Dave Chappelle is that dude. He’s the son of a wise father and a mother who continues to teach Black studies at a university level, who raised him in the movement. His family embraced Islam decades ago, but Dave never discussed his personal culture publicly. Dave had knowledge of self. Still does.

This man didn’t turn down fifty million. He turned down slavery. He saw his white partner perverting the show into a farce, reducing Chappelle’s show from a biting social commentary everyone couldn’t stop watching…to a minstrel show where the white audience was laughing at the shucking and jiving that Dave hadn’t approved. When he wanted out of the contract, they tried to destroy him. They blacklisted him like they did Katt Williams for saying all that Black shit! What else can a real Black man speak on tho?

But they tried to do more than make Dave seem crazy or drug-addicted, they really straight up threatened his life. So he did what somebody trained in this shit would do – he changed location! He dipped to South Africa without telling anyone. Everyone kept it silent whoever knew.

Eventually we learned he was in South Africa. And not in a rehab, like the media (and his former partner) said, but with his Muslim family, who treated him like regular ass Dave. Or whatever his other name is. Hell, his name might be Divine Justice or something by now, for all we really know. Publicly though, this brother’s comedy was a gift to the world. He’s really one of the best since Murphy and Pryor, and he deserves to be heard. Like all the damn time! So now, he’s coming back, comfortable, swole, looking like he been at home eating with his kids. And he still bout to get a check. Like a check check! Bigger than 50 million. He don’t even need it, cause he lives simple. And its beautiful that his whole community loves him and support hims as a genuine dude.

These are the guys we need more of. People who are strong and steadfast in their values, yet also wise and strategic in how to best get their goals accomplished. Dave don’t even really need this money. But he did this for his babies…and that includes our babies.

Cause everything we do is a contribution to the atmosphere our next generation grows up in, so its beautiful to witness one of us standing up and winning with his values intact! That’s an example for all of us out here hustling to win!