(Originally written October 2013)

Beating depression ain’t easy. Now, I’m public enough to talk about stuff like this, but trust me I’m not the only one going through it. Even celebrities making eight digits go through this. They just dont explain it online. Like I’m about to do lol. But hopefully this will empower some of you to understand that your depression is not based in reality, but it’s all just a fucked up chemical thing happening that makes you see it all bad. Ok so here goes.

People who struggle with depression, we move thru life just like the rest of yall. We have some days when we up, and life is easy to tackle, and then we have some days when we the opposite. Can barely function sometimes. Might not know it’s depression, but it is. Some of us make up for it by working manicly when we up.

Still, the tragic thing bout depression is that no matter what you accomplish during ur up cycle, its damn hard to pick yourself up when you down. You might be able to alter how long your up cycle is, and keep the down days to a minimum. But its there, like Herpes. That bitch’ll creep back.

And this is gonna happen DESPITE how great people think you are, or how much you’ve accomplished, or whatever your other measures of success are. Cause that depression thing is more chemical than it is real. Still, training your brain to work around it…that’s difficult.

And that’s why you just have to keep reminding yourself that your life is going just as you need it to go right now, and whatever challenges you have, you gotta deal with em…but you not supposed to be miserable with yourself while doing so.

That’s the key, miserable with yourself. People who take accountability for their lives also tend to be more depressed. It’s a vicious cycle. You take all blame, and this makes you depressed, so depressed you can’t fix the shit you takin responsibility for. Meanwhile, that mindless gobot who don’t understand none of what’s happening in their life or why…well, they’re content. Seems like its smart to be dumb huh? Yeah, it’s not as dumb as you think. Saves you a lot of pain.

But chances are, if you’ve read this far, you’re accustomed to pain. Statistics aren’t necessary. We all know most of us are depressed. We just express it differently. Some of us escape. Others tackle this bitch head on. It’s not easy.

But the key is to stop blaming yourself for where you aren’t, and what you should be versus what you think you are. That shit is crazy, and it’s one of the few lessons I know I can pass on about beating depression.

I’ve got a few more, but I hope this one makes sense. Does it?