5 Major Life Lessons I’ve learned working with Supreme Understanding

Over the years I’ve learned a lot from Supreme Understanding. He is one of the three people that I elected as my wise counsel when I decided to be better and do better. For many years, this learning was by way of his books and online content.

Now, as a SDP Brand Ambassador and host of Modern Melanin, I’m learning so much through our enterprising professional development meetings. Most notably, I’m able to learn through observation. Which is one of the ways that I learn best.

In a single week, we may cover brand management, marketing, sales, event planning, conflict resolution, public speaking and so much more. We have to deal with any and everything that presents itself, in real time.  Some of our meetings became so spirited that we would begin to record them.

I have hours of audio content waiting to be edited and made available to our readers and supporters. While editing content, I began to realize the weight of the lessons. I also began  to realize how much of a privilege it is to be able to work directly with celebrated author and educator.

It has always been important to me to properly navigate life with and utilize my privileges to benefit others. Mainly because by the standard conventions of society I rarely have the benefit of privilege. I know all too well the burden of “disadvantage” but refused to accept that as my natural position. This is why I dedicated myself to knowledge ,wisdom, and understanding.

I have several working lists, labeled according to the topic, that I will be sharing through this blog. Like the SDP catalog, these lists cover self development, health, history, philosophy, business and education.

One of my elders often says,  “how you do anything is how you do everything” -meaning your approach is your approach. Your temperament and attitude towards one situation is indicative of how you deal with most situations.  This was in mind as I decided what to share first.

5 Major Life Lessons I’ve learned working with Supreme Understanding 

  • Move from your full capacity

Capacity is defined as the amount something can produce and the maximum amount something can contain. When it comes to our ability and performance, each individual governs his or her own. It’s important that we care about how we perform and what we produce, no matter what we’re doing or making.

  • Effective leaders know how to listen

Effective communication is a skill that we can all benefit from improving. However it is required for effective leadership, rather formal or informal. People feel safer and are more willing to cooperate where they have a voice.

  • Bad behavior is a security threat

Simply put, if ain’t righteous its bad behavior. It’s important to know and understand that our behavior is a reflection of our maturity and character. Bad behavior is usually not blatant. It’s a subtle thing here and there… then one days its out of control. Love ones are most often the ones affected by bad behavior. There’s usually an underlying issue fueling this poor conduct. Check yourself and check others. Often, because early dedication and boundaries saves relationships and lives.

  • Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to teach

Stories have the power to teach, guide and encourage. Stories allow us to connect with each other and our ideas. Stories contain and transmit culture, values, and history. Good stories are entertaining. Stories have depth and layers, and a good story has something for everyone. They capture our attention and open us up to the lessons. And because of the emotional impact of a good story, they are easy to remember and share.

  • Anyone can learn-  but probably won’t be receptive when they are hungry, tired, or angry. 

Supreme went on to say, “ If they’re hungry feed them, if they are tired let them rest, if they are angry let them calm down. Then… they will want to listen.

As a mother I am constantly teaching, and more than anything I want my children to want to listen! I want them to be receptive to the skills and life lessons I’m committed to teaching. This rings true professionally and socially as well. Compassion and emotional intelligence are vital attributes for anyone who plans on teaching ANYTHING.

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