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A Revolutionary Therapy Tool for Transformation and Relief from Despair (without pills or creams!)

“Finally! My long-awaited return to the work, and it ain’t a book! #GreenMedicine is more than a lecture and more than a film. It’s a therapy tool. It’ll change the way you think and live. It’ll walk you through how to beat #Stress #Anxiety and #Depression naturally, without spending another dollar!”

“We out here living to die so I had to come with a fix! If you listen closely enough, this project will change you way more deeply than you could ever expect! And for the better! After all, I clearly figured out how to reprogram myself, right? And I’m a teacher! So of course I’ma show you the way.”
Dr. Supreme Understanding

Supreme Understanding at Black World Books in Killeen Texas

Just a few highlights from Dr. Supreme Understanding’s recent trip to Texas to assist in the rise of a new community-based institution, Black World Books and Black World Academy (a cooperative for African-centered homeschoolers). There’s more coming!

Voluntary and Involuntary “Immigrants”

In another uncut scene from the life of Dr. Supreme Understanding, the good doctor shares his thoughts on the struggles of voluntary immigrants who lose their ethnic identity to “fit in” and those of “involuntary” minorities (Black people, Native people, and others) who are targeted for imprisonment or elimination! Across the world the global Black diaspora – the same ones who built the world’s civilizations – are now the most endangered! This video is set at the location of Supreme’s upcoming video project, The Understanding Walk: The Science of Nature as Therapy (coming soon!). Just as he’s closing out, Supreme (whose family comes from Bangladesh) is joined by a group of brothers from Gambia. And, as Supreme has written, “This is where the real building begins! When you step away from this screen and make the ideas real in your life!” If you want to know when the DVD drops, make sure you subscribe to our channel and keep telling us what you want!

What’s the Science?

Dr. Supreme Understanding shares the latest on his life and return to publicity, with a few gems along the way. We’re looking forward to more updates like this! Leave us a comment and we’ll make sure Supreme reads them and keeps this up!

Supreme Reveals the Ultimate Hustle! The Urban Reseller Program

Supreme Design Publishing realizes that it’s tax season and you’re looking for a great way to invest your money. The Urban Reseller Program are the answer. Why? Because you can purchase our kit at deeply discounted price and sell the knowledge to your people. These books have opened so many people up to knowledge of self and now you can be a part of the mission. You can make a good profit while putting quality books in the hands of people in your community. Help us spread this message and make money while doing so!

How to Survive Trump (Facebook Live)

Published on Nov 11, 2016
In this video Dr. Supreme Understanding reaches out to those of us who may be operating from a place of fear or paranoia, due to the election results. He breaks down the ways in which you can free yourself from this pattern of fear based thinking. If you are willing to use the tools that are provided, you will find you have nothing to fear. This is why Dr. Supreme Understanding writes handbooks for life that provide solutions to everyday issues. Black God, How to Hustle and Win Series, Knowledge of Self and Science of Self and When The World Was Black to name a few. This video will go in depth about how you can change your life today, and how to get out of self defeating mindsets. The entire curriculum of Dr. Supreme Understanding books can be found at:
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How to Avoid this Year’s Election Scam

Published on Nov 7, 2016
Update: “I don’t mind being wrong. I’ve gotta find a hat to eat but I’m okay with being proven wrong. Most of whats said remains true. History is just gonna go a different way. Those who get it, get it. If you are angry or depressed, you’re forgetting everything I’ve been striving to teach you. The system wasn’t gonna save you, just as our last president didn’t end oppression here or abroad. If you let these kinda events stir your emotions and bring you high and low, you’ve still gotta cut those strings! I woke up and was like “oh! Interesting.” And went right into getting my daughter ready for school. Why? Because all those police murders and drone bombings didn’t just happen under Trump or Hillary, but under the last president we elected. We was so overjoyed then. And only now we are defeated? Nope. Not once you stop letting them play with your feelings! Don’t go into work mad or depressed, go into today creating your future. Smile. Confuse people. Let them ask you what you are happy about. Tell them, “I no longer expect anything from this system. I set myself free last night. I’m creating the reality I choose from here on out, beginning with me.” Be easy on those who do not understand. Fear and depression are heavy in their soul, especially now. They need you to be the light that encourages them and leads them out of darkness. No more reactionary thinking and feeling. Wake up to yourself and your true potential. Nobody else can do that for you. But once you choose to see things differently, it begins happening. Your future begins today.”

Videography by IAtomic Allah