you on a system of credits-the credits are gonna be taken away by you misbehaving. So theyll encourage compliance and conforming behavior for everybody participating in the credit system. We want to get away from all them systems. I’m not saying that to appear perfect, like,
“ Look, I make all my own clothes!”
No! But I’m making choices and I’m getting there. For example, the clothes I’m wearing now are made by people who support me, who made a shirt for me to wear. I gave a designer a statement, a phrase id want to wear. They made the shirts, now I wear it and I told them they can sell the shirts too. they use my content as promotion for the shirts, keeping the business going. I know when I wear something I’m supporting someone’s business, and it also supports me. We keep it in the family. That’s part of making the transition of breaking away, if you can’t home school everyday, maybe you and 3 other parents could swap houses, bring the children to one parents one day and the next day they go to the second parents house, and everybody take a turn.
We also gotta get away from Yacubs social world, this right here, how we get to know each other now? Looking at pages and posts, tryna put together a social meter based on your likes and your comments. Oh man, that’s terrible. That makes the worst people seem like the best. The worst people are the narcissists, chauvinist, egotistical, the fakes, the frauds, people working to put out an image. The worst people put together the best presentation. Theres some people who are not active in social media that you would have to get to know to understand and they’re great people. Get to know them, build a relationship with the people in your neighborhood.
Why? Because there may come a point where you need these systems. Think about it, how you gonna eat? Well you should be growing your own food, we shouldn’t be totally reliant on store bought food. I’m not saying this to judge you, I’m in a drive thru right now getting a cup of tea and piece of avocado toast. Wherever you are in the process I want to encourage you to get to the next level of You, that’s it. I’m not saying automatically you gotta become Asa Hilliard , master teacher of the world, no. Just practice being patient with your child as they ask questions. When they home, practice being educational. Teach them what you do, how you do it. A lot of y’all have trades that you haven’t taught your children, that’s a great way to build family based economics, a child that learns how to weld , whether certified or not, is employed for life. Cuz they got a skill. We don’t need conspicuous consumers that buy the fanciest cars and have the freshest chain. We need people that can show real value who’d remain standing even if Gold did collapse,me and my community gonna be straight. Me and my people gonna be safe. Wouldn’t you love to be able to say that? That’s how you know you transitioned to the Hereafter. That’s what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad meant when he said you can seat yourself in Heaven at once. Heaven for you is not some other place, it’s meant for you when you let the Hell go that you been living in. The Hell we live in gonna have you report to Yacubs Work for everything: his laws, structures, his paycheck, his education, medication, entertainment. Imagine you stop going in for all that. Imagine we stop going to his movie houses, theaters, stadiums- if I wanna see a sports game I’ll go to the community football game. I’ll go to the youth’s soccer league right here and cheer on the young in our community, and we decide to donate. You could do that in your own neighborhood, you could pick a field and start having soccer or other athletics. What if you built community, recorded it, and showed others how to do the same for their families. My born day coming up, Sept 5th, this the greatest gift you could give me- I want for you to realize that what I want for you is what I’ve always wanted for myself; Freedom, Justice, Equality, Love, Peace, & happiness. Of course as well knowledge, wisdom, understanding, food, clothing, and shelter. Cuz you not gonna get some without the others. For you to have Love, Peace, & Happiness you have to provide those jewels to others. It’s not a jewel to have food, clothing, and shelter for yourself. It’s a jewel when you can share it with others. Right now I got a bag of clothes in the back, draws, socks, shirts, just giving them away to people who need them. Things like that. So while you’re thinking about school please think about getting away. Please think about what you can do, I’m gonna give you some jewels and a bunch of advice. Think about community farms, business education centers where you can learn how to Hustle and Win. You can use that book, nonreaders, teenagers and all will read that book without you even telling them to. What do we teach? Independence, entrepreneurship, integrity, order, & ethics. That’s business education, imagine you had a book club, everybody learning that. Low key they might be better off doing that than going to the high school in they city. Because they high school may be fraught with opportunity for risk and destruction than it is for actual help and assistance. When in let the Atlanta public school system the real straw that broke the camel’s back was a 5th grader who suffered mental/emotional issues, he wasn’t in my class, I was teaching art at the time. He was such a behavior issue that they wouldn’t send him to art class. Can you imagine? My first house I bought with my family, where I was a teaching out of that house. I rent that house out now to that old 5th grade student. It’s crazy. Shes grown now- Her and her fiancé, there. I know y’all thinking how-well I was a school teacher for 15 years, I’m 40 now, started teaching at 20 with Teach for America. I just realized in college I wanted to contribute and give back cuz I’m high school I could have died, the people that taught me kept me alive and made me want to be here so I want you to think about that. Be a helper, be a guide, be somebody for somebody. You can do it with these books, here’s how you can help. We’re doing a fundraiser for the school we’re building in Atlanta, independent school, you won’t have to get vaccinated because if you notice vaccinated people transfer COVID. People that are vaccinated can still transfer the pathogen. You send your child around a bunch of vaccinated people, that’s the pile more likely to pass then the illness. Here’s the thing, if you already had COVID and get the vaccine your symptoms are so much worse and risk are so much higher. Natural immunity is way better to build. Natural health is way better to build. At S.O.I.L. (School of Indigenous Learning) we’re literally getting the kids back into the soil, got they hands and feet in the dirt planting fruit trees, and vegetables that grow year round in these climates, nutrient rich. Our babies gonna learn that, how to build, how to cope, how to do capoeira, all that. People may be wondering-How can y’all join us in Atlanta? Well I’d rather you do it in your city. Start with something simple, small and build it to equal or greater. And I’m gonna help you do it, go to where we publish these books, like How to Hustle and Win , Hood Health Handbook , etc.
we talked about vaccines in these books in 2012, if you got these books you already know about the vaccines, you already got your exemption letter. But now we doin it different instead of being exempt we just gonna pull out of their school system , cuz they sick over there, it’s time to build your own school. These books are a part of your home library. The same books well use for S.O.I.L. we’re sharing with you and we’re making itit hella affordable. So go to you’re gonna find a big curriculum, history, science, emotional health, knowledge of Self, metaphysics, the science of yourself, you name it. And it’s already discounted 40% off and for the next 30 days it’s another $40 off. So it’s an entire library for your entire family so you can start educating yourself. And I’m doin it because I want to encourage you to start where you at rather than chasing money to build out something elaborate. Yes you can donate, but if you’re gonna donate, donate by buying the home library for your family, does that make sense? If you want to be a brand ambassador, you can get paid from doing that! Visit our site to find out how. We’ll get you a promo code to help people save an additional 10% and you get paid 5%. We really about helping others get paid. You create promotions, talk your shxt like I do, and you encourage people to use these tools to change their own life. Its beautiful. That’s why I need y’all to talk, I don’t have enough patience and compassion for the entire world, I’m getting there but I need y’all to help lighten the load. Get these tools at We gonna be ok , we’ll prevail, we eternal how can we fail?

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