I used to think Nick Cannon was wack too. I say “too” cause I know you did too. Still might. It’s okay to admit it, because he accepts it. It’s part of being Nick Cannon, to accept that millions of people do see you as wack sauce. BUT Nick Cannon is NOT wack, and I’ma tell you why.

First, for people in their 30s, Nick Cannon did some amazing shit. He married the girl of his dreams. Before young Meek Mill with the dusty braids set his eyes on Nicki “Fuck who pop shit/ I make pop hits” Minaj, young Nick Cannon had set his eyes on Mariah Carey. And a a lot of us wanted Mariah Carey back then! We aint know she was half crazy! But who aint? Nick was too. Nick was young crazy and Mariah was old crazy, and they came together and it was some amazing shit for a lot of us to witness. I think Nick finally got her to quit his show when he started talking on tv about all the chicks he banged out prior. But Nick was young! And Mariah was old and not having that wack shit. So I get the wack part too, ladies. Especially you old ladies. Them young dudes is a mess, I’m sure.

But Nick really grew the hell up! You know how I know? Because he started taking a stand on controversial issues. Fuck the sexcapades – he said even better wild shit publicly, like how Planned Parenthood was there to exterminate Black people slowly. Yeah he said that. He said he was into some Moorish stuff. He started wearing dashikis and those weird turbans Andre 3000 used to wear in the Stankonia days. But in too many bright colors. And they had the kind you get at the beauty supply store too. So yes, bruh, I get that’s kinda wack. I get it. But listen, there’s more.


This dude just quit his gig. His big fuckin gig. Americas Got Talent. And probably a shitload of endorsements and sponsorships. Why?

You think they told him he couldn’t wear a turban? Nah they don’t give a fuck about that, cause that’s the part we can laugh about! What they were mad about was a poem Nick Cannon (who is a true artist, by the way) gave recently. In it, he uses the word “nigger” but not in the way you’d expect. He uses the word to describe those ignorant, “niggardly” white people who believe themselves to be part of a privileged class, but are really the poor who eat peanuts at the table of those who truly rule them. He basically says, if you don’t make 80K a year, you’re not a republican, you’re the same group of people who this whole system is bent on demonizing and destroying.

Describing poor and self-described “middle class” whites with this word can easily agitate some racial tensions. But they let the word slide on any other occasion. What was the problem this time? Why so much pressure? Why not expose white people to the illusion of white supremacy, so we can really deconstruct this wicked system? Why no…oooohhhh. I get it. Well, they press Nick hard as hell, to cut the piece. He said he would never compromise his values and his commitments to the culture of his people and his ancestors. And he quit. Just like that. Salute to tha brother. More of more of us leaving Babylon daily, creating our own Zion.