Message to the Conscious pt. 2

There’s a worse side to it. There’s people who are really Dirtier than everybody else but they hide it being a mask of knowledge. See, pimpin is pimpin is pimpin, so if you was a pimp in the 85 world, unless you’ve been thoroughly transformed from the core (many people don’t understand this but what that means is all them illnesses, all that negative thinking, all that Willie Lynch shit that’s in your core where the devil planted seeds in you). You gotta go deep to reverse all that, you can’t do no surface level thing where you change your name, your hair, change your clothes, and your diet. All of that is surface level, it pays a time but it ain’t the main thing. The main thing is your psychology, or your pathology in some cases. Because some motherfuckers is pathological and I don’t know what will change them. Some people have personality disorders, they gonna be on one no matter what culture they in. If this dude was a narcissist in the church, he a narcissist in the Moorish Science Temple, wherever he go. This person is a whore monger wherever he go. He was a whore monger among the Muslims, they wasn’t going for that so they whipped his ass, and now he wanna be one of the Gods.
Nah homie, this a new day and time. At least not around me. See be mindful of that when you coming around people that’s claiming to profess knowledge, look at they track record look at what they did. Somebody tell you they a Five Percenter, they had Knowledge this amount of time- ask them how many people they’ve taught. Ain’t no reason somebody know 120, they had it for more than 5 year and ain’t taught nobody. That’s a part of our culture, you gotta teach at least 9 people.
So what the fuck are they talking about?!
If you a man and nobody wanna listen to you then be that. But don’t try to be all big & bad when you get around people that listen to you or when you on the internet where you think people listen to what you got to say.
Let’s not get it confused, don’t think I’m a celebrity because I’m on the internet, like some people do. I find the most joy and accept the most praise for what I do in the Real World. Where Real people that are suffering need help.
Getting back to these snakes, these wolves in sheep’s clothing. Watch out for the ones talking about financial empowerment and ain’t got no damn money.
Watch out for the person talking about sovereignty and all this empowerment but can’t fight they way out of a traffic ticket. Motherfuckers sitting in jail half his life & talking bout getting back at the government, get outta here. When you talking to people, doesn’t matter the culture or knowledge they got, ask them what they do. Ask them what it has done for them. Ask them what they are using it for.
Person tell you they got all this Metaphysical power- tell them to show you. If they can’t show you then they are no better than the charlatans with any other religion. We talk shit about the Christian preacher but now when he talk African metaphysical shit now he get the pass? All he had to do was change the name, probably didn’t study anything, but we’re gonna believe him, and pay $29.95 for a damn oil bottle & shit? Fuck outta here.
I’m not angry either. I’m just being real, cuz it’s a lot of people being taken advantage of, and I’m talking about that first group, that young group just finding knowledge, they not all young. A lot of older people are waking up, that’s what makes me so mad, there’s a lot of people who want this knowledge, people are not sleeping like they was. I’m seeing it on a regular basis. You got people trying to get knowledge all over the planet. We getting hit up from Japan, Mexico, I’m getting hit up in languages I can’t even understand, I’m going on Google Translate to figure out what the fuck they talking about cuz somehow they watched my videos and figured out what I was talking about, or they’ve read a book, checked out our website ( So people are waking up but what’s keeping me mad, I ain’t really mad, but what’s frustrating me about the situation-there’s a 10% in every situation, there’s a group of wolves ready to take advantage of people being open now. Because they see an open mind now they focus on your open wallet. They see someone they can take advantage of, they see sisters wanting to learn about themselves and they thinking “This a free pussy parade for me.” That bothers me, how we gone have a revolution, or any kind of social change, if we have all these wolves that we ain’t running from amongst us? So I’m calling on y’all.
Y’all that are True & Living, y’all that are righteous, y’all that are about the things I’m talking about, real shit in the real world, you need to run them wolves from among you too. You need to cancel that shit. Do what you gotta do to make sure them motherfuckers is not taking advantage of people that are sincere, that really want to do something. All my students right now we on this community service , we feeding the homeless, we doing things for the youth.
That’s what I teach. We teach about service.
I was taught a long time ago: God is not serviced by the people, He is a servant to the people, and I live with that.
We all should.
Pass it on.

