What’s the Illuminati, and is Gucci Mane in it? Pt1

Peace, I want to continue the discussion I started in the video “Which Rappers are in the Illuminati”. That video started a lot of controversy w/ a lot of people, and a lot of people hate me because of that video. I stand by everything I said in that video.
But I’m gonna clarify & explain for all the people who didn’t understand where I’m coming from. One of the #1 responses I got to that video was that I needed to do some research, let me address that right here & now: I’ve been studying secret societies, the New World Order, Freemasonry, the Illuminati, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergs, all those things since I was 14 years old, that’s when I first read ‘Behold, a Pale Horse.’ I’m 29 now so you do the math. I’m not new to this I didn’t just hear about this shxt last week on YouTube like some of the people who got something to say. So let’s be clear,
Somebody could still say, “ Oh you ain’t been reading the right stuff.” Then what’s the right stuff? Because if you consider the right stuff to be YouTube videos then me and you do not share the same brand of scholarship. There’s no excuse for a person not to go pick up a book that documents the same information that you Think you’re learning from those YouTube videos. The problem is you watching videos on the internet from the 3rd party sites, you getting 3rd party, 4th party, 5th party information. These people are summarizing their interpretation of someone else’s interpretation of someone else’s interpretation. You can’t even tell me what the primary source of information is, you can’t tell me where you got the information from.
Case in point: Baphomet. I talked about Baphomet while walking through the streets of Memphis, breaking down ‘Baphomet’ and the history of that word, and people are still talking about, “ You need to look up Baphomet.”
Well obviously I did and that’s why I feel qualified to speak on it; and say it was a corruption of the word ‘Mohammed’. Based on the French record , based on the Knights Templar being persecuted at that time for worshiping some other God. It was said they worshipped Baphomet, now we need to get into some background for y’all to understand this because this is one of the points I want to make but I wanna use that to illustrate something deeper.
If you won’t even take the time to look for the original source of information then you not even serious about it. You just looking for a new religion. Something new to believe in.
For example, the word ‘Baphomet’ goes back to the time of the Knights Templar, ok.
The picture of the goat with 2 fingers in the air doesn’t go back that far. That goes back to several 100 years later when Aleister Crowley put out the book on the occult. He just included the drawing as a symbolic representation of Baphomet. That’s because nobody knew what Baphomet looked like. When they questioned/interrogated the Knights Templar they asked, “Who is you God?” They apparently got all these different responses, they got a person with 3 heads, they got a cat, a dog, they never got a goat by the way. Nobody could really confirm if the Kings Templar really were saying these things, all they know is these are the reports that were written. We know from reports, like police reports, you don’t really know what’s real, especially if you’re being interrogated under duress, which is what was happening. Because here’s the Knights Templar which is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, European secret societies.
That’s another issue too, European secret societies vs. our societies. See the Knights Templar which later gave birth to things like Freemasonry, the Bavarian Illuminati, different orders….
But we’re not even gonna get into all that. Y’all just want to hear me find some Gucci Mane or Jay-Z lyric somewhere the muthaphuqa be talking about 3 horns, or something. Then you’ll say, “ Oh well he’s in the Illuminati because he said 3 horns.”
Here’s the thing, Jay-Z might be a Freemason, as a matter of fact he probably is, just like Cam’ron and Lil Wayne are probably Bloods. And a whole bunch of people who are tryna develop a social network for themselves that allows them greater opportunity got down with the UBN(United Blood Nation), other people got down with the Freemasons, some folks got with the Crips, others got down with the Boule, some people got with the Five Percent.
But to say Jay-Z is in the Illuminati is saying something different. Saying he is in Illuminati is like saying Eminem is in the Boule. You see what I’m saying? The Boule is a black fraternal organization, they don’t put people like that in there. Jay-Z not getting in the Illuminati because the Illuminati is not an equal opportunity club. It’s not even a club , it’s not a lot of people in it. It’s not 1000 people in there. It’s not like as soon as you become a 33 degree Mason you become Illuminati. If you study the Illuminati you see, first of all, there is no group that you could locate called the Illuminati, that’s a name that a few people like William Cooper and all them put out after studying the systems of control , and saying “ This is the name for this secret group controlling all things.” But even William Cooper, who wrote ‘Behold, a Pale Horse.’, acknowledged that it’s probably not called the Illuminati right now. So whatever it’s called, you don’t know the name of it, you don’t know who’s in it, you can’t provide no membership list, so we need to stop saying this persons in it just because they said something Masonic. For a lot of these people, Masonry is just the system they get involved with so they can move up socially without the limitation that are placed on people who don’t get down. Cuz if they don’t get down, you held back. Is kinda like when you get into a fraternity, there’s certain colleges you not getting in the SGA(Student Government Association) unless you in a frat, and if you in a frat there’s certain things you’re not allowed to do, or say, there’s certain people you’re not allowed to socialize with. Same thing with Freemasonry, except is on a deeper level, because it’s still there to preserve the interests of white people in a certain social level.

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