It’s active! I’m officially gonna be teaching a class on ‪#‎selfpublishing‬, ‪#‎creativewriting‬, ‪#‎businessdevelopment‬, AND ‪#‎knowledgeofself‬ ALL ROLLED INTO ONE! And if you live in Atlanta, the class is FREE!

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Why all this game, from ME, for free? Cause it’s me, not some 10%er (like the ones making they rounds now). Plus this is gonna be in the BEAUTIFUL,‪ #‎afrikancentered‬ Fulton Aviation Center, 3900 Aviation Cir NW, Atlanta, GA 30336 (map it), where they support young Black and brown people for REAL. After my class, you can attend ‪#‎capoeiraangola‬classes taught by my brother Aubrey Walli Williams and get in shape like crazy. Your babies can do it too. They’re even teaching our Black and brown babies how to FLY, and they can get a pilot license (if they’re 9-17!) for only $100!

This building was built with stimulus money, which means its for the hood, so it’s only right I make it my home. I’ll be teaching there every Thursday (for sure) from 3 to 5 pm. And yes you can get in, even if you gotta travel, cause it’s only like $10 if you’re from outside Atlanta. Trust me though, I never gave away only $10 worth of game. Unless you count a cough or a hiccup!

Class begins January 7th, and the course lasts 8 weeks. Just come with your ideas, but bring a notebook, laptop, and even some drawing paper. You might even want to livestream it, so bring a second device. I’m being serious. By the time the class is over, your book will be done, and business will be built. You can thank me later!

Class General Information
  • Schedule: Each Thursday Jan 7 – Feb 25; 3:00pm -5:00pm
  • Location: Fulton Aviation Center, 3900 Aviation Cir NW, Atlanta, GA 30336 (map it)
  • Price: Free (Resident)
  • $10.00 (Non-resident)
  • $8.50 (Senior, 55 and over, non-resident)
  • Ages: At least 18 but less than 99
  • Gender: Coed
  • Registration Dates:
  • Standard registration opens: Dec 1, 2015 10am
  • Internet registration opens: Dec 1, 2015 10am 

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