Heavy Game pt2

I don’t want no vultures around me.
I want somebody I admire, respect, and understand. Why you wanna be with somebody that won’t even respect you? You wanna be somebody mistress, somebody side? As a dude you can do the same, and be the same, I’m too good for that. I’m getting my self-esteem back high, nobody believed me when I said I had low self-esteem, how y’all know? It’s Self-esteem, not external esteem it’s not about how any one else can make me feel, it’s how I feel about myself. If I feel like I’m ugly, cantankerous, rude, temperamental and a challenge to be around, then imma feel like that till I don’t. Ain’t shxt you can tell me, you’d have to prove to me I was wrong. You gotta be a motherfucker that can kick it with me in good company and we both having a good time. If you a weak motherfucker, it’ll never happen. If you a needy, dumb, clueless mother fucker it will Never happen.  You get around and say 3 dumb things, I let the first one go and the last one Blow. I’m gonna let the first 2 go, but the 3rd one? No! Cuz you dying right here beside me and I ain’t here for it, I’m a savior of humanity I had to save myself first, so if I’m sitting next to your dead body its gonna make me feel like I’m not doing my job. So imma do one of two things, I’ll give you the opportunity to learn and you gonna show me you wanna get better, or I’m gonna gradually remove myself from you, it won’t be cold Turkey cuz you might not be able to handle it. But you will notice I removed myself from your company, I can’t kick it with you like we used to. Even when we was kicking it we wasn’t building nothing, and now here we are into the future I’m still waiting on you to build something, im still waiting on you to leave a legacy behind.
So you could have high self esteem and rub some off on me, but I could also have your self-esteem low like mine. What we need to kick it for, so we can be miserable together? So we can be angry together, fuck that, I want builders as friends. All my family, all my friend’s are building schools in they city; or giving away the ebook with the vaccine exemption forms in it, cuz it don’t cost you nothing to share it.

trust me I’m watching, seeing the people not doing anything but trying to spend time talking to me. Be mindful of who you call your close friends, they might reveal they wasn’t friends they were just latching on to you the closest. That’s all they was.
I realized I have dumb friends, ones  that don’t even want to research, Google or help, and as soon as they can’t find something in the free ebook, they being pushy and bossy in my dms. Please.
Then I realized they were acting like that cuz they had access to me and familiarity breeds contempt. Trust me if you not building I can’t rock with you and this is to EVERYONE. We only gonna be able to build this new reality as a collective. If the individual members want to be a part of that new collective and are able to coordinate, and together manifest our new reality; where we speak looking forward to happiness and joy and speaking great things into existence. Like I know my woman gonna be a great woman. I know my next woman ain’t gonna come easy. You know how much imma have to do to earn my next woman? Same with you.

You know how much work you gonna have to do to earn your next station in life, to earn new levels of knowledge, wisdom, understanding, freedom, Justice, equality, food, clothing, shelter, love, peace, & Happiness? Wherever you at now, do you know what it’s gonna take to get there? So this what i recommend, when you go to rest go to bed earlier, and start dreaming,and imagining and envisioning the life you gonna have. The You that you will become,pray to the you that exists 10 years from now. There’s nothing evil about that,  it’s a good force. That’s a good voice, it’s like a parental energy. That’s what people are searching for when they look for the supreme being, look for the supreme representation of yourself. What’s if you was your best Self, what if you were the living example God? That’s the best example we got right now, look at what we’re experiencing right now.

