My name is Supreme Understanding.

That name sounds pretty high and mighty, I know. When I chose that name, at 15, I chose it not because I wanted to be Supreme (the greatest) but to have the Supreme Understanding of all things, and all people. I’ve been on that path for over 20 years now. Of course, walking the path of manhood will bring everything else outta you too. You know what I mean, that dickhead shit we do as we grow up and become men. Like burning bridges with gasoline draws on, building a ladder to tapdance on the tightrope between the ones we hurt and the ones who hurt us. Looking like we want the spotlight, when all we doing is trying our damndest not to fall! But you don’t hear me though. Those of us pursuing success can become egomaniacs, if you know what I mean. If you don’t, it’s not like the Animaniacs, although that was a dope show.

I’m actually trying to kill my ego as much as possible these days, cause life teaches arrogant people humility by humiliating yo ass. Same root word, cause it takes you back to humus. Not hummus, that delicious chickpea dip where you can stick some fresh broccoli and feel like you eating junk food but you really not. No, I mean humus. As in the dark, organic material that forms in soil when plant and animal matter decays. In other words, it’s that dark part of the dirt that will one day be yo ass. We all gotta go back to the dirt. From mud we came, and back to the Earth we go. You can’t take nothing with you when you do. So our best bet is just to be good to others, so we’re remembered well.

Anyway, all that to say, I don’t want anyone to think I WANT to be¬†in anyone’s spotlight. I don’t take issue with those who do. In fact, I salute anyone doing any kind of work to uplift our people, and we often don’t know about the good people do behind closed doors, so I’m on the side of anyone who’s on the side of us. I speak on principles rather than people, because people can fail and then learn the principle so they never fail again. People grow, so you can’t spend too long judging anyone without truly knowing them, and by the time you done getting to know someone THAT well, you ain’t gonna wanna judge em anyway! Why? Cause you’ll understand em. You won’t accept everything you understand, yet in having understanding you can deal with things much more wisely and humanely.

So, I know you’re thinking, “Okay Dalai Llama, what any of this gotta do with you leaving social media?” To that, I’d say, “Slow down, son, this is why they say your generation has ADHD. You need a whole Xanax just to slow your mind down, and that means yo ass needs to read more. And breathe more.”

I’m leaving social media because I should. Sure, it makes sense, business-wise, to bring people to my own site, where you can find out about the books I’ve written (about half of which we’ve gotten back in print, and the other half coming soon), where I’ll be teaching, and anything else I’m involved in, including the businesses and programs who support our vision in the 360 Movement. Of course, you want to get as much of your people to your site as possible, whether they’re coming from offa Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, or a Google Search. Or, better yet, word of mouth. Of course, that’s after you’re sure you’re able to deliver what it is that you want to offer folks. And yes, that’s a free business lesson. I’ll have plenty more for you as I go on, sprinkled in the food like some sundried tomatoes in some good ass pasta. Don’t tell me you don’t know about that. You gotta try new things, homeskillet.

Anyway, I’m REALLY leaving social media (as in my primary reason), because I need to. It’s time. My audience isn’t full-scale celebrity size, but it’s grown enough so that I can’t keep up with all my notifications and inboxes. At least not without offending anyone. You need an example? I’ll share an exchange I found in my personal Facebook page’s “Other” inbox. Now, if you don’t know about the “Other” box, it’s either because (a) you too young to have a Facebook to speak of, or (b) you don’t have to know bout it, cause you don’t get hundreds of inboxes from strangers. Either way, you good. But when you’ve touched the hearts and minds of a few thousand people, your “Other” inbox gets filled with messages from everyone who ain’t already on your friends list. And I almost never remember to check this box, because it’s damn near hidden. So, the following exchange is really a one person exchange. Cause I never even got these messages.

April 3 2014: Peace bro i got a question for u

April 6 2014: I really respect u. I cant get no response?

June 5 2014: So u gonna ignore me?

August 10 2014: Pussy

August 10 2014: fuckboy i knew u was fake

September 1 2014: i hate u. if i see u im gonna run u over with my car

December 25 2014: i wish evils spells upon u

Now, what’s more disturbing than the fact this guy had a WHOLE emotional meltdown by himself, typing away into an empty white box where his feelings become toxic – is the fact that this guy woke up on Christmas Day thinking about how much he hated me. On Christmas bro? You mean you ain’t have a single gift to wake up to? Not one Christian relative who still likes your superconscious ass enough to send you a fanny pack or somethin? My goodness. On the bright side, it does appear that – in the absence of me answering his questions and providing him guidance on life, he went on to Hogwarts Academy or some other institution where he’s learning spellcasting and witchery. No disrespect to all the witches out there.

