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Peace family!

It’s been a while, I know! Grief is crazy, but so is growth! Why do I disappear sometimes? Maybe both! The good news is that I never stopped building. I just moved my focus to my household, personal life, emotional wellness, and other internal factors. In a way, I think that the pandemic and the lockdowns forced many of us to make similar transitions. Those who could not survive spending time in solitude were subject to great challenges. Shout out to all of you who made it!

Want to know how to have an amazing year though? The first key is don’t rush to compete with others! Our new year hasn’t even arrived yet, so we still have time for our resolutions to emerge and become stable. We also have a lot to look forward to! The best way to have a great 2023 is to keep up with us and do what we’re doing – wherever you are! You can come visit us too, for sure!

Sure, I’ve stayed active on social media, but I really only share 20% of what’s going on there. And some of it is meant to make people go elsewhere if we’re not on the same page! Here, it’s less strangers to me and my work, so I can share a little more freely. In fact, I’m going to share my story of grief with you. But not to dump, because I’ve made too many gains for that. Instead, I’m going to share some of my process in a book that I hope will help others navigate their own grief and other emotions. Because emotions are a world very few of us understand because so few of us know how to study and discuss them.

I think this project will help you in some amazing ways. I know it’ll help me. Some of it is still unpolished, and much of it is compiled from messages and notes of mine, from across the many social media platforms I’d bounce between. After all, I never really found an answer for my “writer’s block” because it was never writer’s block to begin with. It was a sign that I had done enough of the work to allow others to do the work at the next level. Thus, when a young lady named Kasindra began compiling my words on Facebook into an essay on resilience that moved me to tears…I realized what was supposed to come next.


How to get Involved:

I’ve been an independent “hobby” writer, then a (self) published author, then an editor of anthologies like the Knowledge of Self and Hood Health, and so it makes sense to grow into the next role, that of an editor-in-chief and publisher of others’ works. Thanks to people like Kasindra stepping up, that became easier to imagine. She will act as assistant editor, sharing pieces of the book with you all here so we can work YOUR feedback into the published book. In fact, we may even want some of your stories of struggle and success so we can include them! One of the greatest things I’ve learned is that having a healthy family makes everything easier – so lets reorganize and rebuild our righteous family! In fact, you can learn more about THAT at

Going forward, me and my righteous brother CBS Alife Allah will FINALLY be publishing the long-awaited volumes of the Science of Self series. We will be posting pieces of the new books at but we will feature many of the articles here as well. We want your feedback, and to find future book contributors through your comments and feedback. We are launching classes on how to write nonfiction and educational literature (the SDP way) at this year.

Crazy right? You may be looking forward to those books, but if you’ve been a serious student since you read our books, you’ll be able to contribute to those books yourself! We plan on raising up hundreds of new authors, editors, and self-publishers. We’ll feature them at


Where to get Involved:

Finally, I’ll be much more accessible this year! I’ll be all over the map and all the details will be posted here. For now, I’m headed to New Orleans (2/21-24), Houston (3/3-6), El Salvador (3/19-23), Tampa (4/20-24), Cancun (5/3-6), and NYC/NJ (6/9-13). You should definitely join us for our Cancun retreat in May – When I’m not traveling, you can find me working on courses for The Solutionary Institute at one of our Righteous Family sites, including our recently acquired 33.3 acres of raw land for a nature preserve in Stockbridge, Georgia! We’re doing tours every weekend, just leave a comment if you’d like the details. In fact, if you have a question about ANYTHING leave it in the comments! 


Which of the above are you the most excited about? I’ll be happy to reply, because the more active I get here – the less I’ll be preoccupied with social media! So thank you in advance!



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