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(from the upcoming A Sucker Born Every Minute)

Everybody’s been played before. Anyone who tells you otherwise, watch em. Cause that dude is a liar of the highest degree. That’s the type of dude who will tell you they only mess with foreign models… but their babymama looks like the girl ogre from Shrek. “Hey, at least she’s thick,” he explains.

But what can I say? Claiming you ain’t never fell victim to game – well, that’s game. That’s part of the image people project when they’re not dealing firmly with reality. I can’t judge, we all wear a mask sometimes. And we all play the fool sometimes. We’ve all had a chance to play the role of the con…and the role of the sucker.

Whether you were deceived by someone of the opposite sex, an employer, an infomercial, a street-corner hustler, or an online scammer, we all know that game can be found anywhere. Sometimes, one who is savvy and shrewd in their own world finds themselves “green” (or naïve) when they’re in a different situation (one they don’t know that well), and they get taken advantage of.

I’ve seen the smartest street hustlers get played – sometimes in upwards of five or six digits – just as they were attempting to go legit and do better. Happens all the time, actually.

So, no, this book isn’t for suckers. This is a book that EVERYBODY should read, even if you think you know it all. Just because you would never buy that prayer cloth from the TV preacher, doesn’t mean you’ll know when an insurance agent is ripping you off. You might be able to tell when someone’s lying to your face, but you’ve also gotta know when people are scamming you on paper. Or, as it goes nowadays, online. This book will take you through it all.

There’s a lot of game in this book. Seriously, I crammed this book with a ton of valuable information, stuff you won’t find anywhere else. Whether it’s the traditional face-to-face scams or the new online schemes, there’s a lot covered in this one little book. The game is constantly changing, but all the fundamentals are here.

How Does the Game Work?

Everyone wants to come up right? Quickly too, huh? And easy, right? But we all want big gains. Sometimes, that’s how we lose the most. The con man exploits human traits like greed, vanity, compassion, laziness, ignorance, gullibleness, etc. Most often, greedy marks lose the most. The common factor between marks is that they rely on the good faith of the con artist. In other words, they

Successful conmen are an elite group. Their game is impeccable. Their ideas are innovative. They’re constantly coming up with new ways to get over. Only the bottom feeders are still trying to work those old scams from the 80s and 90s. The ones at the top of the pyramid are constantly finding new ways to work an old ruse.

And why not? There’s a lot of money in this business. As they say, there’s a sucker born every minute. And a fool and his money are soon parted. So why wouldn’t people want to jump in the action?

Unlike strong-arm robbery or selling dope, those working cons and scams are much harder to catch and prosecute. There’s a lot more old con artists still walking the streets than there are old dope dealers.

In this book, we’ll show you how it all works.

Game is Timeless

How far back does the game go? Man, for as long as this planet has had gullible people, there have been people who rose up out the crowd, to take advantage of these opportunities somehow. In other words, as long as there have been suckers, there have been cons to con em.

It’s a natural cycle. Predator and prey. Wolves and sheep. It’s the cycle of life, like the Lion King. Hakuna matata. Later in this book, we’ll talk about why the world has always had both, and what came first, the con or the sucker?

What’s for sure is that this ain’t a new thing. Since the time of Shakespeare, you’ll find reports of people who ran game for a living. Throughout the ages, they’ve been called by many names: bamboozlers, bilkers, bunkos, cheaters, clip artists, con men, crooks, deceivers, fleecers, flim-flammers, frauds, hosers, hustlers, mountebanks, scam artists, sharks, sharpies, smoothies, swindlers, cheats, deluders, dissimulators, equivocators, fablers, fabricators, fabulists, falsifiers, fibbers, jive turkeys, misleaders, perjurers, phonies, prevaricators, storytellers, and tricksters. Yup, even sharpies and smoothies.

Most of these words, you won’t hear nowadays. Similarly, some of the scams you find in other books are outdated. Nobody’s running them anymore. If they are, they updated them. It’s the age of technology, so a lot of these scams have gone digital. Of course, we’ve still got a digital divide. In poor and working class communities everywhere, there are people who get by, selling dreams.

The scheme might involve the opposite sex, a free cable hookup, car repairs, a job opportunity, or a cheap iPad – whatever the case, it involves someone “getting over” on somebody else. That’s the way it works.

