Here’s How to Help!

Peace family as you know, we been working on this ebook, it’s finally out! It’s so many people that tried to get it yesterday that our site crashed!
So I have a way y’all can help us-if you already got a copy of it, maybe you got it early or maybe you got that good Internet idk. It’s too many people tryna get to the files at once, 1200 page e-book full of exemption forms (medical, religious for every state; if we missed a state there’s so many other resources in there you should be good so please forgive the oversight) we got example letters, we got laws, we got example forms for you to submit to your employer or schools. We got so much research, evidence, and articles of what you can do to keep yourself healthy and sane, how to start a home based business, and to possibly, if you can, keep going and leave that job or let them fire you! Submit the forms out the book that also shows you what to ask, let me them know you have questions if they answer then tell them you’ll comply and if they can’t answer, they can’t, then don’t! That puts you in a legal standing where you can sue for wrongful termination, if nothing else, but let’s already have a back up plan in place.
The new ebook has hundreds of things you can do with your family to make money together, family based business. And a bunch of ideas on why and how to homeschool your children. It’s like 1200 pages, I’ve never put a book like this together before, shouts out to my brother He Ruler and the team at Proven Publishing, Rizza Islam who contributed on short notice, you know I couldn’t leave my brother out, hes been helping teach people about this for a long time. My brother Alife Allah who helped with Hood Health Handbook, my co-editor, came thru on this project throwing in ‘Here’s What You Can Do to Stay Healthy.’ We got tons of contributions.. America’s Frontline, Stop World Control Now, and more. We just strived to contribute as much information as possible….and that’s why the site has crashed. And the Google Drive file, I think, they were blocking it to where you couldnt get it for a while, they making you wait 24 hours.
So Righteous Family, here’s what i need you to do. I need you to upload the PDF to your own Google Drive, make it a public link, and share that link in your bio. Make a post announcing it and go into in the comments in any one of my posts people saying they can’t get it, let us know it’s in Your bio.
Anybody can share this, We gonna need y’all help editing, revising, cleaning it up, adding more to it. It’s gonna be new editions every other month or so. But for right now I need you to be a part of the means by which everyone can access it because it Is being blocked. So many people tryna get to it and it’s time to be a part of the solution.
So again: once you get the PDF, download it to your Google Drive, DropBox (however you share documents) make it a shareable link, put it in your site, your blog, etc. then make a post letting us know you got it.
Please and thank you family. Peace.

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