Is the Earth Flat? Is there a grand conspiracy designed by NASA and all the world’s astronomers, geologists, scientists, and just about everyone who took fourth grade science? Are pilots and flight controllers actually tricking us into thinking they’re flying in straight lines? Is the circular motion of the stars in the night sky – the reason why we have those zodiac signs everyone loves – also part of this grand myth? Is the whole scientific world conspiring to keep you believing the Earth is flat? And if so why?

Let’s begin with the “Supreme Understanding” approach to thing. Is the Earth flat? For you, it might be! If you ain’t never been off that flat ass block, your world is most certainly flat. Flat, depressed, and not well-rounded at all! If you’ve had the opportunity to get outside your circumstances, your world is a very flat place to be, one where you can’t possible imagine circumnavigating the globe or seeing the curvature of the Earth. Mostly because yo ass don’t know what “circumnavigating” and “curvature” mean…but don’t let that stop you from talking about the inner workings of NASA!

Yeah, I’m joking, but this is kinda serious. Here’s why. There’s a big problem with that “Flat Earth” argument that’s now circulating through the Black community, particularly among those of us who are “waking up” to the truths we’ve been kept from. It’s not a hidden truth. It’s actually a well-orchestrated deception. In fact, if you research the origins of the Flat Earth philosophy, you can find that it began as an EXPERIMENT in social psychology. To be clear, that means an experiment to see just what they can get people to believe, how many will believe it, and what it will take to get people to believe a concept otherwise deemed ridiculous. It’s like a cruel joke, except we’re not in on it.

To be clear, the founders of this philosophy have said in interviews that they don’t actually “believe” the Earth is flat, they’re just advocates of the idea that anything can be proven, so why not consider how possible it is? Its an old Greek school of philosophy, and if that tells you anything, you should know the Greeks weren’t concerned about what’s right or in our best interests. They played mind-games about as much as they played with little boys.

These guys developed a basic argument, but let their fans and followers come up with the rest. It’s like a fun challenge for them now, kinda like Dungeons and Dragons, to argue new reasons for why the Earth is really flat. There’s a bunch of people in on it, just seeing who will agree. Then there’s all us who didn’t do so good in science class, and we don’t know better. With all the lies we’ve been told, we’re starting to wonder if this thing is true too. I’ve co-written a book called The Science of Self: Man, God, and the Mathematical Language of Nature (due back in print soon) that explains the formation of the entire physical universe and all its planets, so forgive me if I don’t explain why the Earth is not a flat block surrounded by ice walls. That would make me feel dumb. Instead, I just want you to question why we’re falling for it.

Basically, we’ve been lied to all our lives; about religion, about our skin color, about what really matters, you name it. We’ve been bamboozled. I get that. So now, when we’re waking up, every theory gets a chance in our mind. But this is one that you can research. And you’ll realize they’re playing you. And laughing about it!

These guys (particularly those who are at the helm of organizations pushing the idea) threw the “flat earth” thing back out in the mix, on the heels of similar experiments, like the “Pastafarian” religion developed to worship the invisible Spaghetti Monster. Yes, that’s also a real thing that many people will argue for. In fact, a woman recently won the right to wear a metal colander on her head in her driver’s license photo – because Pastafarianism is now a legally recognized religion. Pretty soon, Flat Earthers will have special rights too. Of course, I don’t mean you. I mean white folks. Cause only white people enjoy the privilege to fight over things that matter to no one!

Flat Earth is white privilege. Only white people and those who are not immersed in the struggles of the Black and brown poor can waste time on such concepts. Think about it. What is the greatest conspiracy affecting us now? That the world is really flat? Who does that affect? Us? How? We barely even got passports to fly around the world and find out. We barely know who Neil DeGrasse Tyson is, so most of us think of NASA as a bunch of boogeymen in lab coats doing experiments on aliens at Area 51. Yeesh. I wonder what Mae Jemison would think of all this.

The biggest conspiracy affecting the world right now, is also the biggest conspiracy affecting all of us: The planned and systemic genocide of Black and brown people. This is a real thing, and it has become increasingly obvious to us within the past eight years or so. Most other conspiracies fit into that framework somehow. 9/11? That was an inside job meant not only to make white folks richer, but to bring war to the Middle East. Since then, the last remaining areas of resistance to white global domination have been conquered and devastated. Look what they did to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria. Next on their hitlist is Iran. These are the countries who once stood up to white power. They’ve also gone deeper into Africa with a global war campaign – from chasing “Kony” in Uganda to the “pirates” in Somalia, to Africom in Nigeria – something they couldn’t have done without the son of a Kenyan in office. You already know this though. Meanwhile, they’re poisoning our water (Flint, MI and St. Joseph, LA are just two examples), our air (not just via “chem trails” but via indoor air quality in the hood), and our food (the examples are countless). We explored all this in The Hood Health Handbook back in 2010, and I know my readers are well aware. In that same book, we also talked about population control, vaccines, and sterilization of Black and brown women throughout the world. Throw in mass incarceration, police brutality and state-sanctioned slaughter of innocents, the killing of our babies, and the way the media warps our minds to encourage us to kill ourselves and each other – and I don’t think we need ANY MORE CONSPIRACY THEORIES.

We already know what time it is. We know we are under attack and we know by who. If nothing else, we all – across the world – now understand why the indigenous people of the world have ALL called the white man “devil” within a few years of knowing him. There’s a picture circulating now, of a 7-year-old Black child in the Congo, being hung by several white men, while one reads from the Bible. This happened everywhere from the Congo, to Cleveland, to Australia. There’s mountains of evidence on that. And mountains of work for us to do, if we – together – are gonna fix it.

This is why there are distractions circulating. To make you think the devil ain’t at work. Rather than focus on what he’s doing to us at the ground level, we’ve got our heads in the clouds. If it ain’t us waiting on salvation from the heavens above, we still lookin’ up for our answers. We’re like Chicken Little, telling each other the sky is falling. Really, your own world is certainly crashing down. But that’s not the sky falling. That’s the veil of deception falling from around you, as you wake up to the real world. And here’s the thing: Our great awakening ain’t in realizing this world is just a flat block, cause not only is that superdee duper dumb, it’s offensive. It’s offensive because there is a global genocide happening. White folks have devastated the planet so much by raping and oppressing it for thousands of years that the Earth is now rejecting them. Like a cancer. The Earth ain’t havin’ it. They’re building seed banks and trying to set up bases on Mars now. Anything to get away from this destruction they’ve predicated. Meanwhile, they’re murdering us en masse–with bullets, with bombs, with food, with water, with anything they can use. They poison our bodies and poison our minds. Nonstop. It’s only us who have moments of amnesia where we forget who they always been.

So…If you can’t tell what’s what, start by asking yourself, whose interests does it serve? Every time they distract us, we’re further from our collective liberation. We fall for anything, so we can’t stand for nothing. I ain’t mad at you if you fell for it, I’m just encouraging you to think for yourself! I know you’re waking up, so you might still be groggy. It’s not always easy to tell what’s true and what’s not. This is why I’m republishing all my books. Because a meme just aint enough! To solve our problems, individually or collectively, we’ve gotta become thinkers again. Not followers, but critical thinkers. People who know how to research and analyze. Or at least consult your intuition! Cause I know yo ass know better than this!