And that’s just one example! But it’s not just other people. It never is. It never is. I said it twice so you make sure you hear me. It’s always us too. I use my pages on social media as personal pages. Meaning I share my life, my thoughts, my frustrations, so much of what I’m going through. It’s often unfiltered, unplanned, and unedited. It’s been an amazing journey to share with yall, but doing it this transparently leads to problems. Just imagine coming out in see-through clothes every day. That’s how transparent I’ve been. Although I don’t want your woman leaving you so I don’t actually wear the transparent plastic jumpsuit. Plus its hot. The sweat just fog it all up like built-in censorship.

Anyway, what I’m saying is that it takes great wisdom to mix business with personal. It’s not that it can’t be done, it just has to be done with much more planning and foresight, as the pitfalls are that much more pernicious. If you don’t know what that means, it just means you could make a mess worse than the BP oil spill in Nigeria, even in your own home, and unlike BP, you’ll actually suffer.

As I reemerge from the ashes of losing my wife, my Earth, the immortal Mecca Wise, I’m tasked with taking care of our two children on my own. I feel great about it. We all doing pretty damn good nowadays. But I once used to find myself crumbling just at the thought of this great responsibility, and I did so much venting about my personal frustrations that I hope I didn’t make others more weary of their loved ones as a result. Cause every message, even the ones where I’m venting or sharing a personal (and perhaps temporary) opinion on something, will spread and circulate among the same thousands of people who draw inspiration and wisdom from my other posts. I might make a post on the importance of community love, then later make a post about how I wish someone had come around to cook some dinner, cause I’m tired. And, some days, I am. And that might be all there is to it. But depending on how I share something, it can be interpreted a dozen different ways. Somebody might assume I’m saying that I was talking about they ass, another will offer to mail me some freezedried kale fritters, and another will tell me to “come and get it.” Somebody else is gonna think I’m talking about how our people are going to Hell in a handbasket¬†because of our failure to cook for each other. And one of my young gunners is gonna round up the troops because he heard a rumor that “Supreme says someone snatched the food right out of his baby’s mouth!” I won’t always known about it, but it’ll often travel far beyond my page. By the time there’s chefs hogtied in basements across the country being beaten with Moorish spatulas, I’ll realize I need to edit the post or take it down. It’s too much.

So why not get back to writing, the old way? I came back to social media to keep in touch with everyone who was seeking me out, even when our books weren’t shipping like I needed them to. Now, as I reorganize my business (see I’m revisiting how I connect with yall. Most of yall who really rock with are followers of my written words. That’s how you came to know me. Some of you may have first learned about me through a video, but if you followed up, you most likely found a book I’ve written that you felt was perfect for you. And you’ve been keeping up with my words ever since. If not that, you’ve read my posts on social media, and gotten an idea of my philosophy of life, and my take on current events. There’s nothing wrong with having a presence there, and I plan to keep all those accounts active. But they’ll mostly be sharing the content I put together here. Because I want to get back to doing what I do best. Which is writing and teaching. I spend way too much time checking my notifications, when I should be engaged in the beauty of real life. I spend way too much energy putting out fires that were sparked by a careless post, one where I didn’t think about the blurry lines in my life, where personal views can become public issues. And I really just can’t check that many damn inboxes. Especially when people are casting spells in there.

So I’m settling here. I’m going to stay busy, probably busier than I’ve been on social media. You can probably tell, judging by the length of this post. But don’t complain, cause this is damn near like getting an ebook for free. Some good ass readin, if you ask me. You learned some deep Dalai Lama shit and that there’s a recipe for kale fritters somewhere on SuperVegan,com. What will I be writing about? I’ll be delving into all the topics covered in my published books (including free excerpts) and the books I’m currently working on (including more free excerpts). I thought about beginning with some content from A Sucker Born Every Minute (my book on critical thinking), Revolutionary Love (on relationships), Even Without the Village (on parenting), Legal Hustles (on making $$$), Black People Invented Everything (part of the Science of Self collection), or The Science of Self, Volume Three. Or maybe something from the upcoming 360 Movement Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Community-Based Solutions. Or maybe something autobiographical. Then again, I filmed a really good video that I hadn’t uploaded to YouTube ( yet. But my lineup looked like my barber’s name was Blind Fury so I wasn’t sure.

Then it dawned on me. What did I go through this morning? What did it take for me to turn my heart and mind around, to treat that negative way I was feeling and transform it into the excitement and passion I feel now? That was it. I want to start talking to yall about depression. And beating it. We all need it. Let’s start there. I don’t even have a title for the depression book. Maybe “Ready to Die” maybe “Do Thugs Cry?” maybe “How Not to Let Your Brain Kick Your Ass.” I dunno. It’s been that tough, not just to decide how I’d get it into the hands of those who need it, but how I’d actually come upon the solutions that really worked. I guess I had to fall to the lowest depths of that domain, just to know what all I was challenging you to face and defeat. I had to experience it at its worst. Been there. I’ve seen that beast as close and personal as possible, and I know what it takes to conquer it. So, that’s where we’ll begin. We’ll begin with you knowing you. From there, we can go anywhere. Magic School Bus shit! Love yall.


Supreme Understanding