Published on Nov 7, 2016
Update: “I don’t mind being wrong. I’ve gotta find a hat to eat but I’m okay with being proven wrong. Most of whats said remains true. History is just gonna go a different way. Those who get it, get it. If you are angry or depressed, you’re forgetting everything I’ve been striving to teach you. The system wasn’t gonna save you, just as our last president didn’t end oppression here or abroad. If you let these kinda events stir your emotions and bring you high and low, you’ve still gotta cut those strings! I woke up and was like “oh! Interesting.” And went right into getting my daughter ready for school. Why? Because all those police murders and drone bombings didn’t just happen under Trump or Hillary, but under the last president we elected. We was so overjoyed then. And only now we are defeated? Nope. Not once you stop letting them play with your feelings! Don’t go into work mad or depressed, go into today creating your future. Smile. Confuse people. Let them ask you what you are happy about. Tell them, “I no longer expect anything from this system. I set myself free last night. I’m creating the reality I choose from here on out, beginning with me.” Be easy on those who do not understand. Fear and depression are heavy in their soul, especially now. They need you to be the light that encourages them and leads them out of darkness. No more reactionary thinking and feeling. Wake up to yourself and your true potential. Nobody else can do that for you. But once you choose to see things differently, it begins happening. Your future begins today.”

Videography by IAtomic Allah