What is the Illuminati, and is Gucci Mane in it Pt. 2

If you conscious you know, they’re gonna have to answer to us.
Now if you have low self esteem and can’t possibly envision a group of POC who have power over this group of white people. There’s not much I can tell you because you come from that state of perspective ‘Oh these white folks got all the power, they got magical weapons that cause earthquakes,’ Not that they dont, but why do we spend so much time talking about them? Why do we spend so much time thinking about what white folks are doing and can do to us;
when the only reason they are doing it or they try to do it, is because of our
immense power and potenital, because they are fearful of us.
Where were we? Baphomet was a corruption of the word ‘Muhammad’, becuase it was said that the Knights Templar was worshiping Muhammed. they werent worshipping Muhammed, they were worshipping the God Muhammed was associated with. This Dark God. This Black God, and thats why from that time on, in the earliest days of the christian empire, particulary, from the time of the persecution of the KNights templar, the devil and evil spirits were depicted as black. You gotta remember before that Jesus was depicted as black, The Virgin Mary was depicted as black, many of the saints were depicted as black.
But when it was this crucial point where it was now Us vs Them they realized God was the source of their problem and their image started to change.
Then images of a black evil god started appearing all throughout they literature,all throughout the artwork, it was associated with the dark spirit. Black magic is just a reference to the power they believed black people had, thats all it was. They actually burned people at the stake in England and Europe for being involved in black magic, and all that means is they thought they were involved in what black people do.
And if you dont believe there is a history of black people that goes way back in England and Europe and precedes any instances of white people doing any kind magic, (or what’s considered magic because everything is real). Then you really don’t know.
See here’s the thing-I’m having a conversation hopefully with people that are willing to do the research and look this stuff up. You can look up David Mac Ritchies old books, Ancient & Modern Britons, his book on Pygmys , you can look up any of his work where he talks about how fairies or trolls or all these other creatures that are associated with magic were really references to the Black pygmys that lived in Europe and they still live in the societies even up to the 1500s-1600s. People were seeing them and we’re associating them with magical power and then the white people that were associated with them got associated with being witches and warlocks and all kinds of things. See the whole history of the occult, since it’s a Black history, if you really just think about it it’s Black History. But if you just identify with the white Judeo-Christian Fanatical right wing view then you gonna just go with that party line like ‘yeah Black magic, occult, all that is bad, it is something of the devil.’ And we’re got people saying this they don’t even believe in a little black devil living under the Earth. That is an ok belief for people who believe in that, but if you understand that the Black devil that they say live under the Earth was really a reference to, again Black People that lived underground. And I ain’t talking that Dr. York living under the ground like Alf or nothing like that. I’m talking about how we have always used our natural habitat. There’s historical instances all throughout the world where they’ve found Black People living in underground shelters not at the core of the earth, just underground, and every time one of them people pop they in head in a society where they didn’t think there were any Black people, like among the Inuits, in Greenland, or Ireland, people freaked out. And these people got identified with the devil. Now here you are, on the wrong side of history, talking about these people are the devil, or are with the devil. You got the game so twisted, and that’s what offends me about it, if you do the research then you would know when they talking about the evil that these secret societies worship, guess who’s the evil Black God that these secret societies worship -it’s You!
Now are these secret societies up to no good? Shxt they might be. Why don’t you research it and find out what they doing. See if it’s a group of white folks then Yeah they up to no good, if it’s black folks that bought into a white system that are coming together- yeah, they probably up to no good too. But you get into the top ranks that control all these systems, cuz yeah they control a lot stuff, but at the end of the day they bow down to us.
Now what does that translate to in terms of your daily physical existence? Not a got damn thing, just like Jay-Z being in the Illuminati don’t translate to a got damn thing. But understand history, understand what it means when a person say ‘Yeah that persons in the Illuminati’ cuz it don’t mean nothing, how they gonna prove that? You don’t know who the phuq is in a group that controls the works cuz if you did somebody would take them out, at least I hope your punk ass would! If you really feel like they that evil. But the truth is we like to talk, we like to believe, you not gonna research none of the shxt I’m sayin. You gonna leave angry comments, ima just leave the comments, ima just let the comments come. Ima see what people say cuz I know its gonna be fanatical, ‘You need to watch this YouTube video’, shxt like that. It’s gonna be some thing “I found where out the micro chip” you know, all that.
See here’s the thing, yeah these groups are doing the whole one World government, yeah that’s happening. I talk about that a little in my books, not much cuz I don’t wanna completely blow peoples brains. But yeah that’s happening, but why are they doing it? As Chuck D Said ‘it’s fear of a black planet.’ There is a reason for all that and if you understand their fear then you look at them like a child that’s powerless and doing everything they can to remain at play, and they know playtime is about to expire soon.
See I don’t have no fear of none of that, I don’t spend time thinking about it, obsessing about it, cuz I understand who they really bow down to. I understand who They’re obsessed with, I understand why they do what they do, and I understand at the end of the day I’m not going to be able to identify each and every one that’s a member of that. But I do know one thing- my ass ain’t getting invited in, you not getting invited in, and I know they damn sure not lettin Gucci Mane’s ass in. On that note imma say Peace.

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