I can understand why some people hate these holidays. Its deeper than the commercialism or the forced sentiments, it’s often family issues, which are the root of our many issues within. And having to deal with them (or avoid dealing with them) when family comes together (or doesnt) has become a “thing” for many of us. Considering how Black and brown people require MORE hours in the sun to get the right amount of vitamin D in our system, which is a major factor in mood regulation, we get real depressed around winter time. It’s more than SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), cause we ain’t even from here! Most of us, at least. We come from temperate climates, tropics and shit, so this cold shit is kinda foreign to us. We’re in the house avoiding the cold, getting no vitamin D, and thinking about all the money we dont have, or the debts we’re racking up…all while counting our failures and promising ourselves we’ll do better next year…which really means starting the year off with a lie because we KNOW better that we dont be doing half the shit we be resolving to do every year. We be on quitting time by mid February. By June nobody can even tell you what those New Year Resolutions were. So Christmas time aint easy for everybody. If you’re still a kid, looking forward to gifts, then it’s not as bad. Unless you’re not getting the gifts you want, and then it’s depressing as fuck for the kiddos too. Great job society. I totally get why people who are NOT grinches might hate Christmas season. But if you’re a good-intentioned adult, there’s no reason your soul’s stockings should be full of coal made of grief and anxiety. The kids are outta school anyway. Play hide and seek with em. Cut snowflakes outta folded up paper. Make hot chocolate and dip some butter cookies in em. Chase em around the house for no reason. Let em climb your back. Make art to hang up. Go shopping after christmas for cheap gifts to give to those who aint got as much. Call the sick and shut-in. Work out old shit. Take a hot bath. And get some SUN if you can!