Message to the Conscious

Peace, if you clicked on this, or if this really excited or interested you based on the title then yeah your probably who I’m talking to. There’s a good chance that you’re somebody that just got into the whole idea of being conscious, got a little spark of consciousness. You’re kinda gravitating towards anything that seems like knowledge, and more power to you.
This ain’t Really for you.
Sit back, soak it up, you may not digest it all, because some of it don’t apply to you. You’ll not understand all of this unless you’ve been claiming conscious or awareness, or Knowledge of Self for at least 5 years.
For those of you who have, even 3 years and up, been claiming those kinds of designations, or knowledge has been your thing, this is Really for You.
How to Hustle & Win came out in 2008, see over the years I I’ve attracted people who gravitate towards knowledge but in the course of doing so I’ve opened the eyes of a lot people who weren’t really in the knowledge.
I’ve also attached a lot of people who were already in the knowledge but want me to cater to their interests.
But here’s my thing, I don’t do that. I’ve had Knowledge of Self since I was 15, I’m 31 now, so at this point I’ve had Knowledge of Self for longer than I didn’t have it. I’m pretty comfortable w/ what i know. One thing I know is that I know nothing…there’s so much to know out there, so I keep studying and I’m comfortable with that. But I’m comfortable with my foundation, with my understanding, at least I’m comfortable with my progress and the direction I’m going. I know what I’m doing serves a community, serves a need, and fulfills purpose. So I’ve found my calling, and I love it, I love being able to do what i do for the community. But there’s some people who the books aren’t speaking to; I cuss in my books, I talk about sex, talk about bull shit.
I talk about dope, you know, gangster shit. That’s so I was speaking to when i first wrote my books. This is the knowledge I had when I started writing, these are books full of my experience and the stories of the people around me. I’ve never really kicked it with people who meditate daily.
That was just never my circle and I’m cool with doing that. I went to Thailand and went to the Buddhist temple and all that, but that’s just not what I do. Am I saying meditation is wrong? No, I’m just not the dude who puts crystals all in his house, it’s just not me.
I go to the club, I do that, maybe not as often. I definitely don’t do what I was doing when I was younger but I’ll have a drink every e and again, not as much as I used to, I’m living a pretty moderate lifestyle. Meanwhile I’m giving back to the community. See this is the distinction point, this is the one that has to be drawn in the sand, with all the things we do we have to measure cause & effect. We have to measure the consequences of our actions, so if you chanting everyday or meditating for world peace, or tie holding hands in your sacred circle everyday; you have to ask yourself, “what are you really doing out here?”
Let me tell you something, a lot of this consciousness shittv really fouled the name of what it means to be ‘aware’, ‘eyes open’, ‘active’, ‘revolutionary’, whatever word you want to use. A lot of those bands have been sullied, they’ve been dragged through the mud while people have been using them as a shield for their dirty religion.
What I mean by that is people who are doing Nothing while sitting behind a computer screen, they reporting to they 9-to-5 saying ‘yessir’, ‘no sir’ to they white boss and then they get to the Internet world or they get around they different circle/community/counsel, or what ever they got, then they Superman or Superwoman and shit. Then they a reincarnated ancestor, it’s a fantasy land, like Live Action Role Playing (LARP) they running around having fake sword battles, reenacting some historical events and not doing anything about the present. I’m not a fan of that. I’m more a fan of a swine eating Christian who gives his time to the Boy’s & Girls Club everyday than the person who does nothing but has all the knowledge in the world talking bad about the youth.
I’m not a fan of that.
Or rather you work at a women’s shelter and you believe whatever you want to believe over having all the metaphysical beliefs and views on a woman, but you ain’t never treated a woman right. That’s for the birds.

