What It Means To Be Supreme

"I hold class in the streets for free. Only price of entry is each one gotta teach one." - Toronto, Supreme 2019
"Knowledge of self isn't something I can give you, it's something I can show you the way to." - Supreme 2019

Dr. Sujan Dass, also known as Supreme Understanding, is a former Jersey City drug dealer and a high school dropout who tackled his depression with violence and alcohol. As he is now 15 years older than he thought he would ever live, Supreme dedicates himself to what he discovered at age 15 that forever changed his life. He unearthed a nearly secret “solutionary science” known as the Knowledge of Self founded on self-love that could transform anyone into the embodiment of their greatest potential. After traveling the world to study and test those principles, he commits his life to empower all those who struggle with effective and time-tested ways to create a new reality for themselves with those same values. Now an accomplished educator, activist, and author responsible for over two dozen critically acclaimed books on urban self-empowerment.

Supreme’s published curriculum includes over twenty titles on a wide variety of subjects on the Knowledge of Self. While his course list provides several other topics available for in-person seminars, presentations, or private consulting.


In the words of Supreme:

“This is why I started writing books. So that everyone could have their own Supreme Understanding! I always wanted to create the kind of organic experiences in which I experienced my first awakenings as a young 5%er learning at the park, on the corner, or teaching at a basement party. You just have to give people and resources a way to get to you. It’s one thing to manifest em. It’s another thing to receive. You gotta go/grow towards it and make ways for it to reach you. I’m bringing that all back. Right along with people selling books everywhere. The conscious community is about to feel like a real community! The goal is for you to become the supreme version of yourself, and that begins with knowing who you are and what you come from!

Hint: It’s God.”