What’s “White Supremacy Lite”? Well, it’s when white folks can agree wholeheartedly with the views and aims of white supremacy (including the many disguises it wears, when it presents itself through one of its arms, say “population control” – otherwise known as “family planning, nor “conservative politics” – otherwise known as “get the darkies out and we’re ok”) – but these white folks don’t ever DO or SAY anything “racist.” They won’t say the N-word, they won’t even say “those people” like most racists do. They might only say nice things about Rashawn who lives down the street or Hector who works for the company. They don’t consider themselves White Supremacists at all. They just agree with all the ideology, so long as its steeped in delicate language, like “we’re cleaning up a blighted community” rather than “we’re doing a landgrab now that the Blacks are too poor to pay their property taxes.” Or “I love all people,” instead of “I silently but smugly consent to the current genocide against the Blacks and browns.” Long as it don’t sound racist, it’s okay to think it. Real talk. If I’m not being honest, talk to me.

In another post, I write about a white professor I studied under while in college. He was never rude, never disrespectful, and yet he was Eurocentrist. Some used to say he was a white supremacist, teaching at an HBCU.

Now, in his personal dealings, he wouldn’t do anything to harm a Black or brown person, at least not intentionally so. Nah, he was that other kind of white guy. The one who would give you the shirt off his back if you were cold, the one who help you change your tire if you saw you stranded on the side of the road, but who – when it’s time to align themselves with a political or ideological stance – they align themselves with the views and positions that support white supremacy.

For many white people, and some of us by “osmosis”, they don’t even question this “dominant narrative.” To do so would be class suicide, because people in their own families would disparage them and isolate them, making life much more difficult. So they choose the path of least resistance and they conform to views that, realistically speaking, aren’t even sustainable! It can’t even last beyond a few more decades like this!

Clearly, white supremacy is a suicide mission. It is. It’s not sustainable and even white folks know that. You think they don’t look at this planet and know that it’s getting worse? Everyone who goes outside and watches the weather do weird sh*t it aint sposed to do can attest to that feeling. So, what do you do? Quit the game, or go HARDERRR! Can’t relate to the kamikaze ethic? Well, think Viking. Think Goths. Think Sparta. Those are the people following Donald Trump for leadership right now. He’s the American president prophecied in the alarmingly accurate dystopian film Idiocracy. I’m starting to think Nostradamus wrote that movie, and it’s scary. But white America WANTS a president who cruses beer cans on his trucker hat while blasting a machine gun at an Arab orphanage. Cause they’ve bought into a game plan, white supremacy, that has NO END GAME. There’s no victory lap. There’s no “Mission Accomplished.” There’s no “We Did It!” Cause for white supremacy to “win” they’d have to either kill or enslave like 90% of the planet. There’s only like 80 people on team Euro and like 80 kajillion on the team flying Black, Brown, and Yellow. You might be one of those fearnuts who think they can pull this off, and enslave all of us, but I feel sorry for you if you think that. Cause that’s low self esteem! Believe in yourself, baby boy! The world ain’t gonna just go all the way to sleep and die. We too alive for that already. We too turnt up as it is. We ain’t putting no microchips in our heads. They shoulda BEEN put that one out, cause now it’s too late. Man we got highly informed but highly unstable nutballs out here who will go to every grocery story in the hood givin out free “vaccine microchips” or whatever they gonna market them as…and that super nutball revolutionary is gonna BURN THAT BITCH DOWN. Lol. They not goin with the microchip plan no more. They shot clock ran out on that. So stop worrying about how sky is falling, and concentrate on the empire you building. By the way, learn from the Tower of Babel and instead of building something narrow and high, only to edify yourself, build low and wide like a village so you can include everyone in that positive change. That’s how we undo white supremacy, especially in our own minds. At least that’s part of it. As I write more, I’ll add more.