Rocko’s got a song about hitting a “sweet lick” that turns out bad for him thanks to “Karma”? A “sweet lick” means someone came up on a large amount of money with no strong-arming necessary. This often happens in the world of drug sales, but it’s the way many successful scams are run, whether on the streets or online: no weapons, no violence, and no way you can run to the cops and tell. Not to mention it usually involves a LARGE amount of money. In other words, the same principles are found no matter what environment you’re in.

Hustle, Game, or Profitable Deception

Not all cons are made alike. There’s a number of ways you can “get got,” so you’ll find a wide variety of terms used in this book, like con, scam, rip-off, fraud, and so on. There are a dozen other terms and categories we’ll cover as we come to them, or in the glossary at the end of this book. In the end, however, everything falls under one category: Profitable Deception.

Some people call it hustle, some people call it game. Some people call it business as usually. You can too, but I’d rather not call it any of those things. Why? Cause I hustle. I’ve got game. Impeccable game, actually, if you ask anyone who knows me. And I do business. A lot of business.

But I don’t lie. I don’t cheat. I don’t create false hopes and leave fools and their money parted. At least not nowadays. I know HOW to do it that way, and yes, the money does come fast and easy, but it’s not worth it. Why? I’ll explain in a minute.

All I want you to understand now is that you can hustle, run game, and make a ton of money doing business…without lying, cheating, or taking advantage of anybody. Does that mean I’ve never done it? Nah, I’ve done more than half of the stuff in this book. I know how it works cause I ran these plays. Not only that, but I’ve been played as well. So I understand the psychology of both the con and the one conned. The scammer and the sucker. And this book is gonna teach you about both.

Is this Book for You?

This book was written to help people. Who needs this kinda help the most? People who have historically been taken advantage of. The poor, the elderly, the uneducated, and people who want to “come up” but don’t know how.

Some of us need this book more than others. Historically, people that are exploited or taken advantage of, are consistently and repeatedly taken advantage of. Ever heard of a scam list? When someone runs a successful phone scam on an elderly person, their name gets added to a list so somebody else can try too. There’s an internet version as well, but it’s an email list. Well, that’s basically the same way that some groups of people have been identified by those who have enough power to scam entire communities. Who’s on that list? Probably you and your community. I’m just being honest. Remember what Dame Dash said his Jewish colleagues told him about how Blacks were seen as “liquid money”?

Black and brown people are taken advantage of in so many ways, it’s almost unbelievable. Whether we’re talking food, schools, healthcare, religion, relationships, or the booming private prison industry, there’s a LOT of game being run on those who are already at the bottom of the system. So it’s amazing when you see someone from the bottom rise up. But when it comes to profitable deception, we’re never at the top of that pyramid. In this book, you’ll find stories to prove my point about that. If an incredible hustler and savvy businessman like Jay-Z could be done so wrong in his deal with the Nets, or in his attempt to build a hotel in Tribeca, don’t think it can’t happen to you.

You might have learned some remarkable game in the cutthroat world of the streets, but when you try to elevate yourself outta that world, you will quickly learn that corporate game is even greasier. So, unless you’re a top level CEO whose family has been running game for generations, this book is for you.

Scams are Everywhere

Scams are everywhere. And so are scammers. But everyone involved in a scam isn’t necessarily a scammer. There are also people that they participate in these schemes as unknowing accomplices, meaning they perpetuate the fraud, sometimes not even knowing that it’s a fraud. Typically these aren’t people at the top tier of the pyramid. They’re somewhere in the middle. They’re making decent money and may believe that you’ll also make money if you come in under them.

At some point, when the pyramid falls apart, the only people that really win are the ones the highest up. Everyone else loses big. Some of the middle management will have made more than they lost. Most others will only walk away with losses.

That’s pretty much the way that the game goes. The system works as long as the majority of the people, the people at the bottom, walk away taking a loss. And that’s the case with just about every system we’ll describe in the book. Many have to lose in order for a few to win.

It seems like a simple premise, yet people keep falling for it? Why? Because it’s a dirty little lie that’s always dressed up in beautiful clothes. In other words, the truth of the matter is hidden. I’ll break down how.

HIDDEN: The truth of any sketchy situation is nearly always concealed by one or more of the following: Haste, Illusion, Deception, Distraction, Emotionalism, and Naïveté.