Best Live Ever (Part 2)

The key is to find the Peace in it. I’m realizing I was really angry for a long time, definitely when Mecca transitioned. So that’s been 7 years of me being on bad behavior. A person could be Wise, but that doesn’t mean they’re Well. Just like a person could be caring & concerned , but they might not know how to be compassionate. A dude could Want to be a hero, but he’s only been a bastard, so he’s a bastard hero. And y’all gotta learn how to have love for those kinds of characters cuz we just striving, we doing our best until we learn better. And a lot of times we don’t have nobody to teach us better than what we doing, so we just keep doing the same shxt wondering why we getting bad results, never learning another way we ain’t even realize we were doing the same shxt.
So part of it is being aware, like, “ Ah man, I know what I do , cuz I get excited.” That’s bipolar, that’s them 2 wolves just going back & forth, going from really excited to just feeling numb.
I’ve done this with so many things but I really didn’t understand how it affected my relationships, that’s important.
See a lot of people become elevated, celebrated, they become celebrities, successful, whatever; some are entrepreneurs, business owners, some work for yourselves, like me, and you isolate yourself.
Your people are still going through the rigmarole, in a rut, they looking at you like you done leveled up, and you like, “ Man, I’m still stuck in a rut my damn self, cuz I still feel like Hell.”
They may not understand the Hell you feeling, cuz it’s a different Hell. I wake up in a beautiful bed, in a beautiful house, but my home could look trashy and filthy and gross, and it was for a minute, because I was depressed and I wasn’t taking care of myself or my world. I realized that was foul because I got babies. My babies are gonna do whatever I’m doing, so they gonna have dirty rooms if I got a dirty room. They not gonna wanna clean they bathroom if I don’t clean mine. And I got girls so I don’t have the space to just be a nasty guy. I gotta level up , and as much as I may want to be in my feelings, I gotta do better than what I may want to just sit back and do.
I could sit in the house since I work for myself, I don’t gotta leave the house no more.
But again if you an entrepreneur you Gotta get out the house. My eldest going through this right now, she’s also an entrepreneur realizing she’s got to find something else to do because just sitting she’s going crazy. And you don’t make as much money by being isolated. You gotta go to events, and do things.
That might wear you out, being social, being around strangers, dealing with people who put you up on a pedestal, that’s really painful for us because when our circle changes, and people who were once close to us become distant from us because they see us as different. We never wanted the distance because we didn’t see the difference, we want them to come with us. Most of us was always tryna show our people how to get money, how to start a business, or telling them ‘Please write a book, build your career.’ But those who didn’t do it, they may not have had the conversation with themselves like, “ I definitely should have did that,” or “ I didn’t do that and I’m still good.” And that’s fine.
But the worst is when you look at somebody, let’s say I had a homeboy who might have started getting money way before me; and I do, I got plenty of homies who get way more money than me. I don’t think nothing about it, don’t think about where they fly, or with who. The only thing I think about them is ‘Are they cheating on their wives?” That’s the only thing.
I be thinking that’s foul, cuz you got what I don’t got no more. If I had my wife, man…
I didn’t cheat when I was married to her, and I wouldn’t, but I wasn’t the best man. I don’t want you to think I was a great husband, I got married when I was 26 and immediately was a step-father raising a 10 year old, I had to grow up fast. I wasn’t trained in any of this. Just like I wasn’t trained in how to be famous, or how to be successful, how to run multiple pages for multiple businesses. I ain’t get no training in none of that to be honest. Autodidact man, Self taught, or I went and found the information. I be wanting everyone to come with me but everybody can’t go with you because there’s a different journey for everybody, everybody doing something else, and the thing about respect is: you gotta respect their journey too. Realizing even if they didn’t do what I was encouraging them to do, they did Something.
Even if you did cheat in your wife, you reconcile, you grow out of it, good. Just grow and be accountable, that’s major. So I gotta be accountable and say, “ Man, I got irritable, frustrated, cantankerous, and unpleasant.”
Especially when Mecca transitioned so for 7 years, really 10, cuz while she was sick I was really on my worst. Can you imagine the fear that any day your wife could die?
Might make you value your girlfriend or baby mama a little more, or your husband. Just imagine if they dying in a few months, what would it do to you?
You’d have to find a way to live, and keep growing.

