Your child needs to know they can rely on unconditional love from you. That means something. You have to know what it means, and if you don’t yet, that’s a lesson for another day. For those who know, your children need to know that no matter how much they may upset you or frustrate you, that you will always love them. Its┬ápart of building their sense of self.

indigo children

Now, this don’t mean you gotta always be lovey-dovey with em! Cause spare the rod and spoil the child is a real thing! Especially in this era where the young are raising the young, and nobody’s got clear guidance on what’s best. Cause there’s also folks out here abusing their kids, physically, mentally, and emotionally! As a parent you don’t wanna be THAT one. The one whose kid grows up to do a tell-all special about how you traumatized they ass. Nope.

The key is to walk that middle road. Be kind and gentle with them. But be clear that you don’t play that dumb shit. And neither should they. Live by the same example of righteousness that you want them to honor. If your kids ain’t compassionate, then you might not be so compassionate. Or maybe you are with your people, but not at home! Everything is real homebiscuit! You gotta be honest with who? Your motherfuckin self. That’s right. So if your kiddo is a bully at school, they learned bullying somedamnwhere, right? Maybe from you. Maybe you’re the bully to them? Or maybe you’re so soft on them, that you’re their enabler? Spoiled fruit go rotten, you know?

There’s a sense of justice that we have to instill in our young, and if it’s always light for them early on, they’ll never understand it later. We can teach this through play, through reflections on their day’s experiences, and through straight up one-on-one talks. Like our grandparents used to do, you know?

And we gotta speak their language and know their conditions. At all times. It’s our biggest investment – our future. Our pensions and retirement funds – that’s them! We better respect them cause they either gonna grow up to take care of us in our old age, or wash their hands of us. Me personally, I want my seeds to thrive! So I pay attention. And I respond to what I’m seeing, in ways that I’ve seen working. That’s basic math tho, yall.

But I keep it a buck round my kids. My eldest is twenty, so you can imagine all the talks we’ve had. She’s an adult now, living on her own. No way I coulda prepared her for that without honesty and diligence. My little one is seven. She’s just learning how to be a fun-loving kid again. I had to walk with her to get her to this point, cause losing your mom is Hell. At 17 or 5, it’s just two different kinda Hells. So I had to walk my kids outta hell! Your story may be different but I bet you’ll walk through hell for your babies at some point or other! And you’ll be that much better for it! Salute to the real parents out there, raising our future!

I tell my kid, “If I’m mad at you I still love you.” Then she’s gotta try me. So I get mad bout some small shit, you know me, and I’m telling her to go fix it or whatever. She comes back like “But do you still love me?” This little mfer. She just wanna see what I say. Now it’s deep but its also petty. All at the same time. Cause if I answer any wrong kinda way, she could take it real personal right about now. But she wanna try me and see. Fuck it, I respect her gangster. So I say, “Hell yeah I love you, now get on, you turkey.” And she went on about her business and we were cool again before dinner. Now people may say, “Supreme how you gonna call her a turkey?” Like its a problem. It’s not. Here’s why. You gotta call your kids something. Not no name calling like fatass or muffintop but cool things like princess and warrior and God and whatnot. But also some animal names, I think.

Don’t judge me! Why? It helps em know what they’re acting like.

Like a turkey. A turkey is sneaky, you know? It used to be the animal the Indians had bred to be sleep-inducers. Like “knock-out” pills stuck in the food. But its in the meat. Real shit! Why would I lie? The Indians knew about trytophan before the whiteman cause they’re the ones who bred the wild turkeys to be so deliciously sleepy-flavored. All original people knew about grafting, or breeding traits into species. This was before the whiteman learned it and started making GMOs. Fuckers. Anyway, use animal names. Call your kid an octopus when he’s being grabby. Call her a possum when she don’t wanna wake up. Let them figure it out. Call her a tiger when she’s being brave and daring. Call him a badger one day and let him ask you what you meant. Then you get to reach into your mystic bag of tricks and give out some sagacious advice in the form of some wisdom bout animals.

lion and donkey

Remember Aesop’s Fables? Like that.

That’s why I republished our own edition of Aesop’s Fables. Cause animals are our means to learn about the world. That’s how all them styles in Kung Fu began right? Snake, Crane, Spider Monkey, Drunken Water Buffalo, Venomous Dingbat…all those.Just some monks watching animals do their thing. Just as in How to Hustle and Win I used them ugly ass fish to make my point about what makes us great, or how the Siafu ants can show us how to come together. See, it ain’t about being demeaning! Teach your kids some real shit! Need some help? Get the books I mentioned and it’ll be a piece of cake!

Warning: Do not call your kid “dipshit” and then claim Supreme told you so.