Did you see the video Snoop did featuring Donald Trump? You’ve got to! Why is this important? Man, this is a matter of presidential importance! You know how I know? Because our President himself took the time to respond to it, via Twitter at that! Do yall realize we finally have a president who can start a nuclear war thanks to Twitter beef?!

Anyway, the Donald was mad, and said Snoop wouldn’t have gotten away with that under Obama, even though Ted Nugent threatened to buttfuck Obama with his rifle multiple times. So I decided to watch the video! Cause its important now. Thanks to Trump. Snoop hopped on this remix from a Canadian band, probably after a high freestyle to the original sparked him to reach out. The resulting video is about as dope as the lyrics. 

peanuts In the lyrics, Snoop is talking about police brutality. The video speaks to it as well, portraying everyone involved – except Snoop – as a clown. It makes sense. The family in the beginning is poor and living toxic. They’re literally eating peanuts. And paying no mind to Snoop’s wisdom.

tmsrThe father’s car is profiled for its look and the police – also clowns – shoot the man til he spurts confetti. 

Why? There was a toy gun from his son on the seat. This is all too real, in light of the story of Philando Castile and countless others. Snoop, making the actors both white and clowns, makes it easier for “others” to digest by reducing everyone to an abstract, a participant in a social farce that is evil in its very design. But the “non-clown” recording this incident for social media, a young Black man, represents the ultimate role reversal. Imagine if whites really understood the struggle and we could just spectate like they do!

The Importance of Snoop Dogg's Nightfall Remix Video

The second part of the video features Snoop, the visionary, speaking on the “final call” and “reparations” when all the wickedness of this world will come to an end. Fittingly, the roles are again reversed. The “clowns” are now Black men and women from the streets, who are with the president, Ronald Klump. They represent the poor whites who sympathize with Trump’s agenda. At the end, Snoop kills him the “pop” gun clowns use, symbolizing a shift in who really leads the people now…because those people turn on Trump. Snoop is one of those brothers who puts a lot of thought into his messages these days, and I figured it only fair to recognize how much he’s saying in this little statement he just made.

Can you imagine? A president with Twitter fingers? And ole Snoop Doggy Dogg is the one taking the HIGHER ROAD? That’s some growth and development! So this is not the end for us. This is the end for this crazy empire and its madness. This is just a new beginning for us!

Have you seen the video, if not watch it here? What do you think? What did you think of the responses afterwards? Let me know in the comments below?