What It Means To Be “Supreme”

“I hold class in the streets for free. Only price of entry is each one gotta teach one.” – Toronto, Supreme 2019

Knowledge of Self isn’t something I can give you, it’s something I can show you the way to.” – Supreme 2019


My name is Dr. Sujan Kumar Dass. My family name comes from Das, or the Dasyas, which is the name given to the indigenous Black people who were in India when the Aryans arrived from the Caucasus. Their wars led to the next 2000 years of Indian history and a caste system where Black was no longer at the top, but at the very bottom. Das now means “slave” or “servant caste,” but it used to mean “Black enemy” of the Vedic Aryans. We were warriors and parts of us remained in resistance to Western conquest even up to the Bengali defeat of Alexander the Great’s forces that made them leave India (again).

Still there’s much to be done in India where the darkest people are the poorest and most without rights, but they’re regaining the Knowledge of Self over there as well! Usually Original people have names with deep meanings and fates attached to them. The key is to unlock who you are. But carrying a righteous name is a big step and carries major requirements. So the first thing we teach is to make your given name honorable before you try to make a new name for yourself!

Which is how I have also become known as Supreme Understanding.

I’m a former Jersey City drug dealer and a high school dropout who tackled my depression with violence and alcohol. I am now 15 years older than I thought I would ever live. So I dedicate myself to what I discovered at age 15 that forever changed my life for the better. I unearthed a nearly secret “Solutionary Science” known as the Knowledge of Self founded on self-love that could transform anyone into the embodiment of their greatest potential. After traveling the world to study and test those principles, I commit his life to empowering all those who struggle with effective and time-tested ways to create a new reality for themselves with those same values.

Throughout the years I have become an accomplished educator, activist, and author responsible for over two dozen critically acclaimed books on urban self-empowerment. If you can relate to me based on your own similar experiences or simply want to know more about me be sure to read the “Supreme Blog” and subscribe to the weekly email digests so you don’t miss any of the new Supreme content!

Thank you for taking the time to invest in yourself through my books and online content. I always strive to provide resources for the people in relatable ways that inspire them to achieve their own Supreme Understanding. Which is why so many people love to connect with me! Because I’m not interested in the attention more than I am the growth. My intentions are from the purest desires of my heart and so all of my content is an authentic reflection of that. You may not always like what I have to say, but it will most definitely always teach you something! That is, if you’re willing to open yourself up to learn.

Supreme Understanding

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  1. Martha L. McFadden

    Your schools and philosophy are good steps. There needs to be a movement to transform history education in the United States to inform the white folks that not all civilization came from the fertile crescent. Think about it, the first time we encounter African Americans in US history is as slaves. New textbooks, new teacher education etc, your stage is much larger than mine.

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