At any time of great social change, you’re gonna see many of the same figures emerge again and again. There will be the tireless voices of social change, those who have been pushing freedom, justice, and equality both in their personal lives and public lives since day one. There will always be a few of those. The real ones are always in the minority, but they’re always effective enough to creative massive change. These are the 5%. Specifically, these are the people who know the truth and will go to all lengths to see this truth prevail in the world. That truth is ultimately rooted in a knowledge of God and ourselves, but many of us do this work without ever speaking of God. In a broader sense, these are all the people who give their lives for the people. Unrequited unconditional love. Ultimately, that HAS to be rooted in knowing that, by serving others, we give our lives for ourselves, because our greater self – that community of collective consciousness – is Divine, no different from the unchanging essence we all return to when we die. Tap out if I’m getting too esoteric for you now. Let me know! I been around the world and back, I really can’t write like 26-year-old Supreme no more!

So the righteous men and women of the world, who study and give our lives to liberation – they’re in the minority for a reason. This is HARD work! And it doesn’t pay well! Not the REAL version of this calling. Jesus ain’t have a Bentley, you know. He was given clothes to wear and places to stay, but he wasn’t escorted around on a golden chariot with exotic dancers in the back. Even though he did teach the dancers too. But those of us who are comfortable with teaching or leading don’t always choose this righteous and austere path. If you don’t know what austere means, look the shit up, homebiscuit. I’ma challenge you with this vocab sometimes, because having a command of this language allows us to express very difficult concepts with the right words. But yeah, austere basically just means humble as a muhfucka. And possibly poor, cause most monks or other holy people who take a vow of austerity give up EVERYTHING. Like ALL worldly belongings. You know, Jesus did that, when he joined the Essenes. Oh, wait that’s too heavy for right now. That’s another book altogether!

So there are those who choose the path of the corrupt. In the Qur’an, they’re called the hypocrites. In Jesus times, these people could best be represented by the Pharisees and the Saducees. Specifically, the leadership of these groups who worked against the interests of the people (who were oppressed by the Roman Empire – one of those instances that remind us that the “white power” campaign didn’t begin during slavery. Let’s call that the Ma’afa though, since we’re getting our vocabulary right. Maafa essentially means an African Holocaust. And, even during the Ma’afa, there were those who conspired against the people…always for what? Personal benefit. These are the spies, the snitches, the corrupt politicians, the apathetic wealthy, the system that essentially keeps us all in the Dark Ages today. You know what I mean, the kinda world where genocide is a regular thing, rape is as common as regular sex, and people put babies in the oven and we share pictures of it on Facebook. That kinda fucked up world! Oh plus everything turning into the Ice Age, a desert, or a nuclear waste site. Sounds like some apocalyptic shit to me.

Whether or not it’s the end times (I got my generator ready tho), I know the same shit’s happening know that was going on all in the other great eras of social change.

Thus, in our own communities, these personalities – who we call the 10% – flourish. Sure, there are agent provocateurs and wealthy parasites who could care less if their own family died in this current genocide. But what we have to concern ourselves with is those who have domain in the people’s minds. Essentially, the battlefield is in the minds of the people. Once the people know self-love, they’ll know revolution. Until then, we’ll be in battles of flesh and blood, and those go on forever. There is no victor there, only death. But teach the people who they are, they’ll never be enslaved again. And then the minority who reign won’t have a standing. Because they only reign cause they reign in our minds. Across the world.

In our own communities, who has the minds of the people? Is it the noble? Is it the righteous? Is it the hard-working family men and the devoted mothers who raise us? We send our kids to schools that make them feel bad about being themselves, and then they come home to an entertainment industry (via the media) that teaches them the best way to be successful is to humiliate your people. Lol real talk though. Then on Sundays, people go where? Man, we USED to go to the church. Bruh, the churches were losing membership like crazy, for years now. All the men left. Even the women starting leaving, the more they learned about their African heritage and that crazy ass history the Christian church has with Black people. Now, there’s more churches pushing real community-based changed initiatives, and teaching their congregations about self-love and entrepreneurship, cause the brothers and sisters who got into ministry for the RIGHT reasons are realizing that they’ve gotta give the people a Black Liberation Theology (shout out to Rev. James Cone!)…or else. Cause the people don’t want the old lies no more.

