For years, months, weeks and most recently – days, we have been bombarded with images of what terrorism looks like. And every single time, these terrorists are brown and blacked skinned individuals with a seemingly huge propensity to wreak havoc in every imaginable and even unimaginable ways.

The media somehow makes us feel separated – disconnected from it because it is happening across the vast waters of the Atlantic Ocean on foreign lands. But we’ve got our own homegrown brand of terrorists – and like the Islamic State – they run shit here. Terrorism is wrapped up in systematic racism, police brutality against people of color and they’ve even gotten as bold as to gun down black people in houses of worship and during peaceful protests. You don’t need to look at Paris, or Syria or other countries ravaged by terrorism and war – it’s in our own backyards. And we are the targets.


White America, how dare you talk about terrorism abroad, while you encourage terror at home? White terrorists and thugs are now coming to events of peaceful protest, aiming to kill or terrorize those who are fighting for basic human rights in a country that claims to champion freedom and liberty. This is sick! For our President to have to shuck and jive, mumbling an empty “Viva La France” as he motivates the world for yet ANOTHER unwarranted war. Meanwhile a presidential candidate, supported by millions, with no political background, can not only peruse and share the racist propaganda found on the websites of known domestic terrorist organizations like the KKK, only to have fellow supremacist Bill O’Reilly advise him simply not to use social media, rather than admonishing his alignment with rabid racists and genocide-mongers.


A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE can have his GOONS jump a Black man for protesting (imagine Obama getting away with this!), and then his only response is “Maybe he DESERVED IT.” This is the fucking problem with you, white America. You think this is OKAY. You don’t have any fears about Islam or Terrorism… hell you don’t have a real fear in the world except losing your standing in it! Why? Because the REST OF THE FUCKING WORLD FEARS YOU. Let’s just say it. Outside of those of us who are just crazy and rebellious and don’t give a flying fuck, MOST of the world is SCARED TO DEATH of white people.


EricGarnerThat’s why we never talk about y’all in public. But we’ve got to. ‘Cause this is sick. THERE IS A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE WHO SUPPORTS WHITE SUPREMACY, DOMESTIC TERROR, DEATH SQUADS, and thinks Black people deserve to be beaten and killed. And MILLIONS of white people support him, while MILLIONS more don’t find him a threat, while MILLIONS more just accept it, while acting like they find him offensive… JUST NOT OFFENSIVE ENOUGH TO ACT.

White America, you’re still mad at Mike Vick about those dogs. Why? Because, as the ancient prophecies of Iran and the Nile Valley predicted, a day would come when a righteous (innocent) man’s life was considered equal to that of a fly.

When I watch white folks getting crazy and going nuts about gay rights, animal rights, and environmental rights, I can’t help but notice how they SKIP and HOP right over human rights for Black people. Black people are being murdered in the streets or left to die, not just in America, but around the globe. In most places, Black and brown together are under attack.


White America supports the bombing of other nations, so long as the people bombed to death are Black and brown. It’s what France just did to Syria, while pretending to “grieve.” White America, if you want ANY of us to believe that you’re even REMOTELY interested in being part of progressive social change, you’re gonna have to show us a lot more.

If there were stray dogs being killed by Black men the way innocent Black men and women are being killed or hunted down by white men, you – White America – would be up in arms.

Instead, the only times you get turnt up is to protect your own interests. You care more about DOGS than the people whose rape and murder you casually condone. White America, when you’re offended by racism for real, we’ll know it. Until then, we don’t believe your lies about compassion, love, and humanity. Your lack of such things is hauntingly clear.