Introduction To Journal Entries

Peace family!


I’m working on a new project and I’ll be sharing it with you in real-time. I’m publishing a book of journal entries spanning my years dealing with grief and recovery after the transition of my beloved wife and partner Mecca Wise. These journal entries are compiled from my social media postings and other brief writings I completed over the past several years. During those years I was struggling with writer’s block rooted in tragedy and I just didn’t want to make any new books about how to live. Why? My life was off. I was recalibrating. I was gathering my bearings. And being who I am, I was always sharing. Hoping to inspire and encourage others who were in darkness like I was. I spent those years putting myself back together. That’s what many of us are doing right now. So why not share my stories and insights? That’s what I’m doing in this new series, called simply Journal Entries. This is only happening thanks to the incredible work put in by my writing student Kasindra, who will be editing all this content for you! We’ll publish new dates and pieces every week and share them via email and social media. Soon we will compile books out of these pieces and the comments you leave in response to the entries. I’d love for you to join me on this journey. You can subscribe at the link below so you don’t miss anything! And if you know me, you know I’ll be covering everything! Much love!




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