Haste means you’re moving too fast.

Illusion means you’re imagining something that isn’t real.

Deception means you’re being lied to.

Distraction means your attention is not focused on what you should be focused on.

Emotionalism means you’re leading with your heart and not your head.

Naïveté means you’re green, new, ignorant, gullible, or just plain unversed in the world in which you’re trying to operate.

How this Book is Different

In this book, I’ll teach you how to see through the smoke and mirrors. And I’m not just talking about financial things, I’m talking about being scammed out of your dignity. Scammed out of your self-respect. Scammed out of your sense of personal leadership.

And these things matter. Don’t let the people in power tell you otherwise. They’d like you to think it’s better to have a healthy conscience and a sick financial state, but they don’t believe that themselves. They’d rather have it the other way around, blood on their hands and green in their pockets. My goal is to teach people how we can have nice things and a clean conscience at the same time. But first, we’ve gotta stop being fooled by those who want to take taking everything we have, down to our dignity and freedom. This is where you insert your favorite Bible quote.

So I’m going to explore the many ways in which people are manipulated, far beyond the financial world. We’re gonna go into education, religion, relationships, healthcare, politics, you name it. I’m gonna go into all the different ways that we are exploited, and give you the tools to think critically, see through the game, and avoid the traps.

There’s no way I can cover every single scam that exists in the world. After all, you can take one hustle, scam, fraud, or hoax, and create 900 different permutations from that template. For example, any hoax that circulated in the ‘70s (by word of mouth or on paper) is still circulating today, but it’s now on the Internet in 20 different forms.

If I was to explain each specific example, this book would be 1,000 pages long. I might be able to charge $49.95 for it, but that’s not my thing. I’m not trying to run game on you. Instead, I’ll explain the TYPES of scams, then give you a few examples, and then cover the main principles at play. That way, you’ll understand ANY scam that comes up, even some crazy new stuff that they invent 20 years from now.

This book is going to show you how not to be a victim, how not to be fooled, how not to be suckered, how to see through those clouds of deception. And this book goes DEEP into what that means – whether we’re talking pyramid schemes or political campaigns – so it’s not your typical text on scams.

If I can reach enough with this way of thinking, we can dramatically change society…for the better. We could actually change the way that society works, and go from a society of cheaters and the cheated, to one that is altruistic and all about the collective. At the very least, we’ll be able to accomplish this work in the communities that need it the most.

How to Read this Book

  1. You can read it in any order, so feel free to flip to a page and read a little at a time. At some point, you’ll want to go back and read it from beginning to end, to make sure you got everything.
  2. All scams and schemes are based on principles. These principles can be found in nearly every area of life, from relationships to the media. It’s your work to look at how these principles can apply to situations in your own life.
  3. If you come across a word or concept you don’t know about, don’t hesitate to look it up. If you put it off, you probably won’t. So use your phone to learn more about it, cause I know you got your phone right by your side. Don’t you?
  4. Read in public. Carry the book with you. Spread the game. Pass it to strangers. Copy pages and give them out. Buy some copies and sell em or give em away to help people. Take pictures of the pages and post em online. We need truth to circulate more than fiction.

Disclaimer: Now, I’m no simpleton. It’s a given that this knowledge could get into the wrong hands. There’s people who’ll pick this book up just to figure out ways to scam people. I’ll tell you two things about that.

  1. First, easier said than done. If you’re green to the game, don’t think you’ll just hop in because you read some book about it. You have to possess some pretty remarkable qualities to be fit for this kinda work. And you’ve gotta have the kind of training you only get from being raised up by real crooks. It ain’t something you can get out of a book. Try it at your own risk. Prisons and morgues are full of people who thought they could do some shit they weren’t prepared to attempt.
  2. Second, if manmade law don’t get you, natural law might. This shit all comes back to you. What you put out is what you get back. I’m not trying to be spooky, but I’ve seen a lot of people fall victim to this life. Many of them simply suffered the same kinda things they had done to others. People call it karma. Some call it universal justice. Some call it balance. I understand it as the mathematical principle of Equality. All systems balance out in the end. You will lose whatever you gain, until you make it back the right way. It’s not spooky, at least no spookier than the ecological principle of homeostasis. Homeo-what? Google it!