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Because of their advancing the plandemic, Supreme Understanding is making these two books free for everybody. We don’t want people’s money, we want people to have the knowledge.
Click Here To Download the How to Hustle and Win Part 1 eBook Free!
Click Here To Download the Hood Health Handbook Vol 2 eBook Free!

Dr Sujan Dass is a veteran educational scientist and curriculum developer specializing in nonformal education for distressed populations. As a social scientist, Dr. Dass merges art and history in his unique approach to crafting the working framework for a successful future society. He has spent over twenty years in community service to highly distressed communities, over fifteen years working to improve public education, and – as acclaimed author Supreme Understanding – over ten years publishing educational curriculum that transcended existing institutions. Supreme Understanding is the genuine persona behind the professional polish of Dr. Sujan Dass, who stands for the legitimacy of TSI and its controversial approach to educational empowerment! Just for flavor, Supreme involves other parts of himself, or characters, to complete his narratives.