Who and what is Black?

Peace, you back with me, your host Supreme Understanding and this is How to Hustle and Win, the movement; Rap, Race, and Revolution coming soon.
We gonna address a couple things, first of which, real important topic-let’s talk about my nose.
In my videos you may see, you catch a side profile, yes, my nose is prominent. And I think it’s important we talk about my nose, why?
Because it goes into the issue of: Is this muthaphuqa Black? And I get that a lot, I don’t get asked that from people who know me or know what I’m about. I get that from strangers, and I’m alright with that cuz you gotta do checks on people. If it’s a white boy fighting for Native American rights tryna get some land, I would wanna know too. I’d also want to look that blood test like, ‘Homie, is you really a Native American?”
Cuz we don’t want people just claim jumping, like anybody can be black, like all you gotta do is say it.
So why the phuq do I say I’m black? Let’s get this clear, I’m not African American, I don’t think anyone who could be characterized as African American should want to be considered African American cuz really I don’t know what that is. Don’t nobody else do that, no Chinese people say I’m Chinese American. You’ll never hear a White boy say I’m European American. People of color in this country, especially so-called Black People, is almost like ‘yo American is the thing to be.’ No!
American is not the thing to be. Homie America is what made you what you are and if your condition isn’t just right then I don’t know if that something you should been celebrating. Let’s go into the word Black tho.
When I say so called Black it’s because there’s a certain demographic of people that are considered Black and then there’s a certain demographic of people who are not considered black. For example if your family is from Africa-you’re Black. But if you’re family is Jet Black but they Australian aborigines, are you still Black? I would think you were, see Black is color, culture, and consciousness. If you got them 3 aspects, that’s Black.
There’s Black people in India. There’s 900 million Black people that live in India, Way darker than me. Are they Black?
They hair texture a little bit different than mine. Some of their noses are wide, some narrow, but they’re Jet Black. And they struggling, struggling cuz of who? The same people.
Are they Black? What about me? Am I Black? I’m light skinned, but there’s Black People in New Orleans lighter than me, am I Black? Are they Black? If you mixed with white, are you Black? These are questions we ask that we shouldn’t really be asking, because when you look at Black as color, culture, and consciousness, and when you look at Black as representing people of color-the origin of all people.
The first people in India were Black (my last name is Das. Das means ‘Black skinned slave’, you can look that up) how did we get that name? Cuz the Europeans came into India 3000-4000 years ago when they tore shxt up they saw these black muthaphuqas and said ‘Well these are the das’s’, and that meant these are our slaves, these are our Blacks ass slaves. They put themselves at the top and the Black people at the bottom, and they raped our women and created people like me.
And that’s how it’s gone everywhere. Every single place in the planet, even China. You go to the earliest origins of China, the Chinese were Black. You don’t have to believe me, go read something like’ African Presence in Early Asia’ and you’ll see the origin of all people is Black. So what, we still black, it don’t matter how many people raped your momma, your grandma, or your great grandma, you still the origin of what you were. The problem of our people is they don’t know their origin in the world, so we disconnected. Its Black History month, we’re thinking Black history started with slavery. You know how twisted that is? You know what kind of psychological warfare that is to tell a person that their history begins so late in the game. Way later than everybody else? And all you got to claim as your origin is a muthaphuqin slave? You know what that does to you? That shxt is sick.
And this is what the majority of our people are, people don’t understand that Black history is not just African history. There’s Black people all over the world. There’s Black People in Alaska, they been there for thousands of years,why they ain’t turned white? Cuz that ain’t how that came about, but that’s another topic. That’s another discussion.
They found Black people in the earliest spots in Europe. Vietnam. You can look these people up. I talk about some of that in the books, if you wanna do some research pick up one of the books at supremedesignonline.com that’ll do it all for you.
So how does that relate to the present date and time? Cuz we ain’t dealing with ancient civilization right now this is real life , what’s goin on right now.
Right now if you are in the same condition, same predicament, and you’re oppressed, the one thing that holds us all together is the fact that we’re all oppressed because the color of our skin. Why?
We were the Earths First, the Original people. Now we taught to be criminal evil. We were at the top, now we at the bottom-the first shall be last, the last shall be first, so it’s all right. I can live with that. But the thing is we’re all in that same predicament. You can’t go nowhere in the world and find a people of color who has not been destroyed, decimated, humiliated, and stripped of everything- by the same people. The world’s top Hustler is the top because his Hustle is global. We local.
So am I Black? Hell yes homie I’m Black, and you Black too. The Mexican down the street is Black. The Arab at the corner store is Black and the truth is a lot of us don’t even know we Black. And a lot of us that know were Black are ashamed to be Black. Tiger woods don’t wanna be Black, Nicole Ritchie don’t want to be Black. Her ass is Black, she got blond hair and all that, she don’t want to be Black. A lot of people don’t want to be Black. Would you want to be Black if you had the choice? A lot of people wouldn’t.
But me, I’m in love with the idea of being Black. You know why? Cuz Black is struggle, Black is the global struggle. When you identify with that element, that’s the identification of The Struggle. That’s why you got white boys wanting to be Black. They just want to be a part of the struggle. But you can’t, when you in that demographic, that’s a different story. That’s a different situation, you gotta be in the other side of the struggle. If you’re white you can still be part of the struggle but your struggle is different homie. You got a different struggle, and you gotta find where you fit in, cuz it ain’t the same for everybody. See me, I gotta speak for My people, speak for The people, and I gotta speak for the people of Color throughout the world. And we gonna have to change this game. If you don’t understand that, or understand what we have in common as people of color, or that we are in the same struggle-homie I don’t know where you been.
Really, you don’t see what they did to the Indians? Didn’t see what they did to the Puerto Ricans, the Dominicans, the Haitians? You don’t see what they did to the Chinese, the Japanese?
When the Japanese was coming over to America, right around World War II, they was trying to unite with the Black people of America saying ‘Look, we gonna rise up together. We’re gonna be in the struggle together, and we’re gonna fight this muthaphuqa down.’ You know what the US did right after that? They bombed them. 2 nuclear bombs, the only time anybody’s ever been attacked wit nuclear weapons. That’s what happened, talk that shxt I ain’t scared. Let’s come together.
I’ll take trips around the World if I have to, it’s not impossible, but the first step is what?-Consciousness.
If you don’t see yourself as having something in common than You’re part of the problem. You gotta understand this is a global struggle, it don’t matter if they look at you funny when you walk into the store. It don’t matter that somebody doesn’t know where you’re coming from, nah. That’s why we gotta communicate, let them know where you coming from, talk to them, talk to these people. Try to understand their struggle, cuz they struggling too. They might think they love America, cuz they don’t understand America Yet. They might not have been here long enough to understand, some of them do. But you ain’t gonna know that until you talk to each and every one of them, and this is how we’re gonna build community. This is how we Hustle and Win.

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