Journal Entries: 2019

I’m now 15 years older than I thought I’d ever live and I’ve done a lot with these 40 years too. I’ve sold everything from drugs to real estate. Studied everything from Self to Pluto as I’ve been to over 16 countries and hundreds of cities. I’ve seen most of the U.S. firsthand. I also taught for 15 years in the public school system teaching children everything from how to read to how to live. 

I was married for 7 years and was a caregiver for 3 until I lost my wife to cancer. Then I raised two girls solo as I battled crazy turmoil. I loved, lost, and loved again. That revolutionary love though. Not western romance. The Gods and Earths gave me the keys to civilization, righteousness, knowledge of self, the science of everything in life, love, peace, and happiness. 


Sometimes I get overwhelmed by love, but love is not an act or a feeling. It begins with self. We’re not used to processing it, huh? I ain’t know happiness would cost this much sadness! We’re so used to the pain we can be scared of love, thinking only pain will come with it. 

But what if we valued the love enough to withstand the pain? Learn how so others can. We project our issues onto others and they already have their issues to deal with! I’m looking at life differently these days cause I’ve never gotten better while getting bitter. The more I better myself the easier it is for anyone to love and deal with me. 

I let go of all resentments, disappointments, and began receiving everything in love. Even the bad stuff. It only comes to you because you’re so worthy of the love that you gotta love yourself through it and reward yourself with heaven. That’s real self-love and knowledge of self gets us there. Love is more than a connection. Its communion. 

Broken pairs with broken. Become whole. If you keep running into drama and trauma try coming back to yourself by looking within for the root of it all. Everybody ain’t come on that love vibe but we do alchemy and convert that! Whatever you find and clean up will be good for you and everyone else you love! 


“I’m always evolving. What do you see?”


Some of us are too powerful to not know our power on others! We can’t afford to be huge and yet rough-edged. We will hurt too many and it comes back to us. The goal is to become free by fully committing to yourself. And everyone loves someone like that even if they know they can’t be your match. 

Just stay on the course. You aren’t alone! I wanted to get deep with it. I’ve got a long way to go, at least 40 more years, and much more to learn and do. Love yall for reading all this. 





Supreme Understanding

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