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Essays and Excerpts

Dr. Supreme Understanding was Wrong and Eats his Hat!

How to Survive Trump (Facebook Live)

How to Avoid this Year’s Election Scam

Why “God” Ain’t a Word Black Folks Play With

Listen to enough conversations in Black America, and you’ll eventually hear a Black man call another Black man “God.” And he’ll mean it. And not in a cult leader kinda of way, but as a serious form of address, often between men who look like they’ve been through some serious sh*t. You ever met a Five Percenter? Like a real one? They’ve all been through some serious sh*t. And these men wouldn’t play with the word “God.” Neither would most people in Black America, because God still means something deep there.

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Why the Cam’Ron and Jim Jones Beef is a Beautiful Moment in Black History

I’m an 80s baby. I grew up in Hip Hop’s classic era but I came of age listening to Cam’Ron, Jim Jones, and the rest of the Dipset conglomerate – or whatever they were. Now, the story is all about whatever they didn’t become – a group with a multimillion dollar deal and an album – and how everyone who was involved now feels about it. This is Black history, family. Why? Because the Diplomats damn near raised some of us. Some of those songs spoke deeply to our struggles, and our triumphs, and we resonate with these men. Watching Jim Jones cry like an abused wife was tough for a lot of us.

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Lead In Our Water – And What We Can Do About It

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Black Rebellion – The Endless War against Slavery

One of the first books we published through Two Horizons Press was Black Rebellion: Eyewitness Accounts of Major Slave Revolts. Our goal was to introduce history students to the REAL history of revolt and rebellion during slavery, told from the perspectives of the people who were there at the time. Many of these stories are otherwise untold and unknown.

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