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What People Say About Dr. Supreme Understanding (Hon. Dr. Sujan Dass)

“Finally got my hands on this excellent piece of work by (7) Supreme Understanding…. this shit is packed with info…references and hard to argue against FACTS.”
Knowledge-Able Sun Allah

“Perhaps you just don’t know where to go to purchase books that will most definitely empower you, your children, your family and your community.¬†Go here to this website, http://supremedesignonline.com/”
Hassan Chris Tremble-El

“I’d recommend that everybody read How to Hustle and Win by: Supreme Understanding
It’s life changing for people of all walks of life.”
Zuri Sanaa

Praise for the Curriculum

“It’s definitely for our culture. We weren’t born with silver spoons in our mouths but that don’t mean we can’t rise above poverty, live peaceful, righteously and most importantly become successful… One Love!!”
Neek Wilson - Amazon Customer

How to Hustle and Win (Kindle), 5 Stars

“Hands down one the greatest books I read! Dr. Supreme Unserstanding breaks down all levels of science, mathemstics, religion, philosohies, spirituality, histoy, facts, truth, & emphasis on black empowerment to who we really are. This is a must to have & keep”
Stephan Harvey - Amazon Customer

Science of Self (Paperback), 5 Stars

“Man.. I love this book, this book has the worlds knowledge for all the people of color and even white people to gather.
From Learning about how to go to school and actually make it work for you.
To learning how you could change your outlook in life and make things work out for you.
Its honestly to much greatness to just review through an amazon review.
Supreme Understanding dropped HowToHustleAndWin Part 1 and then released part 2 knowing how strong the book had in effect in alot of communities where opportunities between race and poverty were big deals, where your color is your conscious, it is a part of you, it is your identity.
All I can say is, cop this book, its frigging amazing. I recommend, if not need alot of my black and brown folk to read this book, and even white people as well.”
PringleTheOne - Amazon Customer

Rap, Race, and Revolution (Kindle), 5 Stars

“SUPERB!!! Great book!!! WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!! I wish I would of read this many years before now. Pass this one to your kids early.”
Amazon Customer

Knowledge of Self (Paperback), 5 Stars

“This book is both a fundamental and phenomenal resource for all Original People. So blessed to have read and absorbed the various perspectives presented in this” work. Share the wealth…buy one for yourself and for someone you love!”
Amazon Customer

Knowledge of Self (Paperback), 5 Stars

“First of all, congratulations this is excellent work. May this book reach our history classes. Do not think this book is all “black” this is empowering, detailed and covers history for all of us to understand and connect with. The book is so detailed, so well written and so much information packed in one that is worth more than it is priced. I ask the publisher of this book, to please make this book a bigger size so that the reader has space to take notes, highlight etc and that it is printed a better quality. This is a book to have in your library. BRAVO on this work!!!”
Mr 504 - Amazon Customer

Science of Self (Paperback), 5 Stars

“I read this book and it absolutely blew my mind. It opened my eyes to what God truly is and why history was rewritten the way it was. There’s some heavy research that was involved in writing a book like this but Supreme Understanding took that scholarship and condensed it in a way that the reader could digest easily. No matter what type of religious text you have in your household, this is a book that needs to be right next to it. This book shows our heavy influence throughout history and why that rich history has been hidden. That is until now. Cop this book and spread the word. Thanks Supreme.”
JBO - Amazon Customer

Black God (Paperback), 5 Stars

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