This is what I want from y’all- get on your A game. Have confidence in your Self,  know that at the very least you can share these materials and this knowledge. I challenge every body to take advantage of the deals we got on the books, now is a better time than ever to get them wholesale and make some money for yourself, earn a living without going to work. A lot of y’all is worried about getting stuff straight with your job, Man fuck your job.…
Your job don’t love you. That’s why they having you go through that shxt, they tryna see how much of a willing and obedient slave you willing to be. And some of y’all is ready to show, that’s why i said the exemption forms is cool, yes let’s use them. But only as a means to an end because that ain’t the end goal. The real goal is for us not to Need to be exempt from nothing unrighteousness but for us to build our own and live on our own. That’s the real goal. So however many of us is envisioning that is how many of us that will get to that. There’s materials you can study, the books are available on my site supremedesignonline.com, there’s discussions you can have in your community, there’s things you can do in your city to be part of the active service taking care of You’re people. And in doing so you will learn how to take care of people way better. That’s why I opened a restaurant, so I can learn how to be a real good public servant. Up until I opened Afroazia, I hadn’t had a chance to just be a corner of a city 5 days out the week and people pull up, whether for mental food or physical food, and I gotta serve them with a smile. And once I learned and mastered that I was able to go into the next level of work, and i challenge you to do the same. Stop being angry and cranky about everything. I had a bunch of people being rude and ungrateful I’m the process of sharing that Free ebook, but I had to keep my composure and show true compassion because that’s how we know we going the godly way , everything else is for your ego sake. That’s why I didn’t do this for no bread, I ain’t worried. I know as long as I do Right I’m gonna always be sustained. When I show the kind of righteousness the way that I do with no price behind it, no money behind it, you think people don’t see that? The good come back to you, that’s why my face card is good Anywhere, you can drop me off in the streets of Mogadishu and if I need bread someone’s gonna give it to me. I love y’all and want y’all to be the same, this is the Righteous Family. Ain’t no followers, no fans, we family. I just need you to grow with me cuz I wanna respect and admire what you do. There’s plenty that I do respect and admire , imma start shouting y’all out, in fact I’ll come fly out to see you and your enterprise in your city! You and your Feed the Homeless program, you and your Park clean-up, I’ll come for that. You dealing with women who have been effected by domestic violence and you saving, protecting, or teaching them, yeah I’ll come out for that. You don’t have to pay me nothing if you doing the real work. (Now if you got a budget or you getting paid from the government then yeah break me off something.) But if you bootstrapping successfully and everyday you raising funds for what you do, I’ll teach you. But first show me the work. All that chit-chatting is over. That’s why with the ebook: 3 days working on it, 3 days finishing it up, on the 6th day it was done, and on the 7th day I rested. Feel me? And I want y’all to be able to do the same with everything. Cuz you’re gonna find your niche, find your way.

Stay tuned to this page for messages like this. This is for anybody striving to improve their position. We’ll take pieces from here and put them in bite-sizes chunks on the other pages. It’s gonna be engaging, thought provoking. Definitely shorter for the sake of people with short attention spans. The best part is we’ll get a lot done. I love y’all man. Let me know you received this in the comments. Share this with your circle. They need to know that we not gonna fail, well always prevail. We just need unity. Peace.

2 thoughts on “Heavy Game pt2”

  1. Peace Allah,

    As I strive for perfection in the worst part, that wilderness N. America. That stolen land with a price tag. I reflect on your wise words being spoken. This cycle of history is triple darkness. My people suffer from a lack of knowledge. “We have, as far as possible, closed every avenue by which the light may enter the slave’s mind. If we could extinguish the capacity to see the light, our work will be complete. They would then be on the level of the beast of the fields and we then should be safe.” Henry Berry made these remarks during an 1832 speech before the Virginia House of Delegates on the abolition of slavery ( bit.ly/3dUnjW4 ). The capacity to see the light is exactly what needs to be transmitted to each and every original in this country & the world. We no longer wish to exist on a beast level or even a mortal man. We wish to take back our rightful position of God of the universe, and regal rulers. My existence is to add on to the light to make the enemy of your rise feel uncomfortable, not safe.

  2. Peace,
    Frequency & the ability to tune in is crucial, the moon is a satellite that dispenses information. So if the grid goes down, one of my righteous brothers, has the knowledge of how to bounce radio signals off the moon. Why is this knowledge so valuable? Because communication is key in this time. The Bible says “Study the ant thy sluggard.” The scientist say the ability of the ant species to survive billions of years on every continent is based on their ability to communicate. Writing is a major form of human communication. Can we survive?

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