But do we want new lies? That’s the thing about the misled masses. Masses just tend to be easily led, by nature, and moving with the mass ain’t always your best bet. In other words, even if ya ass ain’t at Sunday Mass, you still might be in church…in the way you think. Many of our people who wanted out of the burdens (both spiritual and financial!) put upon them by the church, had to find something ELSE to belong to. Because nobody taught them how to belong to themselves! So they sought out something else to follow.

And as you know how the game go, the opportunists were out here, just waiting with baited breath. And they might not have been selling Jesus or a miracle cure, but – to people seeking refuge and salvation – they were selling hope. And hope sells better than dope. In church, these were the folks we’d call “jackleg preachers.” They’re the ones who don’t pray for their congregation, they PREY on their congregation. Typically, these are folks who wouldn’t suffer for their people, because they feel (for whatever reason) they’ve suffered enough and deserve more for themselves than anyone else. They thus expect the women who adore them to be their sexual servants, and for anyone who has money to become their benefactors. In laymen’s terms, they just out for the pussy and the paper.

Now, here’s the caveat. ANY person in a leadership position will be exposed to these challenges. The real test is how we respond. Should we occasionally find ourselves thinking more about ourselves than those we serve, we should check ourselves and get back in divine order. But there are those among us who find those rewards far too rewarding. Maybe they could never get the women or the money before they found this hustle, I mean, calling. So they keep on taking, and not giving back nearly enough to balance their soul in the Halls of Justice. So hell comes to them on Earth. They become scandalized, and their very memory becomes tainted with the extent of their indiscretion and lack of reverence for their calling…as ancestors they are not remembered well. Eternally, that’s hellfire. I hope those who find the calling to lead will also understand the responsibilities of leadership. The sort of discipline one must have. Not the kind that leaves a trail of disgruntled people wherever you’ve actually touched ground. That’s called being a pariah, not a messiah. And the people can see these individuals, just as they seen em back in the ancient times of false prophets, and they can “sense” that something’s not right with em, but they fall victim to shiny showmanship and appeals to emotion. It’s been that way since ancient times. People doin magic tricks, turning frogs into peanut butter snacks and whatnot. While the ancient healers was giving out herbs and regimens, the fakers was promising miracle cures for money. Or pussy. And people believed in these guys then, just as they do now. But that’s because so many of us were never taught how to think critically. In fact, we were actually taught NOT to think critically! Think about it, if you were raised in a religious household, you were taught NOT to question certain things! And most of things was certainly questionable! When I was in 4th grade, I wondered, “How did a man come back from the dead? Could you explain HOW in 30 sentences or less, the biological process by which this occurred!” Cause that’s what I’m supposed to be learning in Science class, right? How to think about shit? But now I realize you’re not supposed to think about a belief system that’s supposed to govern your whole life! How do you make those two very different streams of thinking converge and merge without becoming a total nutcase? But that’s something you shouldn’t have to figure out. Teaching religion to children has been – scientifically – shown to leave them unable to tell truth from reality. Of course! It’s like teaching kids about Santa Claus, it don’t do nothing but make them stop trusting your crazy lyin ass. Oh and it makes the Santa industry tons of money. Now your kid loves sitting in a fat old white guys lap, smelling days-old bourbon, vomit, and sardines in his beard…and he likes it better than sitting in YOUR lap askin you for a gift nicely. Yeesh, what are we doin? And we don’t question it! Not cause we stupid, but because we’ve been taught NOT TO! The raised hand is the one that gets slapped down. Don’t ask questions or you’re an ingrate. But you should! Marshawn Lynch recently said, “If you tell me to do something – and I ask you why, and you don’t want to tell me – No.” In other words, even if you’re gonna be led, you at least need to know where you’re being led. The book this piece will become part of, A Sucker Born Every Minute, covers the many traps we fall into when we don’t know how to think or find out what matters most, and these are the issues that affect our lives most deeply! Yeah, not simply what happens, but how you process it. How you respond or react. How you analyze and decode. How you comprehend and interpret. How you synthesize and connect. How you discern or discriminate. How you accept or reject. Real shit. And we need it. Consider this a piece, with new pieces coming regularly from here on out. Peace.

Supreme Understanding