What Can Supreme Do For You?

Dr. Supreme Understanding is a veteran educator specializing in non-traditional learning models that are worlds apart from the painful “learning” experiences we may remember from school.

Employing a “school beyond walls” approach to the best practices in urban education, Dr. Supreme Understanding has developed a unique approach to the teaching of self-actualization, showing students and readers how to become their best selves.

Supreme empowers both laypeople and professionals alike through culturally grounded lessons that resonate deeply with anyone seeking solutions for our struggle.

Educational Workshops and Seminars

Dr. Supreme Understanding teaches eye-opening perspectives on subjects as far apart as the Black businesses of the ancient world and the modern marketing of Love and HipHop!
In small groups, you’ll experience hands-on learning, authentic interactions with other learners, and resources to bring home.
In large group presentations, you’ll get a dynamic multimedia experience with breakdowns into smaller groups. No matter the size of your audience, they’ll walk away transformed.
You can get an idea of the topics available at our Course List. You’ll find educational texts related to these subjects in our Books section.
Of course, you can always suggest your own topic, or have Supreme come out to speak on current events.

Rates and Scheduling

Please ask about our discounted rates for schools and nonprofits! Supreme’s rates are negotiable, based on his availability! Total costs can range between $500 and $1500, depending on the length of the engagement and the size of the audience.
Once we confirm the event’s topic, dates, and costs, well send a simple contract outlining these details, and an invoice. We’ll follow that with a confirmation and a link to Supreme’s Media Kit, which will include any photos or information you might want to help you promote your event. We’ll check in a few days before the event as well, to confirm everything.

Presentation Topics Taught By Supreme

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Consulting Sessions

Private Consulting

Whether you’re an author looking to do well in self-publishing, a business owner struggling with marketing, or a parent challenged by a defiant child, there’s someone with experience and wisdom who can help. Supreme is available for private consulting for people seeking direct and personalized solutions to our life’s challenges.
In 60 minutes, you’ll review the problems you’re facing, and how they can be resolved. Supreme provides structured solutions that work within your budget and circumstances, and empower you to do more! There will be step-by-step instructions, as well as resources that can help you make light work of a heavy burden. In an hour, you’ll have solutions that work, and less stress and loss down the road. Click here to schedule your first session!

Organizational Consulting

Do you work with an organization facing challenges? Are you looking for a fresh perspective on systemic change? What if this sort of systemic change could be implemented through better education alone, at minimal expense? One of the keys is changing the way people self-actualize, even within an organization. If your business or organization is in need of a performance overhaul, Supreme brings years of professional experience and insight to the table, but minimal focus on the mundane issues that distract most business consultants. This is why their solutions cost a ton but achieve very little!

Supreme also provides reviews of programs and publications, with structured feedback designed to make you as effective in your mission as possible. If you need a new approach to an old problem, contact us about our review and consulting services. Click here to schedule your first session!

Rates and Scheduling

One on one consulting by Phone or Skype, including personalized review, in-depth assessment, and structured recommendations. Be prepared to ask all your questions and to record notes. $99 per 60-minute session, multi-session packages available at a discount. Book your session here!

Media Appearances

If you’re interested in booking Supreme for a media engagement (radio, television, press, etc.) simply contact us directly for scheduling and availability.


Because of the “for the people” nature of his work, you can quote or republish brief excerpts of any of Dr. Supreme Understanding’s publications, or audio or video clips from any of his media productions, so long as you provide clear and proper credit to the source. For details on syndication, book rights, or republishing a larger excerpt, contact us directly.

Other Appearances

Supreme might just show up, anywhere. Just ask.

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