Journal Entries: 2017

“Heaven On Earth

“The best part about creating your own heaven is how unreal it seems when you compare it with the hell you came from. I was 15 in these pictures. Can you tell I had vision? Yet can you tell I still couldn’t see that things would be different one day?”

I grew up an only child. I grew estranged from my family by the time I was 5 and was a runaway by 10. I left home in Jersey City at 16 and moved across the country to become a man in the South, on my own. In Jersey, the hood raised me. In Atlanta, the 5% raised me… In the hood!  By the time I was 20 I hustled my way into buying my first house. In the hood! I stayed there for 16 years. That’s where I built a family around me since I ain’t have one of my own! Most of the family in this picture right here, especially those in their twenties now…those are my babies. I been building with and raising them like they my own blood for over 16 years now. If they need anything, I got em. If I need anything, they got me. Young, black, gifted and fearless, but above all, they’re family. If you ain’t got it, you make it. 

And there’s more than this, but this picture was a rare occasion where a bunch of us was together at once. I can’t even describe the love in that room. I tried to leave early cause it was too much for my secretly sentimental ass! Now for those of you who say you don’t like the hood, this is how you make your hood beautiful! It can only start with love though, so make sure you got enough to give away! How can you build a new nation from the ashes of this one when you still in love with all the devil offers you?

I want y’all to create the same heaven I created and y’all know I’ve been through enough hell to speak on both. But heaven is an abstract concept for most. So is living forever, but it’s as real as your ability to envision beyond what’s in front of you now.

For me, heaven is finally enjoying the home I’ve been building for the past four years, knowing my daughters are emotionally and physically healthy, knowing there are swords over my head or dirt on my name, and having all the drama leave my life on its own accord once I let go of all toxic thinking. Heaven is knowing I’ve become a good father despite not having a good relationship with my own. Heaven is knowing Mecca Wise would be proud of how everything turned out. Heaven is finally having a good relationship with my mother after twenty years estranged, cause I’m an only child and she came to America by herself. Heaven is eating good but working it off daily. Heaven is that healthy love that’s based on shared goals and understanding, so it feels like freedom even though it’s home. Heaven is running a business that provides something so needed and so quality that it can survive without marketing. Heaven is having a good name everywhere you go so you never have to worry about nothing. Heaven is knowing you did what you were supposed to with what you were given. And every one of us can get there.

I’m doing my best to publish the path. I found a way I could live with. I mean thrive with. I coulda never imagined this life when I was younger, living to die! I created my own reality, meaning I curated my own circle of loved ones, I defined my purpose and how I could serve it best, and I strive daily to become the best version of myself. I exercised the demons of guilt, shame, doubt, fear, anxiety, and despair outta my mind. I want to empower our people to make money independently, selling books in the hood. Becoming healthy doesn’t begin with new rules, but with quitting self-destruction. I wanted to save the Black bookstores so I published 26 titles. “How to Hustle and Win” changed the world in 2008. Knowledge of Self can’t be found in a book, but a book can take you there. Never read my books? You’d be less stressed if you did. Read em? You’re welcome. You’re becoming someone great. Trust the process, but study the path so you don’t get lost!




Supreme Understanding

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  1. Talina N Jernigan

    I started following you and continue to follow because you was just like me or should I say I was just like you..anyway…the questions that I have you give..which makes me thirsty for more knowledge…You give the insight of the happiness and the sad parts in life, your real and for that I will always be your student.

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