Probably My Best Live So Far

Family today I woke up with a whole new program, I’ve been doing some things real wrong. I’m being serious, not sarcastic, it’s been unintentional but proper education always corrects errors, so when in catch the flaw, I gotta fix it, and address it. I’m not just gonna fix it silently and quietly where you don’t even get to see I was making a mistake, no. I’m a teacher so how can in help the rest of us do better if I’m not gonna show the program by which in made my mistakes?
Let me get into that, I just recorded this long @ss video that i couldn’t upload to IG and it was mostly about emotions really. A lot about the 2 Wolves within us. You know about the 2 wolves you got in you? You got 2 wolves in you; one is more angry and lives off hate & fear. The other is more peaceful and lives off joy & love. They constantly at war with each other and which one prevails is always the one that you feed.
A lot of times we feed the wolf of lack, the wolf of sadness, fear, whatever it is. Let’s say with me, fear of abandonment, abandonment issues, you always think somebody gonna leave you hanging so you end up writing it into existence. The more you expect it to happen the more you ,, not only bring those people around who fit that stereotype, you also encourage them through your words and self-fulfilling prophecies, and through your jokes, to fall into a pattern of what you expect for them.
So be careful because people can begin to meet your expectations, is just that sometimes you can Say things of the highest nature, but be thinking and feeling things of the lower nature.
One of the things I realized is I really don’t ever want to project onto y’all the bad times I’m having with myself.
This is the kind of content I want for Science of Self IG page, why?
The Science of Self page is for people who’ve gone past How to Hustle & Win and Hood Health.
HH&W is the basics, that’s the first book. That page we’re gonna put up content on how to get out of the struggle financially, how to get our of the sh!t, how to stop beefing w muthaphuqas in your community. You know, basics.
Hood Health deal with how to get well. Physically, naturally, raising your children in healthy households, you name it.
But Science of Self is more than just your history & your ancestry. It’s how do you live out this ancestry and make it present day divinity? How do you live out a sacred culture here & now? How do you bring out the Supreme version of yourself?
I’ve realized through my own journey, it’s one thing to learn the knowledge( pick up information, be able to talk about bits and pieces of information) but once we get past convincing ourselves it’s true, and begin to know indeed that it is true, then what is the next step?
When, and how do we get to where we are living Divine beings because we really not all the way there, yet.
The way we talk to each other, myself included, I don’t exalt my righteous family enough and as a result a lot people don’t e feeling like I have as much love for them as I do, because I don’t take my time to make my statements of exaltation & praise the same way I make my statements of criticism & scorn.
Why is that? Oh, because I’m emotionally affected, and sometimes I’m feeding that other wolf, the wolf of hate & fear, I’m feeding the wolf of loneliness, like I said have abandonment issues, I got kicked out of the house when I was a kid and all kinds of other things. When that happens you might tell yourself
“ Man, I’m always gonna have a circle that leaves me hanging, or I’m never gonna have a solid core circle of people I can count on. And a lot of people go through that.
Shit as a widower I can definitely understand someone going through that, thinking they’ll never have ‘that’ again.
And the truth is you can’t get the same thing again, it’s gonna be a different “You” and a different “It”. The key is to find peace in it.

