original“How to Start a New Life: Survival and Success for Solutionaries Like You”

Location: One of the city’s most beautiful and tranquil natural parks, chosen for its beautiful trails and scenery. We’ll send you the exact meetup location as soon as you reserve your tickets!

Description: Come join us for an outdoor educational experience like nothing you’ve experienced before. Once dubbed a “church in the wild,’ veteran educator and solutionary, Dr. Supreme Understanding leads a dynamic learning experience situated in a pristine natural setting that brings us back to our natural senses. Expect three lectures on the topics of knowledge of self, inner healing, and being an effective change maker or healer in the world today. There will be walking meditations in between, some physical training for those who are interested, maybe even some live entertainment (depending on who comes along!). We’ll also take breaks for photos, for anyone tired, and to enjoy some healthy, natural snacks and refreshments provided by us. We keep the groups small enough to allow for authentic engagement and interaction. You’ll walk away from this transformed.

Notes: The trees provide shade and there won’t be many bugs. We recommend wearing comfortable protective clothing and sneakers or boots. You can bring small children (children under 16 don’t require a ticket!) but if they’re too small to walk and climb, we recommend wearing a carrier over strollers. Feel free to bring your own drink and a snack, but we’ll provide a little somethin’ for everyone. Bring your phones because there are great photo-taking opportunities everywhere, as well as plenty of moments you’ll find worth filming. Expect to experience something different.

Ticket Details: $50 on the day of the event, $25 in advance online. Youth under 16 are free! (But be advised that we’re discussing adult shit!) If you’d like to gift a ticket to someone in need, let us know in the comments when you place your order!

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