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Essays and Excerpts

What’s the Science?

Supreme Reveals the Ultimate Hustle! The Urban Reseller Program

Dr. Supreme Understanding was Wrong and Eats his Hat!

Dave Chappelle is That Dude

Dave Chappelle is that dude. He’s the son of a wise father and a mother who continues to teach Black studies at a university level, who raised him in the movement. His family embraced Islam decades ago, but Dave never discussed his personal culture publicly. Dave had knowledge of self. Still does.

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Nick Cannon is NOT Wack

I used to think Nick Cannon was wack too. I say “too” cause I know you did too. Still might. It’s okay to admit it, because he accepts it. It’s part of being Nick Cannon, to accept that millions of people do see you as wack sauce. BUT Nick Cannon is NOT wack, and I’ma tell you why.

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The Importance of Snoop Dogg’s Nightfall Remix Video

Did you see the video Snoop did featuring Donald Trump? You’ve got to! Why is this important? Man, this is a matter of presidential importance! You know how I know? Because our President himself took the time to respond to it, via Twitter at that! Do yall realize we finally have a president who can start a nuclear war thanks to Twitter beef?!

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Why “God” Ain’t a Word Black Folks Play With

Listen to enough conversations in Black America, and you’ll eventually hear a Black man call another Black man “God.” And he’ll mean it. And not in a cult leader kinda of way, but as a serious form of address, often between men who look like they’ve been through some serious sh*t. You ever met a Five Percenter? Like a real one? They’ve all been through some serious sh*t. And these men wouldn’t play with the word “God.” Neither would most people in Black America, because God still means something deep there.

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