Did you hear about the #AtlantaFreewayCollapse? A whole chunk of I-85 burned down and collapsed! Yes, concrete and steel. Like 9/11. In fact, the news is already using this “incident” to show how fires CAN melt steel and concrete, when most of us know it really don’t work like that!

We know the many affluent white folks who live to the north of the city, who voted against public transportation, now got an even WORSE commute to work, and their economy will suffer for it.


Keith Parker, CEO of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, or MARTA, said there was a 25 percent surge in ridership and a nearly 80 percent increase in sales Friday morning.

But what the HELL caused the highway to fall?


They have said there were three crackheads under the highway, and one offered to smoke crack with the others, but then they didn’t. Then the one who offered, he set a chair on fire on top of a shopping cart. But this guy, Basil Eleby, who they tried to hide in court today, was he a crackhead? He was last arrested in 2014 in Fulton County for SELLING crack. Why would he light a chair on fire in the middle of the day?


And this is what they’re saying caused a massive chunk of highway to collapse?!
How dumb are we to follow along?

pipesSo then they said there were plastic conduits and pipes under the highway, in storage. They said they caught fire and that’s what burned so hard. The transportation commissioner said GDOT was trying to get a fix on exactly how long the material had been there, and suggested it could be as long as 11 years. Then Google Streetview showed they weren’t there before three years ago.

I-85BridgeCollapse_23And then the scientists came out (like 9/11) and pointed out that these plastic pipes are built NOT to just “catch fire” and their flammability is very low. “Not combustible” they said.

And then, a witness, Bobby Barnhart, who works in sales for a financial technology company near the highway, said he was 60 yards away from the fire when he heard several explosions and a slow rumbling before the collapse.

Like New Orleans residents heard when the levees broke during Hurricane Katrina. And like New Yorkers heard as the towers collapsed on 9/11. Dont forget how Tower 7 fell and no plane ever even hit it. I promise you they are just seeing how dumb we are right now. Cause people really ain’t questioning this? Then again, did you see the videos showing how many people just drove straight into that black smoke with no idea of what was on the other side?

What does that tell you about us? Don’t be a sheep led to your slaughter! Stay thinking! You aint gotta lose sleep, just dont STAY sleep!