The New Sex Ed In Schools

Y’all remember when they said sexual education shouldn’t be in schools? Was too advanced right? The kids wasn’t ready for all that, inappropriate, smut, shameful, filthy! to tell these young people who were already going thru adolescence and puberty. Some of them experimenting with sex, teaching about how to use a condom to prevent sexual transmitted diseases or any of them important things-
‘No! it’s too much for them.’
But now, when these kids go back to school, let me tell you what Social Studies is gonna look like. Social Studies ain’t gonna mean learning about geopolitical conflicts going on in the world, they not gonna learn about what Israel is doing in Palestinian, they not gonna learn about the current debate going on between the US and China press agencies about where everything really came from. You know China’s really pointing to UNC( University of North Carolina) as one of the sites where the disease was manufactured and sent over. This a media war, its all about who you want to listen to. So I say maybe you should listen to yourself. Maybe you should ask yourself ‘does it make sense to teach young children about things that adults are doing once they become consenting adults?’ If you not gonna teach them about their gender, identity, or anything about their physical body or their corporeal self; then you telling them that what they imagine and think is real. Yet for little poor kids in the hood or Original children who are darker than I am, they grow up into a world where none of that is real, you can’t imagine a life you don’t have. So this is really for the entertainment of people that enjoy luxury and a little bit of leisure. Yet it’s gonna be put on every child, in every school. The question is- Why?
Ultimately, everything we see going on right now is about what is on the Georgia Guide Stones, you know about them Ten Commandments they got up for the New World Order? Yeah it’s 10 of them, and the biggest one, the stand out one, is ‘reduce the world population to 500 million’ essentially. You know in the Hood Health Handbook we talked about how the agenda for the vaccines has always been about population control. We’re talking about the ones that were administered to poor countries in Africa, Asia, they did it with HIV, measles, mumps, rubella; especially now with them being able to connect autism surges to administrations of the MMR vaccine, and they were testing nano-technology and aerosol means of distributing nano-technology. This is 10-15 years ago when Hood Health Handbook came out, Bill gates was talking about it way back then. We got tons of people that know about all this, but now it’s a question of ‘Where are they going, and what do we do?’
Those of us that don’t want think like that and be like that. People who would rather have a natural way of life, Natural way of living, not live based on what people have come up with.
If you think about it we’ve been working on normalizing the abnormal and that’s understandable, cuz you dealing with a controlling class, or a ruling class that has abnormsl as their norms. Literally deviancy is what that cultural community has ascribed to as a pact, going back thousands of years. I don’t want to get all deep on you, we can talk about that one day, right now we need to talk about what’s happening this month.
Everybody going back to school, you need to know the agenda to make them a non-reproducing class of people, just a laboring expendable class of people who can’t really experience population growth because they’re being killed off, because their mortality rates are so high, because so many other factors that make them possibly sterile. That’s one of the long term risks with this current administration, whatever this treatment is, whatever this experimental treatment Should be called. It’s gene modification, your body’s functioning differently to the point where people say that at least parts of you, if not all you is now a patented mechanism. Because you’ve been altered by patented technology, The worst part is those who have gotten this treatment are the most likely to pass it on without even having any symptoms. They just passing it on left and right thinking their healthy.
It’ll be the people who don’t have the treatment, who knows what their experience will be with getting this new form of the strain. The stains are coming about through the carriers. That’s how they’re being modified, they’re being modified by the people who can carry them without being too sick.
All of this goes together because it’s all about depopulation, it’s all about less Black and Brown people to be honest. And they don’t like white People either. White people watching I hope you realize that the whole idea of being white is as much of a game as us Original people thinking we that ain’t shxt.
We all got it mixed up, misrepresented identities, we all got identity dysphoria. We got racial-gender dysphoria. Some of us have socio-economic dysphoria. We really not functioning on a higher plane economically but we consume conspicuously like we are. It’s a lot, and most of it is about us not seeing our way to the hereafter, and us not having a lineage and a legacy that continues thousands of years like were meant to. Cuz we come from a legacies and lineages that come from millions of years back.
What are we doing now? Being led by those who don’t even exemplify good leadership, at some point we gotta get back to Knowledge of Self, natural health, and transcendent wealth. The kind that’s based in communities and values and social standings because that’s the indigenous way. That’s what we used to know, after all this break down that’s what we gonna have to get back to anyway so you might want to get an early start. Don’t feel intimidated about having to home school your children. Or having to build a family based business or having to live off your land somehow. This the direction we all gonna have to go in some day, so don’t be panic striken when that day coming for everybody. You may want to get an early jump start on it.
You may want to start getting active in building a community consensus and talking to your neighborhood about things that y’all care about. Things like raising the children, eating healthy food, even if it’s just sharing some groceries, growing some fruits and vegetables in your yard and sharing them with your neighborhood. That goes a long way because there are gonna be those people who report voluntarily to the matrix, excitedly. In fact they ‘chips’ might require it of them cuz how else are they gonna earn they ‘credits’ if they don’t participate in the system?
Some of us are gonna go unchipped. Some of us are gonna become outcasts, not accepted in this system. White People many of you too. Y’all the main ones rebelling right now cuz they the ones starting to unravel the myths of how 99% of people are kept contained, constrained, and kept in order. 85% is the masses thats always willing to follow blindly and do whatever they are told, and participate in a system that has kept them restricted and repressed without their understanding of it, just for the benefit of the 10%. The 10% has the knowledge but exploits the masses with it. And they live in luxury off the labor of those that don’t know better. There’s a small minority, the 5% that know better, do better, teach people how to get free for free essentially. We’re striving to free people without making it all about Benefit Me. We doing it for the work of God, we doing it to manifest the world of God on Earth. There’s a lot of us like that. There’s a lot of people from all walks off of life like that and growing into that. And that’s going to be the hereafter.
There’s gonna be people that go into hell and there’s going to be those of us who build out of it. And at this point we just making choices. So everything you choose to read or study, people you choose to build with it, the places you choose to go, even the food you eat and the thoughts you choose to think- they all matter right now. So there’s a lot going on, I know there’s some people gonna be mad about this one because they think the children should be able to learn everything. Yeah but they not even learning knowledge of themselves. You can learn every form of freedom except for True Freedom. People tryna teach you financial freedom, sexual freedom, any kind of vain freedom. Any thing that feed your ego, that feed the shallow part of you that wants to be other than your Self.
Youre encouraged to travel so you can escape, not so you can immerse. Think about that- you being encouraged to travel almost like a colonizing tourist, not as someone who wants to develop a local economy or build with the culture with the intent of learning and growing.
Think about how we participate, in anything, Even if you participate in this discussion-what’s the meaningfulness of what you about to say? How are we adding on? How are we building? You might be triggered by one thing, it might bother you, but is the whole thing wrong? Is everything I’m saying wrong? Ain’t it true they tryna depopulate us? Ain’t that written in stone in a way that will survive a nuclear winter? It ain’t true that Original people have always been under threat, and that dark skin people of our planet are the First people on the planet.
The word Black means power in Bengali, they know that they are the original and have deep roots, the darkness of their skin like the darkness of the soil reminds them of the strength of that roots.

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