Righteous Family – A ‘non-religious’ ministry of SERVICE!

Righteous Family is an indigenous ministry dedicated to the best for the Earth and our children.

We are a non-denominational, non-sectarian, God-centered community, independent from all religious, governmental, and corporate oversight.

We are a ministry because we are a collective of heads of household, fathers and mothers united on doing God’s work through service to the Earth and our children. We promote the preservation of righteous family values, including the proper care of our temples or sacred spaces – our children, our homes, our land, our businesses, and our communities. Thus every member is a member temple themselves, acting as a source of refuge, support, and guidance for their community.

Righteous Family functions as an independent business network, a community development collective, and an outreach program – yet it is ultimately a FAMILY united under God’s laws, which we hold to be self-evident in nature.

We began as a 501c3 nonprofit, Show and Prove Youth Outreach, Inc, in 2001. We published the bulk of our educational curriculum from 2008 to 2012. We evolved into an international community known as the 360 Movement after 2012. The Solutionary Institute was launched in Atlanta in 2018 to train new leaders and teachers. In 2020, the core of our ministry began its work as Righteous Family members. In 2022, we launched land-based initiates to secure housing and farmland for our members. In 2023, we opened enrollment to the online public.

What makes Righteous Family a tax-exempt FBO?

An indigenous ministry can be considered a Faith-based Organization (FBO) and/or a Tribal Organization, both of which are tax-exempt. In the US, such ministries and organizations fall under the label “church” and are considered exempt from the filing requirements of 501c3 nonprofits.

Why not 501c3?

501c3 tax-exempt status is meant for nonprofit organizations not involved in ministry or the work of God. Churches and ministries are actually expected not to file for exemption because they are, by nature, exempt from filing in the same way as a civic nonprofit. 501c3 nonprofits (including those functioning as churches) are subject to barriers not intended for ministries. In the US, ministries who consider themselves doing God’s work are expected to maintain their own records yet are not required to report to the state, as no governmental body considers itself supervising the service of God. This is covered under IRS code 508c1a.

This does, however, require that donors be able to provide proof that they’ve donated to a legitimate FBO as we are not an income-reporting non-profit. This is why we’ve provided the above details, as well as additional details in our article on Section 508 organizations like us.

For more on this, read “Our Tax-Exempt Status” here___

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