I’m Finally Opening a School

Peace Family,
i know a lot of yall have been waiting on me to open a school for a long time now. we finally doing it, and here’s the thing. Were gonna have something the grown ups and more importantly it’s gonna be something for the children. See I was really focused on adult education for a minute but I’m running Afroazia and building it into a franchiseable successful restaurant brand I learned indeed the babies are the Greatest. They were the ones that was the most excited about eating different & unique food that was closer to their indigenous ancestral food, rather than this new mutant, frankenfood, deception food…
We getting away from deceptions when we get back to the natural and the real world and guess what? The babies are more ready to get back to reality than some of the grown-ups. Some of the grown-ups holding on to the Old World like a safety blanket. Crying, you gotta drag it away from some people. You pull the rug out from under some people they don’t wanna get up again. They feel like “Man, it’s only a matter of time til you knock me down again.”
But the reality is you gotta get up again. You gotta be ok with hearing what you learned up until now ain’t all the way right, but we gonna get it Right-er as we go. Imagine if you 10 versus if you 50. First time hearing this knowledge. Man, at 50 you got 40 years of accumulated miseducation in you, and training. You’ve been brainwashed and trained into thinking and behaving a certain way, to be a good productive citizen, or to be an unproductive badass. The babies have less of that programming in them, they might have little bit but a few real world experiences will shape and change them. Their brains are still pliable, their personality still developing, they ain’t settled on who they gone be yet.
I got knowledge at 15 that’s why this is all in know how to do. This shaped me, this formed my adult identity. I never wanted to be a fire fighter, or a doctor, or a celebrity tv star, none of that. I just wanted to be the Greatest. That means God. I’m not tryna take you away from the school, The purpose of the school is to create Gods.
We producing True & Living Gods & Earths. We not gonna take away from the essence of Male & Female divinity, being unique, being special and complementary. Being purposeful, because there’s a purpose to everything.
I’m excited to teach people indigenous values. Teach identity, rather than loss of identity, lack of identity and confusion. We not putting people in boxes, we’re just teaching true values.
If we start with “ You are Divine”” you come from the Source “,” You’re the God, you’re the Earth.”
And that’s a real thing, not just a title. King & Queen is not just a title that you throw around. No, we’re gonna make this thing Real. How do we make it real is to show young boys & girls how to be young men & women. Young leaders. Young Kings & Queens. Young Gods and Earths.
You might be wondering why on don’t say “goddess“? Well the reason is because I don’t want to make the woman, in her unique divinity, a derivative identity from the males. This is what happens when you use the word ‘God’ and add a suffix to it. Just like waitress, stewardess, actress- what you saying is the original form is a man and you make a feminine version, here it go. Na, the woman has her own unique identity and that is the Earth.
If you don’t know who the Earth is you got some learning to do.she gonna have to get her respect back on this planet, too. Don’t worry, it’s God & Earth, heavily disrespected, heavily misunderstood, and that’s why it’s gonna be a unified battle when men & women come back together again.
I realize, a lot of adults are severely devastated, deteriorated, deficient, depleted, not wanting to come back to life, maybe scared to…
But them babies, your children, we gonna raise them up to be Right. They not gonna be programmed into the fear of having to obey and behave.
Especially if we have a school that teaches them that indigenous means their Inner Genius is in their Genes. Oh yeah, and we just gonna bring it out.
To be black don’t mean you gotta lack it just mean you melanin rich and therefore your unified, connected with all the melanin rich people, who are primordial, the original People of the planet everywhere you go.
And when we study those values, those teachings, that methodology man you gonna get some divine, amazing curriculum and pedagogy out of that.
If I’m using big words, don’t worry there’s a simple version too. The simple version is : we teach the Truth, we show everybody how to live in better communions, in connection with their natural values, we been showing adults how to do it. How to build gardens, cool better, eat better, how to take their children to better experiences, how to educate themselves in how to be an entrepreneur and business owner. All this is crucial, and it’s all in the books already. How to Hustle and Win, Science of Self, Hood Health Handbook, When the World was Black, it’s a full curriculum.
So I realized the adults already got they curriculum, but what we need is a simple way to bring this home to the babies.
I got children that’s going and I got children that’s grown, that’s adults too.
For my children that’s young I want them to have the best of education, not no online school, or home school environment where they got just one parent, frustrated, barely doing it. It’s NOT Easy!
If you a single parent doing homeschool and work it’s challenging. this is why we’re bringing together the community, teachers parents, volunteers, people that Do different things, whether you teach martial arts or teach how to cook.
You gonna be able to add on at the School Of Indigenous Learning (S.O.I.L.) and we’re hiring teachers.
You can find out by going to my page on or
S.O.I.L. Is in Atlanta, Ga. we’re gonna start off here with 6th and 7th grade with the girls because I have daughters. Then we’ll expand, we’ll go into other grades and get the boys and get some male teachers in there. It’s gonna be a beautiful thing. It’s what I’ve been meaning to do.